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No Tears, No Sympathy: Response to an Encounter with Lance Easley

So it seems the founder of this website met Lance Easley at a bar and, in the moment of truth, decided to show not hatred or contempt, but kindness and compassion to a man who not only harmed our Green Bay Packers, but far more importantly, continues to profit off not just his 15 minutes of fame, but the harm he did our illustrious team.

It is fruitless to discuss whether the Fail Mary may have deprived the Packers of a Super Bowl championship that year. A number of gut-wrenching losses can indisputably and directly attribute to that moment, however. Among them, the second half implosion in San Francisco that year never would have happened, but for the Fail Mary because of higher playoff seeding. And arguably, the infamous NFC title game in Seattle, that would have been truly damaging to the legacy of the Green Bay Packers had the Patriots not defeated the Seahawks on the final play of the Super Bowl.

In the latter instance, that sort of implosion only happens when there is bad juju in the air. It almost rivals the specter of Steve Bartman in the wake of the curse of the billy goat.  The nexus of the Packers’ current misfortune in Seattle is the Fail Mary call. And to the extent these playoff losses continue to affect team psyche, the Fail Mary continues to affect us and will continue to affect us until the Packers capture another Super Bowl championship in the Mike McCarthy-Aaron Rodgers era.

Lance Easley has indeed bragged about this propensity in one of his (possibly paid) appearances at a Seahawks fan rally somewhere in California.

Our esteemed founder implores that it is difficult to think of someone “as a person in a situation like this,” until you meet him face to face.  Seeing this pariah as a person, Monty genuinely “felt Easley was a good guy” and  “felt bad for him,” as the pariah attributes the Fail Mary to ruining his marriage.

First, it must be stated that many millions of Americans and indeed Europeans on the other side of the pond are struggling, if not had their lives in ruins because of a dystopic economy and society, particularly so for Generation X and younger. As presidential candidate Hillary Clinton noted in a taped address to the donor class, many recent college graduates find themselves permanent “basement dwellers” because there are no jobs suitable for a middle-class existence. For men, whose sexual market value is largely determined by their ability to provide, this means facing the possibility of never having a marriage to be ruined in the first place. For those older and downsized since the Great Recession, it means a ruined marriage and possibly far worse consequence such as poverty, homelessness, suicide, and a myriad of other ills that flow from unemployment and economic hardship.

Such hardships are suffered through no fault of these millions of people harmed by criminally negligent economic policy and the irretrievably corrupt political system in the pocket of the corporate and financial interests that shape these policies. The same cannot be said of Lance Easley. It cannot be emphasized enough that this man has proven hell bent on extracting every last bit from this notoriety.  Never admitting he was wrong, he has peddled a ghostwritten book, made at least one appearance on a remarkably unfunny local Seattle comedy show that seeks, in vain, to capture the heyday of its fabled predecessor, and has made appearances at Seahawks fan events in California  And indeed he is still making these appearances NOW.

And so to the harm he has suffered, one should only say “so what!”

If he were really torn up about the consequences of his actions, as he has told Monty and others, why is he appearing at Seahawks fan events to once again gloat about his infamous wrongdoing to our magnificent Packers team and fanbase?

Perhaps most unsettling of all was the account of “how kind Packers fans have been to him.” And so again I am forced to ask, what is wrong with Packers fans? During the saga of the Brett Favre divorce and subsequent reconciliation, so many of us not just countenance but accept with open arms literal turncoats of once and future “Packer fans” brandishing enemy colors of Vikings’ purple and gold. And now this: Packers fans are nice to a man who has afflicted our team with some unquantifiable measure of bad juju that remains to be overcome to this day. Beyond that, he has the outrageous audacity to profit off it, all the while crying crocodile tears as to how this infamy has at the same time ruined his life.

Make no mistake about it: this man deserves no tears, no sympathy. Not now, not ever. To suggest otherwise just further demonstrates an urgent need for a change in the culture of Packers fans, wherein we finally learn to stop being kind to our enemies and learn to hate.

E. Wolf

Just a Packers fan and native Seattleite left stranded in New York City, and apparently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the near disaster in New Orleans in January of 2010. Bleeds Green and Gold through and through. Listens to indie and hardcore industrial and aggrotech music, and thus would much rather hear Headhunter by Front 242 or Front Line Assembly's "Mindphaser" than "Celebrate" or "I Gotta Feeling" in the fourth quarter, or any time.



  1. Yolo7 October 4, 2016

    Holy hell quite a diatribe there! As far as “learning to hate” oh yes like we need a lot more of that. It’s a fucking game I am not about to hate, love or any other emotion on a sport I have better things to utilize my important emotions for.

  2. Empacador October 4, 2016

    Agree, the man is a douche and living off his long since passed undeserved 15 minutes of fame.

  3. Longrod VonHugendong October 4, 2016

    My butt even hurts a little after reading this

    But lance easley deserves to get shot

    And monty should get shot for not shooting him

  4. guysocke October 4, 2016

    Luckily I can sniff out an E. Wolf article before I even click, so I did not waste my time getting reacquainted with his blabber.

    I would rather read his long-winded, lukewarm take on the upcoming election.

  5. PF4L October 4, 2016

    Interesting, if nothing else.

    I’m not sure how the International economy and the World of politics gets interlaced with a Lance Easley article, but ok.

    So you have 2 people writing articles on Easely, each one on both ends of the Lance Easley spectrum. You have Monty, the current Easley sympathiser. who now is more likely to sip wine with this man and sing kumbaya with him at the dainty Beverly Garland, than show any contempt

    Then you have Mr. Wolf, who apparently hasn’t lost his penchant for trying to advance and perpetuate the value of hate. Going so far as to place blame on Easely’s call in 2012, as reason for the Packers ineptness to win playoff games in 2013, 2014, and 2015. It seems Mr. Wolf wouldn’t be happy with Easely until he is hung, or stoned to death.

    My view is slightly more simplistic. Easley’s just a POS, and will always be, just a POS in my eyes. No more, no less.

  6. Killer October 4, 2016

    This is just bad sportsmanship. Bad sportsmanship is such a common trait among Packer fans it is nearly part of their definition.

    Refs are human and will make mistakes. The guy was even a replacement only there due to NFL greed. Did Easley eventually make a few bucks off the call? Sure and I’m glad he did. You have an opportunity and you take it. It does not nearly balance all that he and his family have been through. Read this account=

    “When an unexpected package arrived from Wisconsin, Corina {Easley’s wife} hurried it outside and called police. They traced its origin and opened it carefully; inside were cheese curds and a note leaving little doubt Packers fans had sent the package: “The Cheeseheads will never forget.”

    Their only child, 25-year-old Daniel, worried about his mother’s safety. “I have never experienced this type of fear,” Corina says.

    Easley’s call and the national outcry forced the NFL’s hand, and it agreed to an eight-year contract with the permanent officials. Then the league moved on. The replacements had no such option.

    When Easley returned to work, a security guard stood watch and didn’t leave for a month. Easley listened to his voice mail. He heard one man say that he hoped Easley’s family died, the next say that he wished for Easley’s death, and the next one . . .

    That was enough. There were dozens of them. If he didn’t recognize the voice, he immediately pressed the button to archive the message; he had been told by security to save them. If he did recognize the voice, he returned the call and asked the person to pray for him.”

    I have certainly seen many more questionable or just plain wrong calls go for the Packers than against them. Heck, go no further than last week with that wrong 66 yard pass interference call against Detroit that ended up making the difference and giving the Packers a victory.

    1. E. Wolf October 4, 2016

      No one excuses or condones what Roger Goodell and the NFL did. If one chooses to take whatever advantage is available from this fiasco then own up to it and do not cry about how it is ruined your marriage and life in the same breath. I wonder if Monty would have been as charitable and gracious had he known the guy is STILL making appearances at officially sanctioned Seahawk fan events. I sincerely hope not.

    2. PF4L October 4, 2016

      So people that place themselves in the public eye for profit have no responsibility for how they act, knowing that there are high emotions about the call, immediately after the call and well before he wrote his book and went “on tour”?

      He never once considered he might be hated? That he might get telephone calls and threats? That even after death threats, he thought it would be a good idea to take his act on the road? Really? He made a decision, he said fuck it, i’ll take the cash. Feel sorry for that if it makes you feel like a better person.

      When i think of Easely and read your post, one thought comes to mind…..You can’t fix stupid.

      Now….go clean your room, then invite VIKESFORPREZ over so you can help him study for his GED exams

      1. Killer October 4, 2016

        I’d love to hang out with VIKESFORPREZ. He is obviously a great guy.

        Just to help you with the timeline, Easley received the majority of death threats in the weeks directly after the call and not due to public appearances. These death threats did not deter him from making a buck or taking it “on the road”. Why not, you ask? Two legitimate possibilities=

        1. Easley is a brave man who refused to let threatening scum effect his actions.
        2. Easley knew the threats were from Packer fans and so knew it was all cowardly bluster safe to ignore.

        Now, PF4L, I know you say you can’t fix stupid and you may be right but I will try anyway out of a sense of charity —
        You wrote “So people that place themselves in the public eye for profit have no responsibility for how they act” based on reading my post. Please feel free to read it again. I never said that nor can anyone intelligent infer that from what I wrote. But that subject has nothing to do with this. At all. I wrote about the threats and you are either indicating he was fair game just for being a ref (in the public eye) or because you mistakenly thought he got the threats for making other public appearances and not for the actual call. That goes right back to the stupid you spoke of.

        So, for the edification of all the other readers, how does our experiment work out? Is your stupid, at least this part of it, fixed? Or, are you still stupid?

        1. PF4L October 4, 2016

          Ok, let me try to simple this up for you. He got death threats, phone calls, he got packages delivered to his house. his family was scared. So he thought it would be a good idea to write a book, go on tv, clubs, radio shows and antagonize a already volatile situation?

          Did he think that would alleviate his family’s fears?

          Yes his wife divorced him. Most likely for placing cash over his family’s piece of mind.

          You even wrote “Their only child, 25-year-old Daniel, worried about his mother’s safety. “I have never experienced this type of fear,” Corina says.”…………Now if his family was experiencing that type of fear, would the husband and father not respect that? So cry if you want that his wife divorced him, but he picked money over his family.

          My contention was simply, yes, he can do what he wants, he can be “brave”. But he knew the situation, he knew how volatile the subject was. He knew his family was in fear. But he chose the cash over his family, so his wife divorced him over it. It really isn’t that hard to understand is it?

          Now, if all this still confuses you, have someone (with reading skills) read it to you and explain it to you as they go, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. And if after that, if you’re still confused, have them read it again to you. Until you get it.

          I have the power to teach you things killer, try to educate you, try to make them as simple as possible for you. But i don’t have the power to make you smart enough to understand it.

          Thank you for understanding.

          1. Killer October 4, 2016

            Experiment concluded. Result: Still stupid.

          2. PF4L October 4, 2016

            Being stupid isn’t a crime killer. That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t still love you.

            Keep the faith.