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Next Game’s Revealing Stat: Eli Manning’s Passing Yardage

Veteran New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning, at age 35, is having the kind of year Aaron Rodgers was hoping for. Through four games, Manning is averaging 297 passing yards per game, fifth best in the league. His yards per attempt is 7.8, eighth best. These numbers compare to Rodgers’ 206 yards per game (30th) and 6.6 yards per attempt (25th).

Manning has spread the ball around well to his wide receivers. Odell Beckham Jr. is averaging 75.8 yards per game (16th best in the league). Rookie Sterling Shepard is averaging 65.8 yards (26th). Injury-plagued Victor Cruz is averaging 61.3 yards (32nd). Manning has not yet thrown much to his tight ends.

Manning regularly puts up massive yardage numbers. Over the past seven years, he’s averaged 4,227 yards per season. In that same span, Rodgers has averaged 3,976 yards.

Don’t expect the Packers’ defense to hold down the Giants’ passer and receivers. The key to winning is likely to be interceptions. In his last seven years, Manning has never thrown fewer than 14 interceptions. The same pattern holds true so far this year: in his two wins, Manning has one interception, but he has three in his two losses.

Rob Born

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  1. Deepsky October 6, 2016

    Giants 34 Packers 24

    The game is over by second quarter but he Packers score some facing points at the end.

    Rodgers is done.

  2. TyKo Steamboat October 6, 2016

    If you’re 1.) coming off a BYE Week, 2.) at Home, & 3.) Playing a team with a short week (6 days)

    Then there’s really no excuses… Must win

    1. Killer October 7, 2016

      Tyko makes 3 good points. Well, 5 if you include the no excuses and must win.

      It is sort of funny. Rob is making the reader envious of Giants fans with their fancy fancy Eli.