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Mike McCarthy Has a Skin Disease

Remember those commercials for Dove Men’s Skin Care featuring a number of ex-jocks? The one I remember best was of John Elway talking about his family life and how he likes to dance even though it makes the rest of his family turn red. Elway assures us he feels comfortable in his own skin.

At the Wednesday press conference, Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy wasn’t comfortable in his own skin – something or someone got under it, prompting the coach to fire back: “I don’t know why the hell I have to come in here and answer questions about what you think went wrong on offense.”

That’s a pretty good-sized loss of cool for a Wednesday morning.

There would be something terribly wrong if reporters didn’t think the weaknesses of the team’s passing attack was newsworthy and the primary topic of interest for its readers.

The problem has been very well identified: Aaron Rodgers’ quarterback rating was under 100 for 14 consecutive games, since his 107.7 rating on October 18, 2015 up to his 129.3 rating in week 3 against Detroit. One week later Rodgers’ rating returned to 65.0 against the Giants.

The defense is carrying this team at the moment. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers has liberally and creatively utilized and mixed in his full complement of players. He’s given his young players opportunities and they’ve responded well. He constantly presents different defensive formations and personnel groupings. His stunting and unpredictable looks have kept offenses confused and off-balance. He’s willing to take calculated risks.

What’s working so well with Dom Capers’ defense demonstrates what’s so wrong with Mike McCarthy’s offense.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L October 13, 2016

    I don’t know why the hell I have to come in here and talk about McCarthy’s skin disease.

  2. NachoDan October 13, 2016

    I think it’s clear we need Greg Jennings back.

  3. Empacador October 13, 2016

    McCarthy’s aversion to holding himself accountable? Say it ain’t so! Remember, at the end of each season he leads a complete and thorough review, to include his own performance. “It’s important to evaluate,” McCarthy said. “I obviously haven’t had that opportunity. So we’ll look at everything. We’ll look at every job description, every job responsibility, performance; mine included, and we’ll look to make changes.”

    “I take full responsibility for everything that goes on in the game,” which is obviously a lie, and also “The players, the coaches, the support staff, the commitment, the preparation, our football IQ, I think was probably the highest in my tenure here of this football team,” McCarthy said.” I don’t know about anyone else but from what I see each week their “football IQ” seems to be lacking.

    But the best quote is the last. “We’ll continue to build and continue to create a program that puts us in position to win championships,” he said. “We have a system and a format. We believe it works. The way we develop our players, the training.”

    Championships. PLURAL. He can’t evaluate himself properly because he is deluded. He obviously believes he does no wrong. Yet he thinks they will win championships? Has he not received the memo from the statisticians/offensive quality control gurus you KNOW he has on his staff, charting and correlating their proficiencies/deficiencies, pointing to a concerning trend involving the declining efficiency of the 1 area he is supposed to excel in? In what world is it acceptable to have less return on your investment?

    FYI. These quotes were taken after the loss to the Seahawks 2014. Did anyone else notice something happen in the past 2 off seasons resembling anything close to his claims? Doesn’t surprise me that none of these things actually came to fruition. The man is the textbook definition of a megalomaniac.