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Aaron Rodgers Now Thinks Criticism of Mike McCarthy is Ridiculous

It may seem like you’re heard this one before, but you haven’t. You’ve heard it the other way around.

Earlier in the season, when Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was struggling mightily, coach Mike McCarthy came to his defense. McCarthy termed the scrutiny of Rodgers to be “ridiculous.

It wasn’t. Rodgers was playing terribly and if you’re playing terribly, you should be under scrutiny, but that’s beside the point.

On Wednesday, Rodgers had McCarthy’s back. McCarthy has come under fire as his team has dropped three in a row and looked completely disinterested and unprepared in the last two.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Rodgers said. “I think people don’t understand how difficult it is to win in this league and win consistently. The success that we’ve had here, it’s tough to do. We’ve set the standard pretty high. But I wouldn’t listen to some of those people out there. I mean they’re not in this locker room, they’re not in the meeting rooms, they’re not in the practice environments. They don’t know what’s going on, they don’t know the type of work ethic that we have here and that Mike has here.”

So we suppose then that Rodgers agrees with McCarthy’s assertion of himself — that he’s a highly successful football coach.

Just the bee’s knees, that guy!

Look, let’s step into reality here for a moment. Whether Rodgers has an issue with McCarthy or not, he’s not going to bash him in the media.

That’s not how anyone in the Packers organization works. We can just expect the passive-aggressive exchange of comments through the media to continue.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Empacador November 16, 2016

    So Rodgers says – on the outside…

  2. Howard November 16, 2016

    No! The standard was set high by the Lombardi Packers. That standard is winning championships or The Vince Lombardi Trophy. Many Packer teams have not been close to approaching that standard. Some Packer teams have sniffed at that standard, but failed with the exception of two years. The 2016 Packer team with its current play are an embarrassment to that Lombardi standard.

    I would be sure almost everyone has a good work ethic. Reality at this time says that good work ethic alone is not working, and that is what McCarthy and several others are getting paid handsomely to do. WIN!

    For Rodgers to start using the, how difficult and tough it is to win consistently line is an indication that Rodgers may be telling us what to excpect for the rest of the year. I know this team will not use injuries as an excuse for losing, and good for them. However should the team be using difficult and tough as a reason for losing? I don’t think so.

    1. Savage57 November 17, 2016

      Not sure what you do for work, but I’m assuming you’re the self-made CEO of a multi-million dollar a year business.

      Just reaching a logical conclusion here, because it seems falling short of the ultimate pinnacle of achievement is unacceptable to you.

      Or maybe that’s just for others.

      1. PF4L November 17, 2016

        Or maybe……your response to Howard is out of line. Let me explain why.

        The Packers, as an organization, the coaches, the players themselves have told us time and time again the Packer standard is winning. Is that accurate?

        The Packers, as an organization, the coaches, the players themselves have told us time and time again the Packer’s yearly goal, is winning the Super Bowl. Is that accurate?

        The Packers set those goals and standards, not Howard. No one is saying the standard is going 16-0 every season. No one is saying they can’t lose any games. But i think everyone expected better than a sub .500 team, especially considering the Packers were facing the easiest schedule this season.

        So if you want to bitch at fans that aren’t pleased with a Packer team underperforming and tripping over themselves on their way to a ugly losing season. Then contact the Packers and have them retract their own self stated standards and goals. When they’re done doing that, tell them to ditch the arrogant supremacy they like to exude.

        Thank you for understanding.

        1. Howard November 17, 2016

          Thanks PF4L. Exactly correct. It is about the Current Packer team.

          Savage you don’t know shit about me, but I will say of all the smartass things you write you had me pegged almost exactly, except for your last sentence.

  3. Mike November 17, 2016

    I believe Mike Florio. I like his columns and insight. If Rodgers does want FATMIKE FIRED, I say GODSPEED. and take the Cadaver-TT with him.

  4. Deepsky November 17, 2016

    Both Rodgers and McCarthy are enabling each other to revert back to techniques and schemes that every defensive coordinator figured out 5 years ago.

  5. PF4L November 17, 2016

    So…it seems that no one can have a negative viewpoint or opinion, unless they’re in the locker room, meeting rooms, or in practice environments. According to the Law of Aaron Rodgers apparently.

    Well then, how could we praise the team and the QB all these years, if we didn’t meet those same requirements? One viewpoint is welcome, and one is not.

    It looks to me like Rodgers has now joined the ranks of the powers to be in Green Bay, that does not allow any questions, critique or accountability. Well, isn’t that fucking special!!

    I’ve been a staunch defender of Rodgers, but if he keeps on with this arrogance, he can catch a ride on the same plane as TT and MM.

    1. PF4L November 17, 2016

      i didn’t even see the Florio piece. Looks like Rodgers was speaking to him indirectly.

  6. Vijay Swearingen November 17, 2016