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Packers Still Have a Running Game Option

With James Starks out due to injury, Eddie Lacy hobbled by a sore ankle and no backup running backs other than fullback Aaron Ripkowski, things look bleak going into Sunday’s home game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Don’t fret though, the Green Bay Packers still have an arrow in their quiver of run options. You might recall that when the Packers were using the five-wideout formation a few years back, coach Mike McCarthy was asked how this could be successful without a running option. His reply was that there was a run option – the quarterback can take off running.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Big Mike is being serious, but he gave this answer with a straight face.

I’m in favor. I’m rooting for a number of five-wide formations on Sunday and hope that Aaron Rodgers will be given the green light to run to daylight whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The two best friends of a running quarterback are the sidelines and the slide. The sidelines have always been there, and the “slide” rule has been around for over 30 years now. When any ball carrier slides feet-first to the ground, the ball is dead the instant he touches the ground with anything other than his hands or feet.

I’ve seldom seen injuries occur when a quarterback breaks out running and utilizes the slide rule. The Cowboys’ Tony Romo, however, didn’t do so when he was tracked down from behind by Seahawks’ defensive end Cliff Avril – in a preseason game, no less – which is why he won’t be suited up tomorrow.

Rodgers has a long history of exercising good judgment when he has taken off running. Due to the slide rule, it’s a pretty low-risk option for him – and one which could help offset the Packers’ depleted running backs situation.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. MR October 15, 2016

    On one hand that is a brilliant idea increasing the chance of injury to the one player you don’t want to miss any games…on the other hand Hundley probably wouldn’t be much worse than ARod has been the past two seasons.

  2. Howard October 15, 2016

    Unless Lacy is in good standing health wise you should start looking at Rodgers QBR and run production stats while being blitzed Rob. Rodgers is usually good at protecting himself on the run. To me he has taken more risks in the past few years. Didn’t Rodgers receive a concussion while sliding against Detroit in 2010, missing almost 2 games?

  3. Vijay-jay October 15, 2016

    Fuck this fucking GM is so fucking stupid. Seriously, I could do better.

  4. Martineast October 16, 2016

    Run option? Not happening.