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Packers Have Finally Acquired That Third Running Back

They had to end up in dire straits to finally do something, but the Green Bay Packers have actually gone out and acquired that third running back we all knew they needed. The player is Knile Davis, who the Packers traded a conditional late-round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for.

The Packers have had just two running backs — not counting fullback Aaron Ripkowski — on the roster since they released Jhurell Pressley prior to week 2. That limited depth was severely tested when James Starks went down with a knee injury last week and Eddie Lacy was forced to play against Dallas on an injured ankle.

Lacy didn’t finish that game and probably shouldn’t have been in it to begin with, but what choice did the Packers have? The failure of general manager Ted Thompson not to fill this position before didn’t really give them any other option.

And desperate times call for desperate measures. Not only did the Packers actually part with a draft pick in acquiring Davis, but it’s the first time Thompson has traded for someone since 2010. That guy was safety Anthony Smith, who Thompson acquired from Jacksonville for a conditional late-round pick.

So what do the Packers get in Knile Davis?

For one, he’s a guy who has hardly played this season. Davis has just one rush for negative 2 yards and two catches for 14. He was buried on the Chiefs’ depth chart behind Jamaal Charles, Spencer Ware and Charcandrick West.

The most productive season of Davis’ four-year career was 2014, when he rushed for 463 yards and six touchdowns and caught 16 passes for 147 yards and another score. Davis can also return kicks and has a 27.2 career average and two touchdowns.

The question now becomes who are the Packers releasing to add Davis to the roster? Apparently, that’s what was holding this move up to begin with. They couldn’t decide who else to get rid of.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Howard October 18, 2016

    My guess of who gets cut or placed on IR is Ringo, Abby, Starks (IR), or Banjo (IR?).

  2. Mike October 18, 2016

    Ted will fall-out having to part with late round draft pick. One less BUST he can draft. Not even a 3rd string RB??? Great move TED!! Got to solidify “Don’t know ASS from hole in ground” mantra

    1. Kato October 18, 2016

      Ted may have ultimately been the one to pull the trigger, but this move has more to do with Brian Gutekunst and Chad Brinker, and to an extent Eliot Wolf. I don’t think TT dabbles much in pro personnel and scouting.

      It sucks because the chiefs were going to likely release him but they had leverage over the packers given their situation.

      1. PF4L October 18, 2016

        Well, if TT doesn’t dabble much in personnel and scouting. I’d sure as hell would like to know what he does exactly.

        1. Kato October 18, 2016

          Do you know how football front offices with at all? TT (and other general managers) in front offices structured like the packers are responsible for overseeing the work of directors of personnel, their scouts, the whole big picture. This includes regional scouts. TT has always been more of the college scout type, which is nice. He then works with all these different people in evaluating players. Hundreds of players and breaking down film, trying to figure out these players will fit in their scheme. It isn’t as simple as playing fantasy football and saying “CJ Spillerwas a bit name in football a couple years back, let’s add him.”

          1. PF4L October 18, 2016

            So you think TT doesn’t do much scouting? Really?

            No, i don’t know how football front offices with at all.

            But i do know how to write a comprehensive question.

            Calm down.

  3. PF4L October 18, 2016

    Some called this guy “explosive”. So it’s noteworthy that he hasn’t had a rush for over 11 yards since Nov. of 2014.

    He’s just a body, so he should serve his purpose fine as a fill in.

  4. Big Gay Clay October 18, 2016

    Actually do like this move. Big back with speed, should do better in our system than Chiefs.

  5. Disposable Hero October 18, 2016

    So we got a guy that was about to be 4th on the KC depth chart with ball security issues…just what we needed because, you know, we are so good at protecting the ball. Oh, and he will likely play quite a bit since Ed is probably going to get three runs and re injure that ankle. Great job management. Wake me up when MM, TT and MM are gone or someone (other than the equipment manager) is held accountable for this goat fuck of a team.

    1. PF4L October 18, 2016

      I hear that brother. Trust me, if i could remove myself as a fan until changes were made, i would.

      I don’t understand why they just didn’t use Jacob Schum as a running back and save a roster spot, he’s 211 lbs and i doubt if his leg is too tired from kicking 35 yard punts.

  6. Cheese October 18, 2016

    Give him Davantes roster spot. Can’t wait to see this 4th string RB in action! Sad part is we will never who we could have got with that 7 that round pick….

  7. Big Gay Clay October 18, 2016

    Shields to IR. Gotta say I think it’s time we cut him when the season is over. As for Davis, let’s not bash this move until we see what he looks like for the Green and Gold

    1. MMTTDCSUCK October 18, 2016

      That is a shame for all concerned. This may spell the end of Shields football playing days . . . All the best to him!

  8. Empacador October 18, 2016

    Well, well, well. According to NFL.com comes this beauty.

    “After coach Mike McCarthy said that the Packers running back would not practice Tuesday due to ankle soreness, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Lacy could miss several weeks, not just Thursday night’s game against the Bears. Rapoport added that Lacy’s ailment is “more than a sprained ankle.”

    McCarthy fucking broke the guy! So now they are right back to where they were prior to Sunday with only 1 RB, but this time an unknown commodity. Nice!