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Vikings Look Crappy In First Loss

The Minnesota Vikings bubble burst on Sunday, and they now only lead the Green Bay Packers by one game in the loss column.

Against a tough Philadelphia Eagles’ defense, Minnesota was brought down several pegs on Sunday. The Eagles built up a three-score lead, then coasted to a 21-10 victory.

Vikings’ quarterback Sam Bradford entered the game with these stats and league rankings: completion percentage, 70.4 (1st); yards per pass attempt, 7.92 (6th); and quarterback rating, 109.8 (2nd). Against the Eagles, he plummeted to a 58.5 completion percentage, 5.5 yards per attempt, and a rating of 71.6.

Until the final minute, the Vikings were held to three points and without a touchdown. Bradford left the game banged up, as he was sacked six times and took 19 hits. He also fumbled four times (losing two) and was intercepted once.

The Vikings have been successful this season by winning with defense and special teams. Their offense was simply asked not to make mistakes, but their offensive line is starting to look like a huge weakness.

The Eagles flipped that script on Sunday and now the recipe for beating the Vikings — get after the quarterback and create havoc — is pretty apparent.

Maybe the Packers do have a chance in the division yet after all.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Howard October 24, 2016

    The Viking O-line was bad last year. They are worse this year. The O-line is really exposed when they are in an opponents stadium with a lot of noise and the Viking have to pass. The Viking D is the only thing protecting the Viking offensive line. Even though the Vikings say they are not going to trade for an offensive tackle such as Staley or Thomas, I don’t believe it. As a GM how do you justify an investment of a first and a fourth on a QB and allow him to get killed.

    1. PF4L October 24, 2016

      When they only are about 400k under the salary cap.

      1. Howard October 24, 2016

        Damn good point. Their screwed. Is it just me or are there a lot of crappy O-lines this year.

  2. Tucson Packer October 24, 2016

    Oh man, better increase the kool=aid intake up in Minnesota.
    At this rate, those Viqueens may not even be able to raise another banner to mediocrity by the end of the year!

    1. Savage57 October 25, 2016

      Way too many words in the headline.

      Could have read, “Vikings Look Crappy” and would have been fit for repeated re-use well into the future.

  3. PF4L October 24, 2016

    Reality found it’s way home..shocking!!

    What happens when you have the 31st rated offense in the NFL? You gonna lose some games, especially when the defense can’t win the game for you.

    Credit where due, the queens have a good defense, and that might mean something if they had even an average offense. But with that 0 line, they are at the bottom, and they will likely stay at the bottom.

    It’s hard to win a football game, when your game manager has 1 pick, and 4 fumbles, losing 2. I say game manager, because that’s what Bradford needs to be. Sam Bradford isn’t going to take over a game and win it. Probably won’t win any games, not without a top defense. But, leave it to the queens to give up a #1 for him. Yep. a #1 draft pick for Sam Bradford…..

    The queens couldn’t get to the Super Bowl with Brett Favre having his best season in his career, but the queen fans think they are going there with Sam Bradford? I love you guys!!!!


    1. Killer October 24, 2016

      Here we are again, Piffle, with me having to correct your errors. I don’t have time to correct them all but, as a public service, I will correct a few.

      1. The Vikings “good” defense is #1 and on pace to be one of the greatest defenses of all time — 2000 Ravens, 1985 Bears, 1969 Vikings, 2015 Broncos, etc. By the way, none of the Packers defenses appear in the Top 50 defensive years of all time. Not one. So there you are guilty of severe understatement / wishful thinking. You were not, in fact, giving credit where credit is due. More like partial credit.

      2. “It’s hard to win a football game, when your game manager has 1 pick, and 4 fumbles, losing 2.” I guess you learned that in game 2 when the Vikings defeated the Packer fungus with the performance of head fungoid game manager Aaron Rodgers? Still, it is a true statement. So far Sam has 4 games with zero turnovers and one with the 3 (against the #5 defense). At that rate the Vikes will go 4-1 every 5 games!

      3. Our “game manager” with an offensive line that lost C John Sullivan, RT Phil Loadholt, LT Matt Kalil, and RT Andre Smith to injuries has completely out-performed your “game manager” with one of the best offensive lines in football. Bradford is ahead in QB rating by nearly ten points. If you swapped offensive lines Same would be ahead by 36 points!

      4. You say Sam is not going to take over a game and win it… yet he already has done that at least twice with the Vikes in the past 5 games! Against the Packer fungus he was 22 of 31 for 286 yards, 2 TDs and no turnovers! The #7 defense! Sam did it with zero run game and a decimated o-line. Against the #8 Texans defense — who are now #2 vs. the pass by the way — Sam threw 22 of 30 for 271, 2 TDs, and no turnovers!

      5. As has been recognized by most of America and most, or all, football analysts, the trade for Sam was a bold and wise and great move. Real GM of the year stuff. You guys have not been exposed to that kind of thing because you have TT at the helm.

      1. PF4L October 24, 2016

        Killer, quit following me around like a disease, can’t you obsess over somebody else for awhile? Where’s your sister? You remind me of that lil snot nose kid in Bad Santa.

        1. Killer October 25, 2016

          My mission is to correct the ignorance and falsehoods spouted from fungus backers. Obviously, that means you keep me busy. If you don’t like my posting corrections to your bad attitudes and deceptions all you have to do is desist from those activities. Until then….

          1. Tucson Packer October 25, 2016

            Oh man, “correcting the ignorance and falsehoods” You are a walking definition of hypocrite, that’s your only “service” here, fan boy.

      2. MMK October 25, 2016

        Wow! Look at all those top ranked defenses you stains have had! Are you going to hang a banner up in Winter Park this year when you have have a top ranked defense and yet another early playoff exit? One of the worst ranked offenses and yet another year without a Super Bowl trophy, how’s that for a fact you fucking geek?

        1. Killer October 25, 2016

          MMK, your flights of hateful false fancy are not really worth my time. But I hope they provide you comfort during your long cold lonely nights.

          1. PF4L October 25, 2016

            Yea MMK…It’s a pity the NFL can’t just send them like a inflatable toy Lombardi trophy for going 5-0 or having a good defense. Maybe we could send them a ribbon to put on the fridge in the team cafeteria.

          2. Tucson Packer October 25, 2016

            Right, “not worth my time” ….that’s why you responded? Id say to think before you submit your dribblings, but that is obviously something you have failed to do for quite some time.

  4. PF4L October 24, 2016

    FYI…Randall just had surgery.

    1. PF4L October 24, 2016

      After traveling to Philadelphia to get a 2nd opinion, he goes under the knife. I have a feeling if the Packers medical staff diagnoses a player with a cold, they will then seek a second opinion.

      1. Killer October 24, 2016

        The Packer medical staff is apparently made up of Bozo the Clown, a wildly overweight Geisha girl, and an extremely near-sighted (or so he claims) proctologist. Any player who does not get a second opinion is a fool with no agent.

        1. PF4L October 24, 2016

          Killer, quit following me around like a disease, can’t you obsess over somebody else for awhile? Where’s your sister? You remind me of that lil snot nose kid in Bad Santa.

    2. Killer October 24, 2016

      Poor bastard.

  5. Mike October 24, 2016

    Nothing new here?? Lavender SCUM, have been winning on turnovers, fluke bounces. That shit won’t last, especially with a frail POS QB

    1. Killer October 24, 2016

      Turnovers CAN be fluky and due to luck but are much more due to excellence. A sack forcing a fumble is not luck. A diving interception or an interception due to a great break on the ball is not luck or a fluke. The Vikes have given up 5 turnovers and 2 were unfortunate flukes. They have taken 17 turnovers and only 2 of those were lucky flukes.

      1. Savage57 October 25, 2016

        Current state of Vikings affairs?

        Probabilities finding the mean.

        More shittyness in their future as averages overtake them and the Hormel Dome becomes permeated with the familiar reek of Vikings futility.

  6. MMK October 24, 2016

    No special teams or defensive touchdowns= no win for these dipshits. The recipe is out there.

    Yet somehow he passed for 300 yards against Packers. If Dom can’t dial something up to get after Bradford later this season, he should be fired. Put clay back inside, rotate pass rushers constantly, ANYTHING to bring him down. Though at this rate he probably won’t survive until that late in the season.

    1. Killer October 24, 2016

      MMK, so wrong. Check your facts, dude! I know checking facts is something Packer fans are always loath to do but at least make an effort. Vikes have 5 wins and in 2 of those wins they had no defensive TDs or special teams TDs. So, right there, you are just plain wrong. But, more than that, two of those games only had a punt return TD, no other special teams TD or defensive TD and the Vikes won them by more than a TD. So, even without the punt return TD AND assuming the Vikes offense would not have scored a single point on the drives, the Vikes still would have won. Just to be intensely accurate (anathema to Packer fans!) the Vikes did score a safety also in one of those punt return TD games but still would have won even without those further two points.

      As per Bradford not surviving until late in the season you are actually correct on that score. I checked with the White House psychic (nice guy!) and at mid-season the Packers will be 5-3 while the Vikes will be 7-1 (which means the Vikes go 2-0 next two games while the Packer fungus go 1-1). Unfortunately Sam will “sometime soon” suffer a significant injury.

      1. PF4L October 24, 2016

        So will your mother, in about 45 minutes.

        1. Killer October 25, 2016

          WOW! Wrong again! I am SOOOOOO shocked! Piffle? Wrong?

          You are going for some sort of “being wrong” record and you must be getting close.

          I know you are also going for the “bad fan sportsmanship” thing but you have no chance. You are, after all, surrounded by fungus fans renowned for bad sportsmanship.

          1. Tucson Packer October 25, 2016

            Damn Killer, is your mom okay??

          2. PF4L October 25, 2016

            The bitch is fine, walkin a lil funny, but she’s fine.

  7. Mike October 24, 2016

    Pack had the Idea in week 2. But the DBs couldn’t cover Meatloaf that night.

    1. Abe Frohman October 24, 2016

      stop picking on Eddie! (gotta love a Meatloaf/Rocky Horror reference every now and then)

  8. Killer October 24, 2016

    Every team has a weakness. Or two. For the Vikes it is the offensive line and that is critical. For the Packer fungus it is the secondary, a decline in PED usage by the Packer linebackers, the QB, the leadership, the GM, the coaching, and “the Packer soul … what there is of it”.

    Examining the Vikings and Packer fungus seasons at the end of the year will be telling: Is it better to have a great QB with a bad offensive line or a bad QB with a great offensive line? Which would you rather?

  9. Neder October 24, 2016

    Go Away, KILLER. This is your year…..again, huh?!! Yes, Killer, I hope you show your face when the end of the season rolls around. Sounds like the recipe you had in the 70s too or did you conveniently forget that….or don’t even know your team’s history? I can help you with that….You were king shits of the worst division in football for a decade, and couldn’t beat anyone else in the league. Congrats on taking it to the next level, and boasting for 40 years about it. 0-4, see? Stop. READ AGAIN. That’s the thing with ALL vikings fans……they blow right past Cautious Optimism and start bragging about buying their SuperBowl tickets by week 2 and declare their Purple team one of the Historic all-time greats. Yes, Killer, the Vikes are finding different ways to win but you are a complete buffoon if you don’t believe they are a good bit lucky too. Hey, how’d that bloody stuffed kitten thing your GreatestCoachOnEarthEverBorn thought up work out for motivation during the bye for ya? You guys are the greatest ever, I can’t get enough of you. WideRight, Killer.

    1. PF4L October 25, 2016

      “This isn’t Detroit man!!!!!”

    2. Killer October 25, 2016

      Neder, you “need” some guidance:

      You say the Vikes were King of the NFC North for a long time. That si true. You say the North was the worst division but fail to point out the anchor making them so bad was an astoundingly incompetent Packer team. You say the Vikes could not beat anyone else in the league which is entirely false, of course. False facts from a Packer fan!?! Well, I am SOOOO shocked!

      Then you say we’ve been “boasting” and “bragging about buying their Super Bowl tickets by week 2”. More lies. In fact, it sounds like a case of transference — that is the kind of thing fungus fans do. You guys boast about “title town” like you have a right to championships. You do it so often and so vociferously and so plaintively that you are becoming known as “entitlement town”. You feel entitled and, when things go poorly, you dwell in the past instead of living in the present. It is sad.

      PS Sacks and turnovers are “lucky”? Were you saying over the years every time Woodson got an interception or Matthews a sack that they were just “lucky”? You embrace the double-standard. A common affliction among the stunted mentalities of the Packer fungus fans — after all, the best fungus fertilizer is fecal matter.
      PPS Don’t call me “buffoon”. It makes McCarthy look up with a confused face thinking someone is addressing him.

      1. PF4L October 25, 2016

        So much buffoonery from killer, so many novels..killer goes on to say…..not a damn thing, because no one reads it….lol.

        But….We can’t deny the queens their claim to fame. A $20 banner, hanging in a billion dollar stadium.


        1. Tucson Packer October 25, 2016

          Its like giving a child a piece of otherwise discarded construction paper meant for the trash. Then, put a simple sticker on it and tell the child “It’s an award! for doing such a great job!”

          Simple minds need only simple things to acquire inward satisfaction. Especially with a still empty Super Bowl trophy case, it will obviously take only the most simple of things to suffice.

          1. PF4L October 25, 2016

            Here’s what’s really amusing Tuscon.

            Back in 2009, the Vikings had the 6th best defense, and the 5th ranked offense with Favre at qb, and STILL couldn’t get to a Super Bowl.

            In 2016, they have the 31st ranked offense, with Sam Bradford at qb, and queen fans think their going to the Super Bowl.

            I love these guys!!


      2. Neder October 26, 2016

        Sorry Killer, you tried to put words in my mouth and it is not going to work. You do know both our teams were in the NFC Central in the 70s don’t you? It hasn’t always been the North as you tried to say I said….Even tho my written words are right above yours so everyone can see you are digging. Did you know the Tampa Bay Bucs were in our division? I swear, dude, it’s true….Tampa Bay! I know, Right?? You guys really did kick all our asses then. Congrats, as I said before. It’s just too bad you couldn’t beat anyone else, that’s all I’m saying. It’s not some backwards slap in your face. Those banners do look amazing in your bad azz new indoor, cosmopolitan serving, trendy stadium. You ruled, I wish you could have seen it. You got a bunch of those Central Winners banners from the late 60s and 70s, heck you even added one last year. Again, you couldn’t beat anyone else but you got that North Champ banner. They are really impressive…..if you are bragging to a Lions fan.
        You know the most frustrating thing about getting into it with a Vikings fan? (You can ask around. Pick any fan of any team, cuz they’ve all had run ins with you guys.) You guys come out of the woodwork when you are playing DECENT and start rubbing it in everyone’s face like you’re the best ever……..then when you inevitably come crashing down and we try to get under your skin, you all claim you don’t really follow football anyway…..stealing any sense of payback smear we were looking oh-so-forward to. It’s really pretty crappy of you actually. You really do need to spend a little more time on your own site tho, man. Beat it. Herschel Walker trade! (Does that ref even mean anything to you?)