Packers vs. Bears: They Are Who We Thought They Were

Ty Montgomery

Can we channel some Denny Green here? They are who we thought they were?

There’s really no question mark there and unfortunately, I’m not referring to the Chicago Bears. I’m referring to the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers did what they have consistently done under Mike McCarthy. They beat a bad team. And this was a considerably worse team when Bears’ quarterback Brain Hoyer left with an arm injury in the first half.

That forced the Bears to go with third-string quarterback Matt Barkley and, well, guess what? The Packers’ defense was able to shut down the 1-5 Chicago Bears’ third best quarterback.

So they were bad to begin with. They were probably college-level for two-thirds of the evening.

Congratulations, guys! Good job!

Look, it’s a win and those are clearly not going to be easy to come by for the Packers this year. So we’ll take that.

But you know and I know, this is nothing to get excited about.

On paper, Aaron Rodgers had himself a nice game. On paper, that’s about the only place Aaron Rodgers has a nice game these days. Rodgers was 38-for-56 — fifty-fucking-six! — for 326 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

Much like last week, when Rodgers threw for 294 yards, that was largely an aberration.

Rodgers, as we have grown accustomed to, fumbled away a touchdown to the Bears early in the third quarter. Way to go, Fumbly!

He also averaged — pretty much as we predicted — a pathetic 5.8 per attempt. That’s even worse than his 26th-ranked (before the game) 6.5 per attempt.

The things Rodgers did do well — for a change — was throw in rhythm and make the tough throws. Rodgers didn’t always throw in rhythm. He did plenty of his usual dancing around, holding onto the ball act. He did, however, throw the ball quickly and as the play was designed enough.

That’s when the Packers’ passing offense works best.

Rodgers also threw the ball into tight coverage. That’s something he has been loathe to do. Perhaps he finally understands Mike McCarthy is going to give him a shit offensive scheme to work with.

That scheme is simple. Receivers are placed in isolation. They are expected to beat man-to-man coverage. There are literally maybe five receivers in the entire NFL who can regularly beat man-to-man coverage in this day and age.

As such, this shitty scheme requires the quarterback to either make quick throws or to force the ball into tight coverage. Rodgers actually did both on Thursday night, i.e. his fucking job.

The difference maker was the guy you see above, though.

Because of their top-down buffoonery, the Packers were forced to use Ty Montgomery as their primary tailback. He also appeared to be the only guy who actually wanted to win a goddam football game for most of the night.

Montgomery carried nine times for 60 yards and caught 10 for 66. That’s 126 total yards on offense, if you’re lacking in the math department.

More impressively, Montgomery was able to run through guys and push tacklers for extra yards. Kind of like the guy Fat Mike and Big Ted ruined through their gravy-headed stupidity, Eddie Lacy.

Somehow, Davante Adams — or as you know him, Dropvante — also had a night. That useless bag of crap went for 13, 132 and two touchdowns. We’re just going to chalk that up to the terribleness of the Bears’ secondary though.

This will literally NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

And if it wasn’t for Randall Cobb having just learned how to play receiver yesterday, the Packers might actually have had more points. And that’s totally unfathomable, since they just put up 26.

In the end, the Packers did enough. Their defense held the worst team in the division and their backup-backup quarterback to 189 total yards. The Packers’ offense feasted on a whole lot of ineptitude. In fact, let’s state it as the obvious — the Packers’ offense finally found someone WAY more inept than they are.

Not even the Buffoon himself, through all of his buffoonery, could stop the Packers from winning this game.

About The Author

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

28 Comments on "Packers vs. Bears: They Are Who We Thought They Were"

  1. Phillthy

    Defense doing well, because of them Chicago was forced to play a 3rd string. Offense was quick against an undermatched Chicago D. Receivers still have trouble getting open, although Rodgers accuracy seemed to improve. My biggest fear is a victory only masks the problems that prevent us from going deep in the playoffs if at all. 56 passes is a scheme change for us, although forced. Simplicity and utilization of our weapons are the keys to getting the offense going.

  2. Chad Lundberg

    So. Much. RELIEF.

    Aaron should have had TD’s tonight. A lot of encouraging stuff on offense tonight. Definitely a rebound we all desperately wanted.

    That said, don’t get your hopes up on the running game. Montgomery took advantage of a few great running lanes, he didn’t throw off tacklers like Lacy does. Hope to God he comes back in 8 weeks.

    That defense looks downright dominant. Demetri Goodson needs to go, as soon as Rollins or Randall comes back. Team looks positive again, despite the lowly opponent, very VERY encouraging night.

    And I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. Blake Martinez is better than A.J. Hawk ever was.

    • PF4L

      Not many backs throw off tacklers like Lacy does, much less a wide receiver filling in at running back. Montgomery did a nice job.

      • Chad Lundberg

        No denying Montgomery did a good job, but we won’t have a run game if the O-line doesn’t block. Tye can’t force a run game like Lacy can.

      • Deepsky

        The Packers need a fast one cut, cut back runner. You can admire Lacy all you want, but he’s never ran for over 1200 yards, something even undrafted free agent Ryan Grant did in two seasons.

        • PF4L

          Lacy will never be a slash n flash runner. Golden Corral and Physics won’t allow it.

          The problem with Lacy is if you took away his 1 longest run a game, his ypc would be below average. The rb position is very forgiving in the stats line if you pull off 1 or 2 moderately long runs. If you had one 50 yard run, and your other 9 attempts you got stuffed for no gain. You averaged 5 yards per carry, which on paper is stellar.

          If Lacy committed himself to his craft, mentally and physically, He has the talent to be a 1400-1500 yard rusher. but at this point, i don’t see that happening.

  3. Chad Lundberg

    Monty, whether you like it or not, Adams is not a bust. While what you said may technically be true, he’s still going to get 9 catches for 89 yards next week. Flat out, you were WRONG. He gets better every week, and he will prove he’s a legitimate wide receiver in time. I never gave up on him and now I’m glad I didn’t.

    • Deepsky

      Davante Adams regularly beat Devante Bausby. All Adams needs to succeed each week is to play against an undrafted player, cut from another team, in his first NFL start ever.

  4. Agreed this game is an aberration and IF the Packers can be honest with themselves and humble (fat chance) they would agree with that assessment. However, ANY win can act as a launching point to a successful season. The key is restocking that cupboard at the right time and riding a magic carpet of confidence throughout the latter half into postseason play.

    But, that’s no different than any other year for a team like this one.

    Aside, the Patriots would’ve stomped this team unmercifully and that’s the mentality it takes to become supremely confident and win multiple titles.

  5. Xlvordie

    Catching a dozen back shoulder passes (against horrible coverage ) because you can’t get open running a route in stride is hardly something to get excited about.

    The most unfortunate thing from the game us all the idiots who will jump on an Adams bandwagon now.

    Like the bears…. he STILL SUCKS!!!!

  6. PF4L

    Ok, i read this article. Yes, most of the points made are valid.

    But i’m gonna choose not to bathe in contempt and cynicism for now, the game went better than i thought it would.

    Some positive things worth mentioning. Rodgers was mostly accurate. Adams made one hell of a td catch on his 1st td.

    It seemed like in the 2nd half, receivers finally figured out that to get open, they have to work for it. In the first half, too many times i’d see receivers run their routes, and just kinda stand around.

    Montgomery was Mr. everything. 6.7 ypc rushing, clutch catches.

    Yes the yards per catch is still horrible. dink and dunk offense. Way too many catches with no yards after the catch.

    But…32 1st downs, 2:1 time of possession.

    Basically, it was just nice to see the offense move down the field and actually look like they had a pulse.

    Now, if we could just figure out whatever happened to Jordy Nelson. The Packers are paying a shitload of money to a handful of people without getting a return.

  7. Mike

    I agree a win is a win, but against a bottom Feeder like the Bears, nothing to get too excited about. And for a half looked like we weren’t even going to do that?? I think Atlanta will Boat Race them next week, Julio Jones going against what were throwing out there at DB going to be bad. Hope I’m wrong.

  8. Please

    Davante Adam’s game reminds me of a game when AJ Hawk had two sacks against the Jags a few years ago. He now has playing equity for the rest of the year because he had a good game. It doesn’t matter that the Jags were terrible and never blocked Hawk and it didn’t matter that the Bears had a terrible corner playing Adams. Adams is a very mediocre player and you can’t excel with mediocre players in premier positions. Adams will return to the norm the rest of the season.

    The other thing is that the injury to Lacy and Starks is the best thing that could happen to McCarthy and the Packers. With Montgomery at back the Packers are far more explosive and more creative than with Lacy. For the first time, in I don’t know how many years, a draw play broke for big yards. There is a true run pass option when you have a back with some speed and quickness. The Packers will be forced to throw a lot which has to be their strength. Opposing teams will be looking pass and that’s when the quick hitters will work because guys like Montgomery has some quickness to get through a hole. This is what the Patriots have been doing for years.

    McCarthy’s a terrible coach. They won the Super Bowl because they had so many injuries that year he was forced to play guys that should have been starting and it also forced them to be pass heavy all through the playoffs. The injuries to our big plodding backs has forced McCarthy to change the offense to more of the Patriot style. This is what Rodgers needs and the type of offense that he excels at. Now if we can have our receivers run routes like the Patriots we’d be almost there.

  9. Packers fan

    I saw a totally different offense last night in the 2nd half. Rodgers looked like his old self last night. Props to Adams and Montgomery. Props to MM for being creative in the 2nd half and calling short passes. Calling quick passes gets receivers opened quickly.

    The bears still suck. Period! Next week the Falcons game will show how good the Packers really are.

    • PF4L

      The Falcons highest scoring offense will no doubt test the Packers defense. But the Falcons defense is just soft, always is soft. They have the 7th highest scoring defense at over 27 ppg.

      Grab some cold beer, order some pizza and put 500 on the over and root for both teams to score.


    Strange and interesting game. The Bears are really bad. Do not place much credence in the win. Loved where the announcers were blasting the play calling. It was really bad in the first half. It appeared that the packers actually made some adjustments at halftime. But this Bears offense is not going to win many games this year. Atlanta will be a real test for our team on both sides of the ball. It was enjoyable (to say the least) to not have to worry about the outcome of the game for a change! LOL! The only thing that I was a bit uneasy about was getting the win . . . Part of me wants this team to tank so that they get rid of this coaching staff and GM. Now we will have to wait longer . . .

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