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Aaron Rogers Noticed Team’s “Lack of Juice”

We all noted it. The Green Bay Packers seemed to come out flat against an Indianapolis Colts team they should have beaten on Sunday.

The Colts, on the other hand, played with passion, as if their season depended upon the game. In a lot of ways, it did. A loss would have dropped the Colts to 3-6 and put them in a huge hole if they planned on making the playoffs. At their current 4-5, they have some life.

For the Packers, it was an opportunity to pull even with the Minnesota Vikings atop the NFC North. Earlier the day, the Vikings lost their third in a row to drop to 5-3. Instead, the Packers dropped to 4-4 and are now in third place in the North, behind the 5-4 Detroit Lions.


The Packers should have had plenty — beyond the obvious of not losing to a bad team on their home field. Instead, they seemed to have none.

No urgency, no fire and as Aaron Rodgers said after the game — no juice.

“I don’t understand it. This is what we get paid to do, is to bring it every week and I hope the guys will say I bring it every week. That I love this game and I bring it every week. I’m not a rah-rah guy, but I’m a focused, enthusiastic player. I don’t know what the lack of juice was, but you kind of felt it over the entire sideline. We didn’t have the same kind of enthusiasm or encouragement we had the previous two weeks. We have to look deep in the mirror because this is not acceptable.”

You’re damn right it’s not acceptable.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Mike November 7, 2016

    NO Juice, NO game changers, NO competent HC, NO GM who is breathing, NO DC, NO RBs, NO TE, 1 WR (Cobb) a HOF QB and nothing else.

  2. Mike November 7, 2016

    and……. President Alfred E. Newman, who has ZERO balls to initiate a housecleaning while Rodgers has years left

  3. Kato November 7, 2016

    I think this is on coaching to a point. The coaches are supposed to get these guys ready to play every week. Motivate them. At the same time though, the players have to be held accountable for their own passion. If you can’t get yourself mentally ready for a game, you shouldn’t even be on the field.

    1. sal November 7, 2016

      I agree – they believed it would be a cakewalk (even trying to save Cobb in the first half).

  4. B Rad November 7, 2016

    One issue facing this team at Lambeau is the secondary ticket market. There was far too much blue in the crowd yesterday. Tickets have become too accessible to opposing fans (and fans that don’t understand that you need to be quiet when the home team is on offense).
    There’s no good reason why a player shouldn’t be amped up play at the highest level of the sport of football, but it certainly helps when to have a stadium full of green and gold.

    1. Kato November 7, 2016


  5. Mike November 7, 2016

    CAN we PLEASE start seeing some FIRE McCARTHY, SHIT-CAN Thompson, WE WANT Jon Gruden signs at Lambeau???? Murphy is more concerned with hosting ‘Pep Rally” cook-outs, than the quality of the team.

    1. Kato November 7, 2016

      Sounds good in theory, but I don’t think Gruden has any intentions of leaving the broadcast booth. What’s it been, at least 8 years since he has coached in the NFL. He has a pretty good gig, pays well, and doesn’t have the time committments required to be an nfl head coach. I think he is content.

      1. Mike November 7, 2016

        I truly believe The Packer Job is one he would take? I may be wrong? But I throw Belichik money at him, and escort INCOMPETENT FAT-F%&K McCarthy out the door

        1. PF4L November 7, 2016

          John Gruden isn’t the end all, be all of head coaches.

          He’s been wrong on more QB’s than i’ve had losing lottery tickets.

  6. MMK November 7, 2016

    I agree with B rad. I was there and there was no energy in the crowd other than on the two interceptions and the occasional offensive play. There were a couple big third downs for Indy where I felt like my entire section was sitting, dicking around on their phones, etc. Colts fans were way more fired up. Combine that with GB coming out with no energy and it sure seems like the Lambeau mystique is gone gone gone.

  7. PF4L November 7, 2016

    OK, now were getting to it.

    During the 2nd, 3rd, and beginning of the 4th quarter, was i the only one wondering wtf was going on? Everyone was playing like they had better things to do. More than once i brought up that this was the most boring game iv’e seen in awhile. Players going through the motions.

    Although you’d like to think the players would be self motivated, this is mostly a reflection of attitude from the coaches down. This team was uninspired and frankly, playing like they didn’t give a fuck. If the Packers play uninspired, why should the team expect their fans to be inspired?

    Then all of a sudden, the Packers came alive and played 6 minutes of inspired football. We keep bringing up that the Packers need to play for 4 quarters. We need 60 minutes of effort, not 6 minutes. That’s ultimately on the coaches.

    1. Kato November 7, 2016

      Agreed. The call to go for two was moronic. Lots of things to not like.

      1. Xlvordie November 7, 2016

        Actually it was a smart call..you go for 2 at that point knowing if you don’t convert you have enough time to plan your next strategy.

        The decision not to onside was dumb

        1. Kato November 7, 2016

          I have a different outlook. What’s the difference in going for two there? You are either down 10 if successful, or 11 if you convert the XP. Either way a two score game. Personally I would have kicked the PAT, then the next TD (if you do score again) would be the time to go for two. Just my opinion.

          1. PF4L November 7, 2016

            I said nothing about a 2 point play. so please don’t comment and reply under my post. Any further display of disrespect regarding this issue will result in the issuance of criminal charges under the jurisdiction of PF4L law. Any further breach of misconduct of PF4L’s bylaws will be met with strict consequence not excluding jail time and possible lethal injection.

  8. Kato November 7, 2016

    This was probably about the worst game I have watched in a long time. Worse than Denver last year. Just poor football all around. Schum was probably the brightest point.

    I think highly of Mike McCarthy. He is a great offensive coach. He has shown in the past to be a motivator. But he has been here for 10 years. That is a long time in the NFL, I think only Belichek is longer, and tied with Sean Payton. Correct me if I am wrong. Don’t fire him now, wait and see how this season plays out. But it may simply be the time for a fresh face and fresh ideas. It sucks, MM has the perfect offense for Rodgers. He has built in plays to take advantage of Rodgers ability to scramble and extend plays. While some of the offense’s struggles are on Rodgers, some are on MM. His stubbornness to not adjust the offense to the talent is maddening. His halftime comments about receivers not beating one on one coverage were infuriating. This has been the same story over and over. His receivers are good, but their strengths are not beating one on one coverage. They did run some crossing routes in the second half, and they were mostly effective.

    The problem with the “fire everyone” mentality is who do we replace these people with? Jon Gruden sounds sexy, but I honestly don’t think he would be interested. Also, you are taking a big risk with something as drastic as this. Are we really going to take the chance of blowing up everything? With Rodgers having maybe 6 years left? That is a very ballsy move. PF4L? Howard?

  9. Mike November 7, 2016

    You never chase points until its necessary. Should have given the squirrel the play chart. Smarter than McCarthy

  10. Xlvordie November 7, 2016

    It’s not chasing points if you need a 2pt conversion in any given scenario they were facing..its looking ahead at how you manage the clock and the next 2 series.

    Take a math class or think logically..don’t be a dick like Kato

    1. Mike November 7, 2016

      F%K YOU DICK!!!

    2. Kato November 7, 2016

      Lol. Yeah, ok.

  11. ferris November 7, 2016

    Start paying everyone including the coaches on commission, like I get paid. They all get $100,000 base and only get paid weekly if they win. Maybe that would give them some “juice”

    1. Kato November 7, 2016

      Players as well

  12. Zwoeger November 7, 2016

    How many years have we seen all that shit with the three stooges? I would’nt mind a change. Could’nt get much worst. We might see some enjoyable games even. Lets go for the Marx Bros( whoever may resamble them)

  13. Please November 7, 2016

    The issues are the same each week. I saw no difference in the energy level with almost every game this year…the Pack has been flat and uninterested for most of each game so far. For well over a year there has been no change. Our receivers jog their routes and McCarthy says they have to win their routes…this is getting hilarious. If the Packer’s opponents play zone our guys occasionally will get open in the void but almost everyone plays man since they were exposed last year. A perfect example was Jordy Nelson yesterday…he was jogging is deep crossing route, (minding his own business I’ll have you) when low and behold he looked up and Rodgers threw the ball in his direction. Jordy initially looked shocked, “like why are you throwing the ball in my direction cause I’m just jogging a clear out route” but once Jordy saw the ball in the air he started sprinting to see if he could get to it but to no avail. It wouldn’t matter if we had Jerry Rice in his prime on the roster now because he would be meandering around the field like lost tourists. Also, I think my mom could guard Richard Rogers. 100% coaching…until their gone the Pack are a comedy act.

    1. PF4L November 7, 2016

      Preach man Preach!!

  14. Randy November 7, 2016

    Rodgers sucks that is all…he blames everyone else but himself…he’s supposed to be a leader, and if there isn’t any juice he needs to provide it! There were many times he threw to covered guys when others were wide open…he’s had great protection as well…stop getting on your knees and opening your mouth for this guy!