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Here’s a Dipshit Vikings Fan Eating Fish Heads

It will never cease to amaze us what a bunch of douchenozzles Minnesota Vikings fans are.

Yeah, their team is good this year, which is a downer. That doesn’t change the fact that Vikings fans are the biggest group of ignoramuses and dipshits on the face of the earth.

Bet you any money a number of them will appear out of the woodwork to say something idiotic like “Skol!” on this very post. What does “Skol” actually mean? It means I’m a total cock with shit for brains.

And yet, there they are yelling it every Sunday.

This dick right here certainly fits the mold.

Chef Turdburger here got pumped up for the Vikings on Sunday by biting the heads off some live fish and yelling “Skol.”

I mean, what else?!


Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Empacador October 11, 2016

    More like biting the heads off and spitting them out. Whatever that is supposed to signify. Maybe some game wardens will determine those were game fish and illegally in possession.

  2. Killer October 12, 2016

    I can’t really defend this guy. That is some misguided enthusiasm there. Of course, fish heads are far more healthy than those bratwurst you guys inhale. Those bratwurst cause early onset mental degradation while fish heads I’d think would at least have some Omega3 oil.

    But at least this guy turned his enthusiasm to something harmless unlike some Packer fans who do things like attack lawn ornaments with a box cutter, assault the home owner with said box cutter, and then get their asses kicked by said homeowner and get arrested. An armed Packer fan taking on a Viking fan? Please! He brought a cutter to a Viking fight and should have brought 4 or 5 more Packer fans so the fight would be about even. Heck, it was even literally on the Viking fan’s home field! You guys, like your coaches, are not very strategic.

    That serial killer was caught early! Wisconsin misses out on another Ed Gein or Jeffrey Dahmer. I wouldn’t worry too much though. FBI says their are 50 to 100 currently active serial killers in the U’S. and, bizarrely, more than half of them are in California and Wisconsin!

    OK, let your comments separate the wheat from the chaff. A few Packer fans are cool guys and rational. they are the ones who will condemn the box cutter lawn ornament/ home owner attacker. The rest of Packer fans are socially and mentally and emotionally deficient. They are the ones who support the box cutter loser or use this as an opportunity to make some other attacking comment, or who lack the courage to make any comment at all.

    By the way, can’t help but notice this site has time to write an “article” about an opposing fan but no time or willingness to cover the big news. Wait. Maybe that is not fair of me. Is it really big news when a Packer fan acts like that?

  3. MMTTDCSUCK October 12, 2016

    There are Buffoons in all walks of life . . . hence MM and TT. So there are bound to be Buffoons in the world of fandom. What amazes me is the fact that buffoons practice buffoonery and unless they are named MM or TT (or politicians or Trump) get held accountable for it. What that fucktard did in MN. was stupid and should be dealt with. What MM and TT are doing should be dealt with . . . Regarding serial killers? some of them are buffoons as well . . . However the majority of those go into politics or the military where they can get their kicks . . . Why does WI and CA have so many? It must be a conspiracy . . .

  4. Randall_CobFan October 12, 2016

    I hate to be a queer, but the Vikings have been shit for so long, they deserve a year, the packers Vikings games will finally be fun to watch instead of a complete blowout,