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Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Have Any Answers

After the Green Bay Packers lost last week, quarterback Aaron Rodgers talked about how the team didn’t have any juice. After another disappointing loss this week, Rodgers had a similar message.

“There has to be that healthy fear as a player that if you don’t do your job they’ll get rid of you,” said Rodgers. “I think we’ve all got to go back and the urgency’s got to pick up, the focus has got to pick up … we’ve all got to play better, and that starts with me.”

Playing better. If it were only that simple.

Perhaps it’s time that the Packers realize that they’re just not that talented. Maybe they just don’t have the horses and they aren’t really capable of playing better.

There appear to be so many things wrong with this team that there’s no obvious or quick fix. Perhaps that’s why Rodgers isn’t telling anyone to relax like he famously did in 2014.

He knows this isn’t going to turn around.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L November 14, 2016

    Aaron Rodgers has the answer’s, as do many players in that locker room. but they are answers that they can’t say publicly to the media.

    1. The Pumaman November 14, 2016


    2. Joe November 14, 2016

      Cleveland to NFL — Why can’t we play the Packers?

      1. Kato November 14, 2016

        I am not sure the packers would beat them

  2. Kato November 14, 2016

    The problem is the players aren’t being held accountable. No one in the organization is held accountable. So these guys don’t fear for their jobs like AR said. Quinten Rollins pulling up on Murray’s TD run was despicable. Had it been another coach, and the injury situation didnt have the depth stretched like it was, he would have been benched.

    TT, for all the praise he gets from people (myself included) has shown zero accountability for this mess. Two FBs on an active roster?!? I understand the bottom half of the roster are made up of guys that primarily play special teams, and maybe that guy is good at special teams. But those guys also have to be able to provide depth to either offense or defense. He doesn’t. You are telling that there was no corner on a practice squad out there that could contribute on special teams AND full in on defense?

    1. PF4L November 14, 2016

      The bottom 2/3rds of your roster is made up of rookies, 2nd year players, UDFA’s to keep your payroll cheap and be under the cap by over 10 million in week 10. If you have injury’s, and not much depth, you could find yourself losing 4 games in a row. Possibly 7 games in a row. If the Redskins beat the Packers, it’s a REAL possibility the Packers lose the next 3 games against the Eagles, Texans, and Seahawks, 3 good defenses. That would be 7 straight losses and a record of 4-9. Laugh, but it’s possible. If that happened, trust me…..i don’t know if it would be Ted, Mike, or Dom, but someone’s leaving.

      Stay tuned.

      1. Ted Hawthorne November 14, 2016

        The Packers don’t win again this season. Bet on it.
        (What’s Tony Dungy doing?)

    2. Empacador November 14, 2016

      Remember, McCarthy is a highly successful NFL coach. He is going to bring multiple championships to Green Bay. He wants to know why he has to stand up there and answer questions about what we think is wrong with his offense every week. 2 FBs on the active roster absolutely and without question has McCarthy’s blessing. Same as 7 WRs on the roster. Ted isn’t dictating how many players at each position. Granted, Ted might not have given McCarthy many other options at RB, but McCarthy signed off on that FB crap. It isn’t like those 2 are operating in their own separate vacuums.

  3. PF4L November 14, 2016

    Here’s an answer………..

    Tom Clements: ‘I don’t think we’re far away’
    (7:37) By packers.com – Posted Oct 13, 2016

  4. gort November 14, 2016

    Dear Tom Clements: Are we farther away now?