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McCarthy Suggests Packers Aren’t Signing Another Tight End

The Green Bay Packers brought two tight ends in for a tryout on Tuesday. They won’t be signing either of them — or Kellen Winslow Jr., who is practically begging for a job — it appears.

Coach Mike McCarthy said the Packers will move forward with Richard Rodgers and Justin Perillo as long as Jared Cook is sidelined.

Cook is dealing with a high ankle sprain, which could keep him sidelined for an extended period. The Packers have given no timetable for his return.

Regardless of who is playing tight end for the Packers, it appears it doesn’t particularly make a difference. All three of the Packers’ tight ends combined have just 12 catches for 122 yards.

Cook leads the way with six catches, but has just 53 yards.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Nic October 5, 2016

    Why not add a body. Anybody just in case. Nope. That makes to much sense. We will just hope no one else gets hurt or if they both go down he will make ripowski the new TE. Always playing people out of position.

  2. Sean October 5, 2016

    Wouldn’t matter anyway… it takes years of “trust” to have Rodgers throw you a ball.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK October 5, 2016

      Your statement is most likely true as hell . . .

  3. Tommyk October 5, 2016

    This regime is just getting stale. It’s time for McCarthy and he old albino spinster to go. Rodgers has five good years left and I’d hate to see him stagnate because of the coaching.

  4. Howard October 5, 2016

    The reporter asked MM if the team was O.K with the two tight ends. MM said “That’s the plan as I stand here today.” Not sure that is an enthusiastic Yes from MM. I don’t think he is standing at the podium at this time.

    Not sure another TE will do any good at this time. Since the team has to make a decision soon on who is getting cut or put on IR for Pennel. I wonder, who would others cut for a new TE? Pennel?

  5. Buzz October 5, 2016

    Where’s Keith Jackson when you need him? Maybe Chewy could scrape off some rust.

    1. Abe Frohman October 6, 2016

      and you’d have to cut someone else as well.

  6. PF4L October 5, 2016

    “When you sign and add a player to the roster, you have to pay them”

    – Ted Thompson

  7. Vijay-jay October 6, 2016

    Picking Travis Kelce instead of Eddie Lacy in the 2013 draft second round sure would’ve been nice!