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Packers Get Out Early, Hold Off Giants Late

The Green Bay Packers gave us a glimpse of the offensive juggernaut they used to be early in their contest with the New York Giants. Then, much like their win over Detroit, they couldn’t sustain it. Nonetheless, the Packers were able to hold off the Giants and pull out a 23-16 win.

Unlike the win over Detroit, which was largely the result of big plays, the Packers started this game with long, sustained drives. Aaron Rodgers stood in the pocket and his receivers got open. Combined with the running of Eddie Lacy (11 for 81 yards), the Packers seemed like they’d roll over the Giants.

That plan was thwarted by Rodgers’ two interceptions and Lacy’s injury, of course.

In the end, it was once again left to the defense for the Packers. After putting up 17 in the first half, the Packers managed just two Mason Crosby field goals in the second.

Fortunately, the defense — minus supposed No. 1 or 2 cornerback Damarious Randall — was able to keep Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. in check. Manning, who most of us expected to go off, threw for just 199 yards and Beckham had just five for 56.

That was really the difference in the game. The Packers’ secondary — specifically Randall — had been getting torched lately. Without Randall, they didn’t get torched.

Coincidence? Who knows?

Quentin Rollins and LaDarius Gunter stepped up and played well in Randall’s absence. The Packers’ pass rush made it easier by getting consistent pressure on Manning. That resulted in four sacks.

Early on, Lacy appeared to be the difference for the Packers offense. After he went out, Randall Cobb stepped up, turning in his best game of the season. Cobb caught nine for 108 and gave the Packers some key first down plays along the way.

It was reminiscent of the Randall Cobb of 2014. When Rodgers needed a play, that’s where he went. Unfortunately, Cobb also got injured late with what we assume was a concussion.

Certainly, there were some encouraging signs for the Packers. Without the two picks, Rodgers would have likely had a great game.

Frankly, it was nice to see him not try to escape the pocket immediately and make stuff up. He made throws he wouldn’t normally make and that did cost him, but the offensive line played an outstanding game. That should help Rodgers’ confidence as the season goes on.

It certainly would have been nice if the offense could have put together something in the second half. That’s a troubling trend. This one was never really in question though.

Should have been a Packers’ blowout, but we’ll take a comfortable win for now.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Vijay-jay October 9, 2016

    I guess a win is a win but I like how New England and even the Vikings step on people’s throats.

    1. PackAttack October 9, 2016


      Glad someone finally said it.

  2. Howard October 9, 2016

    TT should be busy tomorrow and Tuesday. New punter needed, no way do you give Schum anymore chances, need to add a back, Pennel to be activated. Good win. Both of the Packers lines, and the linebackers are playing very well. Kick off coverage needs to tighten it up if there going to not kick the ball out of the end zone. Without the speed on the coverage unit there could have been a couple of return TDs by the Giants.

  3. PackAttack October 9, 2016

    Not a good win tonight by any means coming off a BYE. Poor play by Rodgers all night, poor play by the receiving core (how many drops tonight?), Cobb hurt?, Jared Cook already out, Lacey out, poor play calling again (shocker). The more I watch this offense, the less playmakers I see. Look at the protection Rodgers had tonight and still he couldn’t come away with a decent statistical game. Kirk Cousins and Sam Bradford fared better against this defense! Green Bay looks stale and old on offense.

    Rodgers continues to be remarkably mediocre in a pass-heavy league with very below average numbers. Pack Nation has been saying it for too long now “a win is a win” — well no, it isn’t because Rodgers continues to play very mediocre football and it’s very concerning for the longevity of this franchise. His completion percentage, yards passing, accuracy and overall numbers are incredibly low and I’m sorry but those numbers aren’t lying — he’s off (again) and it’s a problem. Aaron Rodgers is suppose to be the best QB in the league (he’s getting paid to be) and he hasn’t performed like it now for a long, long time. When was the last time he threw for 300 yards in a game? When was the last time he averaged over 7-10 yards per/attempt? When was the last time he went 3-4 games in a row with a QBR over 100 (something he used to do with ease). These numbers are to telling to shrug off anymore. The lack of big plays on offense (along with the predictable and pathetic play calling by Mike “tollbooth” McCarthy) is abysmally bad. I used to think Rodgers and Brady were 1-A and 1-B in the NFL — that’s not even close anymore. Just look around the league at what other QB’s are doing and compare them to Rodgers play, that’s all the evidence you need.

    If McCarthy insists on 50/50 run-to-pass split on offense (as he has for 4-5 years now) then you’ve got to find a new RB. Eddie Lacey needs 20 carries per/game to be effective (even then he’s injury prone because he’s fat and out of shape) James Starks is arguably the worst/least efficient 3rd down back in the NFL. The run game needs a massive overhaul (again), there’s no electric playmakers in this offense — especially in a day in age when the run game is all but extinct — McCarthy and co continue to “win the battle in the trenches’. Look around the fucking league — look at the speed and productivity teams get from their 3rd down backs who catch passes outta the backfield on screens and go routes — look how much other teams run compared to GB, it’s pathetic. Starks and Lacey are slow and shitty to begin with, factor in their running a dinosaur-aged running scheme and this show is on it’s final act. No more. Please no more.

    Richard Rodgers — the sure handed Richie Rodgers again proves how utterly fucking useless he is. He’s fat slow and no — he can’t fucking catch. I thought Trevor Davis was fast? Because he’s supposedly the fastest player on the field but yet the GB coaching staff can’t figure out how to get guys like him and Jeff Janis to run simple go routes (essentially running in a straight fucking line for 40-60 yards without fucking up) and somehow our $20M QB couldn’t hit them even if they did run the routes effectively.

    No, this was not a good win. This team is MILES behind Minnesota and probably is in for another nail bitter against a very average Dallas team. Green Bay looks eerily similar to the 2013/2014/2015 versions we’ve seen before.

    1. Big Gay Clay October 9, 2016

      Damn and I thought Killers comments were long

    2. Phillthy October 10, 2016

      Lotta good points

    3. PF4L October 10, 2016

      Gee, i thought the 2014 version of the Packers were pretty damn good.

  4. PackAttack October 9, 2016

    Tom Brady is 39 years old. He can’t run, he has 1/2 the arm Rodgers does, half the talent — yet Brady averaged almost 40 attempts per/game last year (624 total) — Rodgers in his best years never got close to 600 attempts in a single year. Brady annually goes over 600 attempts per/season — something this offense in Green Bay wouldn’t even think about.

    Yet Brady continually throws for over 400 years per/game, his team is in the fucking Super Bowl every year with mediocre talent (Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, LeGarrett Blount, Julian Edelman). The Packers have “supposedly” playmakers up the ass (just ask Ted Thompson) yet Rodgers has been to 1 Super Bowl in 10+ years and rarely ever sniffs a decent performance in the post-season.

    Look around the fucking league and take note.

    1. Big Gay Clay October 10, 2016

      Brady also consistently has better play calling. Have you noticed that all of our routes are hitch, hitch go, wr screen, and the back shoulder throw. NE takes advantage of all of the routes in the tree we do not. Brady also always has a pass catching RB.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK October 10, 2016

        This ^^^^

      2. Empacador October 11, 2016

        You know why, right? Because Green Bay is stuck with offensive “geniuses” who happen to be head coaches as their secondary role. First job requirement is continuing with the West coast offense even though it isn’t recognizable as such any longer. Brady has an honest to goodness offensive coordinator, he doesn’t have Belichick constantly meddling with the offense. Plus I believe they are one of the few teams that run the Erhardt–Perkins system.

        Here’s a little FYI. I was curious last season about which area each Packer head coach had the majority of their expertise prior to becoming Packer HC. Of 15 Green Bay Packer head coaches, from what I recall, only 2 were known as defensive guys in the NFL. Phil Bengston was an offensive tackle when he played, but ended up as Lombardi’s defensive coordinator. Ray Rhodes started out as WR/RB but made his name on defense as well.

        That many offense centric coaches was enlightening. For every Lambeau, Lombardi and Holmgren there is a Devine, an Infante, a Sherman, a Gregg, etc. I doubt we see another defensive minded head coach anytime soon, and that may be exactly what is needed.

        In Green Bay the Holmgren tree has run its course and I don’t want to see any sort of McCarthy tree start. Kill it with fire on his way out of town. Only exception would be Kevin Greene. I think he has the proper drive, determination and passion that would do wonders for Green Bay. Hell, I think Gus Bradley would do wonders simply because he has such a positive vibe.

  5. Vano Lucas October 10, 2016

    We can’t continue to go deep into the red zone and settle for field goals. We have to finish. In defense of Aaron Rodgers, I will say he had one beautiful TD pass to Cobb negated by a stupid illegal shift penalty.

  6. Vano Lucas October 10, 2016

    How much passing yardage did Rodgers have in this game? Unlike previous games, his protection was good and there were occasional open receivers.

  7. Deepsky October 10, 2016

    Rodgers is done. He’s not the same guy. 65 QB rating against a defensive line that could not touch him and a below average defense missing two corners.

    Aaron Rodgers 2011 would have lit these guys up.

  8. ferris October 10, 2016

    Have they cut the punter yet this morning? Just go for it on 4th down instead of kicking 33 yards. Be careful what you wish for when Masthay needed to go, my wish was granted and Scum is worse.

  9. Cuban October 10, 2016

    Could someone tell me why McFatass insists on giving Starks same amount of time as Lacy. Even with Lacy being a fat tub of shit, he is still light years ahead of Starks. Yet after Lacy had the 30 plus yard run, it was almost exclusively Starks out there for the last 3 1/2 drives of the second quarter.

    1. Deepsky October 10, 2016

      I think Lacy was injured when he flipped over and landed on his back, so he sat out a while. Then he came back in and hurt his ankle.

  10. Kato October 10, 2016

    Schum needs to go. Terrible. Starks just isn’t the same guy. This is probably his last year in the league. Just not as explosive as he used to be. The offensive line is functioning well without Sitton. The front seven is finally rounding into shape, and Nick Perry has arguably been the best all around OLB not named Von Miller this year. We will get a true feel for where that group is at against Dallas next week. Much to be optimistic about there. Offense, particularly Rodgers, not so much. Yikes.

  11. MMTTDCSUCK October 10, 2016

    As usual the offense looked decent the first half, then looked almost inept in the second. Part of that is due to an ever present inability of MM to NOT make sound adjustments at halftime. The other teams nearly always have an answer for our offense in the second half. Yesterdays game definitely showed that. Aaron Rodgers seems to be headed in the direction of the “YIPS” . . . I fucking hope not. He is missing way too much. His players are open sometimes and he does not see them. He misses high, low and wide quite often now. His running skill is still there (thank God), but his decision making appears to have taken a hit as well. BTW, on that long pass to Nelson, Janis was even deeper . . . and open. Either Rodgers is spooked, or he may have the YIPS. This does not make me very happy, as I blame TT and the Buffoon for fucking him (and us) out of a few past SB appearances because of the player procurement, favorites playing, and for horrible scheming and some of the most bland and predictable play calling I have ever seen. Like DEEPSKY continues to say . . . Rodgers may be done . . . I certainly hope not.

    1. Killer October 10, 2016

      Aaron last night looked almost as good as Christian Ponder having a bad game — despite having the best pass-blocking O-line in football. He’ll be 34 in a couple months….

      1. PF4L October 10, 2016

        Or, he’ll be 33. but morons don’t let the truth get in their way of them being morons.

        1. Killer October 10, 2016

          My bad.

  12. Mike October 10, 2016

    Rodgers is NOT problem. Problem in Green Bay is a F%$#TARD GM, who refuses & refuses to get NFL Talent, especially on Offense. NO game-breakers, No speed at RB or WR. TE=forget about it, ZERO help there. Without Rodgers this is a 2-14 squad. Cobb is nice WR, Nelson is and has been extremely over-rated. He is a decent #2 or 3 WR, but NO WAY is he a franchise WR, like everyone in GB seems to think he is. The problem with this Franchise is GM & Coach are Incompetent. and.. HOW the F%$# in Hell does a journeyman 3rd string Safety basically become a Temp Owner of The Proudest Franchise in the world???????????

  13. Mike October 10, 2016

    FatMike Coaching Philosophy you ask??? 1) get Big lead, 2) Flop around on the Dock like a Flounder for 3 Qtrs, then 3) hope you stop a 4th down play deep in your end of field or make 1 play to take knee at 2 min mark.

    Then hold “why Bother press interview” to discuss cleaning things up or staying with the above Coaching process.

    1. ay hombre October 10, 2016


  14. Zwoeger October 10, 2016

    Accidentally I saw the outcome before the game otherwise I’d cracked another nut with my cheecks.
    Wil I see in my lifetime a decent HC and GM with the Packers?

  15. MMK October 10, 2016

    Rodgers had a beautiful touchdown pass called back, and one of those interceptions bounced off of Jordy’s hands. Both of those plays would have been a pretty big stats swing for him.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK October 10, 2016

      Agreed, but there is something way off with his passing game. he has been consistently off for over two years now. Before that? He was as accurate as they get.

    2. Killer October 10, 2016

      He also had a couple others that could have been intercepted where the Giants players dropped them. Overall in the game his stats, though terrible, were actually better than he played.

      He has a very weak defense coming up in the Cowboys with zero pass rush and played in Green Bay. He’ll probably have a good game against them. By rating he is #27 in the NFL though one or two ahead of him are punters who completed passes. His rating is pretty much Christian Ponder. With the best offensive line in football (pass pro), Nelson, Cobb, and Lacy and not playing from far behind at any time. If you adjusted the rating by the opponents played and the surrounding cast and overall situation he would be rated the worst QB in the NFL. His yards per attempt is lower than some running backs average yards per run!

      The schedule is the only reason the Packer are 3-1. Jaguars? Lions at home on grass? Injury-riddled Giants at home? These teams are 5-9. At that rate they would end the year 6-10 or 5-11 each. Beat each team by a single score….