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Yes, Olivia Munn was At Lambeau Field on Sunday

If you were hoping that Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers were off, then prepare to be disappointed. Munn was at Lambeau Field sitting in Rodgers’ private box with some friends on Sunday night.

Here she is.

We ❤️ her @oliviamunn

A photo posted by Rashi Khanna Wiese (@rash912) on

This would certainly disprove the rumor that Rodgers had taken her off his list of accepted guests with Lambeau Field security. You know, unless she snuck in or actually paid for box seats, both of which we doubt.

How do you think she reacts when her old man throws two picks and generally continues playing like crap? Maybe like he reacts when he sees one of her movies?


Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Jack October 11, 2016

    So Olivia’s dog walker is welcome at Lambeau Field in Aaron’s box but his parents aren’t? Someone has their priorities wrong.

    1. PF4L October 11, 2016

      Keep reading the gossip columns here, they are serving you well.

  2. PF4L October 11, 2016

    News flash Mordi…that dumb shit rumor was proven false 8 days ago, and the rumor was only perpetuated by you and that dumb obese lard ass from WKLH. But you being a “professional”, of course you ran with it. Because you love you some Aaron gossip, don’t ya toots? Do you just enjoy making yourself look like an ass? Is that your schtick?

  3. Ed Gein October 11, 2016

    The whole time you been reporting this shit, she’s been seen around Green Bay. She was in line at T.J. Max the day before the lions game. She looks fabulous. I will let you know when the relationship is over. Until then…

    1. MMTTDCSUCK October 12, 2016

      You’ll keep stalking her . . . right Ed?

      1. PF4L October 12, 2016

        If i saw her in line, i’d grab something to buy (wouldn’t matter what) and i’d get in line behind her, REAL close like. Of course, so no one would skip me.