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Jared Abbrederis and Chris Banjo Sent to IR

The Green Bay Packers’ injury parade continues. They have placed safety Chris Banjo and receiver Jared Abbrederis on injured reserve.

Banjo, one of the Packers’ top special teams performers, has only played in two games this season. It was expected he would be able to return, but with their safety depth and issues at cornerback, the Packers obviously felt Banjo was essentially expendable.

Abbrederis, it appears, was in a similar situation. He missed the Bears’ game, but has barely played even when he’s been available.

A thigh contusion isn’t something that would normally end someone’s season. Apparently, the Packers finally decided that seven receivers was a luxury they couldn’t afford.

The bottom line here is the Packers now have two roster spots to fill. Those moves will surely be coming soon and we’ll update you when we have them.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Howard October 24, 2016

    No! 7 receivers are needed. Allison is being promoted.

    1. PF4L October 24, 2016

      Apparently, needing them, and using them, are 2 different things.

  2. PF4L October 24, 2016

    Could the Packers be opening a spot for Jared Cook’s return?

    1. Howard October 24, 2016

      I think Cook is just inactive on game day. Not on any reserve lists.

      1. PF4L October 24, 2016

        Your probably right, i just cant think straight because i got so excited about Mark Murphy’s announcement in his rare press conference I’m just giddy..

  3. PF4L October 24, 2016

    Ok people….I have huge breaking news!!!!!

    Just when you thought Mark Murphy only cared about developing the Titletown district, he held a news conference to address the hot issue that Packer fans everywhere have been waiting for. I hope this issue that Mark Murphy has finally addressed put’s Packer fans minds at ease. Murphy let it be known, that he is large and in charge of the Green Bay Packers. Following this News conference, make no mistake about it, the future of the Green Bay Packers starts and stops with Murphy’s vision and leadership.

    Yes, it’s true, Murphy announced the huge news that a photograph of Rodgers, Favre, and Bart Starr will go on sale in November. Just in time to buy your loved ones that very special X-Mas gift. No pricing is available at this time, but just remember. Running a NFL franchise the way Mark Murphy runs it, can’t be done on the cheap.