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Greg Jennings: Aaron Rodgers Never Had to Self Assess

Everyone has some thoughts on what’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers. We tend to think our theory is the most sound, but you know former Green Bay Packers receiver and teammate Greg Jennings has his own ideas.

Jennings believes all the praise heaped on Rodgers over the years means he never had to look in the mirror. It will come as no surprise to you that Jennings was quick to point out that the receivers, rather than Rodgers, were always to blame when the passing game wasn’t effective.

That, Jennings says, means Rodgers never had to look in the mirror.

Frankly, there may be some truth to that. It isn’t the first time someone has brought this up, although they’ve done it in a different way. Jennings, Jermichael Finley and Donald Driver have all previously noted how Rodgers has never stood up or taken blame when someone points the finger at the Packers’ receivers.

And that’s the thing. Rodgers rarely takes blame.

It’s always “us” or “we” or “everyone” that isn’t quite playing up to snuff. It’s never just me.

We heard that same crap last season.

Every time that refrain comes up, which has been a lot lately, I think back to the NFC Championship game in Seattle. After that brutal loss, all Rodgers wanted to talk about was the play calling and decision making of the coaching staff. In fact, he was still talking about in JUNE of that year. This was after he personally turned in a complete turd of a performance, throwing for just 178 yards, one TD and two interceptions with a 55.8 rating.

If I were the coach, I wouldn’t have put the ball in his hands either. He was out there shitting the bed.

The pertinent part of this video starts around the 3:35 mark.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Wesley Behling October 19, 2016

    Yes, his accuracy is not where it needs to be right now. He doesn’t put all the blame on the receivers, he has been saying that they need to play better as a group. Don’t listen to a word that Greg Jennings or Skip Bayless has to say. When he has a bad game, he does acknowledge it and he says that he himself is his biggest critic. And he also gives credit to his receivers when he has a good game (and also to the entire offensive group). To the people that say that he never takes the blame, and always directs the blame to the receivers, where are you getting that from? I think this is the week everything starts to turn around. Aaron’s accuracy will return and all will be right again!

  2. Mike October 19, 2016

    I still say his slump the last couple of years goes directly back to when he began getting ” serious” with his girl friend…think Tony and Jessica. Just saying!

  3. PF4L October 19, 2016

    Greg Jennings, with Skip Clueless. talking about Aaron Rodgers.


  4. PF4L October 19, 2016

    I haven’t given a shit about anything Jennings says for years.

    How about we have an article paying homage to Packer/bear week. I mean, does anyone really give a fuck about anything Jennings has to say?

    The bears are 1-5, coming into Lambeau, and we read about Jennings pissing on the Packers again, wtf. Haven’t we had enough doom and gloom for 6 weeks? Can we take a couple days off to make fun of the bears?

    1. Donald Trump October 19, 2016

      For real. We all know Monty hates Rodgers. We don’t have to be redundant. Let’s get back to making fun of the bears, Vikings, and lions. I mean we all hope packers turn things around, but nothing we say is going to change anything so what is the point of constant bitching. Get over it. If they crash and burn, so be it. Always next year.

      And a good crash and burn while not making the playoffs is the best way to shake things up.

      1. Icebowl October 20, 2016

        Those guys are bad hombres, and I mean bigley……

  5. Mike October 19, 2016

    I wish Rodgers would snap out of it & SHUT these 2 barnacles up. Bayless is TOTAL POS who bad mouths Packers about anything & everything, and Jennings will say anything to get air-time to salvage his hack media career. Jennings is the Al Sharpton of NFL analysts. Just look at Skip Bayless. That’s a “I’ll suck your Cock” mug that you’ll ever see. I put zero credence in anything those 2 parasites have to say!!!

    1. PF4L October 19, 2016

      Exactly Mike…

      I refuse to watch Skip Clueless’s show, and i refuse to watch any of his, or Jennings shitty video. Anyone else want to watch….knock yourself out.

  6. Howard October 19, 2016

    Bayliss is a pedantic, pontificating, pretentious bastard. A belligerent old fart. A worthless steaming pile of cow shit. Figuratively speaking.

    1. Empacador October 19, 2016

      Nice quote Howard!! LOL! Now I gotta go watch that!

      1. Howard October 19, 2016

        Every time I see the name Bayliss that portion of the movie pops into my head. Didn’t watch the above video, all I need is to see his name. :-)

        1. Empacador October 19, 2016

          I meant the movie not that video up there! Lol

  7. Gravy Copter 2600 October 19, 2016

    Here’s the thing guys… you don’t become excellent at anything — throwing a football, drawing, writing blogs, singing, cooking, golf, math, whatever… without a lot of self assessment and self critique. So, as usual, Greg Jennings is propping up his image by throwing Rodgers under the bus again. Behind closed doors, I imagine Rodgers is very hard on himself. It may even be contributing to his loss in confidence. His use of “we” is consistent. When times are good, it’s still we and us. I think he believed in accountability. If someone drops a pass or runs the wrong route, a leader doesn’t insist that its his fault. That doesn’t address the problem.

  8. PF4L October 19, 2016

    There is a reason Rodgers hasn’t had to self assess. It’s because he’s arguably played his position better than anyone in the history of pro football through 2014.

    And it’s because of that very reason, that us Packer fans, with great pride, have enjoyed every second of watching Rodgers do it the best, year after year, after year after year after……. Carrying this team on his back because the defense (sans 2010) and special teams was largely a shit show over the years.

    BUT NOW…..it seems en vogue, especially on this site, to take a mostly disrespectful, ungrateful, big heaping shit on Rodgers on a daily basis.

    Yes sir, Rodgers isn’t playing up to snuff, along with other aspects of the team.

    But i tell you this…….If Rodgers never got back to where he was, if it was over today. I have as much admiration and respect for his skill and accomplishments, as much as anyone that has ever played in the NFL before him. Not to mention the pride and good times he has given Packer Nation over these years. Instead of labeling him a loser and shitting on him, i prefer to appreciate and show respect for what he has done. Because he’s earned it

    But that’s just me.

    1. Donald Trump October 19, 2016


    2. Mike October 19, 2016

      I agree. but…..Rodgers isn’t finished, I still wouldn’t trade him for anyone. he is by FAR the best QB in Green Bay history! or should I say 1B, Starr being 1A (5 Titles). I go Lynn Dickey-3. Filthy unwashed Hillbilly traitor, Lavender scum wearing Favre distant 4. Murphy needs to remove what is killing Rodgers, the GM & Coach. for years now Rodgers has to carry this team. Ask yourself he Aaron had HC like Bill Belichik how many rings does he have by now???? I say at least 3.

      1. PF4L October 19, 2016

        Never said he was finished, i did an “if” scenario.

      2. Kato October 19, 2016

        Ok. I am sure there is another Bill Belichek out there just for the taking. Those are pretty common.

        1. PF4L October 19, 2016

          Know what else is common? Having back to back franchise QB’s. So is picking up a 3rd straight franchise QB.

          Here’s something that actually is common, having some Packer fans so spoiled having 2 franchise QB’s that they don’t know any better. Then that fan believes if one falters, it’s time sit him, and find another franchise QB, like they grow on fucking tree’s.

      3. Icebowl October 20, 2016

        Agreed Mr. Starr will never be beat, if not simply f a certain New Years eve game against Dallas played a lifetime ago.
        I’d put #4 ahead of Dickey, as much as i despise him for his post retirement antics you still have to admit he was an amazing player. The things that made #15 and #4 and guys like Brees and Manning (peyton) great was their longevity and toughness. You didn’t hear these guys go out and blame their teammates. Time will tell if #12 can get out of this long funk and stack up against the aforementioned….

        Oh, and I’d rank Majik ahead of Dickey, he was an amazing player who’s career was cut short by injury…

  9. Karl October 19, 2016

    I would agree that there is not another coach remotely like a Belichek out there, but I do believe McCarthy is losing his team. His stale approach to coaching has infected this offense. They are a reflection of his coaching. McCarthy refuses to create a new game plan. He just keeps assuming his approach will eventually work. It clearly isn’t going to.

    1. PF4L October 19, 2016

      Then, instead of being innovative like you mentioned. He blames it on fundamentals and execution. Just like he has all his coordinators and coaches programmed to say.

      Listening to Clements and Bennett, besides wanting to punch them, you get the impression that they’re just happy to be there.

    2. Empacador October 19, 2016

      I don’t think it is a question of losing the team anymore. I’d say McCarthy lost this team. And whoever attributed that to the loss in Seattle was correct, you don’t simply gloss over that shit, you don’t just R-E-L-A-X after that sort of implosion.

      I know there was a comment in the last day or two about how we have become spoiled Packer fans. I respectfully disagree but also call bullshit on that. Great, the Packers made the playoffs 7 consecutive seasons. Packers won a Superbowl. *Golf clap* Since then? A record 15-1 season ending with a 1 and done in the playoffs. Every single season since the Superbowl knowing what could have been, culminating with the disaster in Seattle.

      I wouldn’t be as pissed off if they missed the playoffs 2-3 times during that stretch if they capitalized in 2011 or especially in 2014. What pisses me off is the constant cocktease that has been going on since that Superbowl win. One would think that maybe, hopefully McCarthy learned from his mistakes. Yet every season he finds new and exciting ways to fuck the dog. This season is eerily like 2013, being caught short handed. In 2013 it was self inflicted at the QB position. This year it is self inflicted at the RBs. Like 1 critical to ANY offense position thrust into turmoil wasn’t enough in 2013, let us try again with another critical to THIS (my) offense position in 2016. (His need to balance the run/pass.) “That’s a bold strategy, Cotton.”

      Ron Wolf said the Holmgren/Wolf teams were a fart in the wind. They were in the NFC championship game 3 consecutive years, with 2 Super Bowl appearances and a win. They didn’t win every year but they did live up to their expectations/potential for the most part. We will never know what might have been had they had a more disciplined QB. Do you ever recall Holmgren shitting the bed like Sherman/McCarthy? What do you call this current cluster fuck? A dynasty of diarrhea.

      Thompson doesn’t coach. Rodgers doesn’t call plays. Those guys aren’t in the media talking about pad level or trying to explain the need to balance their run/pass ratio because that is what the metrics say is the way to success. McCarthy has single handedly cost the team more than anyone, both directly and indirectly.

      Does anyone see a discernable difference between Clements and McCarthy calling plays since last season? Yet he stands up and bitches about why in the hell he has to answer questions about what we think is wrong with the offense. What fucking games are you coaching Mikey? How can you notice substandard play with Clements but not yourself? Who has an offseason to evaluate his “football team” and then in the last minute cuts all his backup QBs? Isn’t he a highly lauded offensive genius? And he couldn’t figure out earlier than before the regular season was about to start the QBs he had weren’t gonna cut it? How about his punter? How about his offensive line again at the last possible minute? Who bitched for a big tight end, finally gets one, and then doesn’t utilize him before said TE gets hurt this season? Who kept Slocum along for the ride all those years? Whose position coaches are all head coaches in waiting? The list goes on and on.

      You almost have to wonder if the Peter Principle is not at work here. “The misjudgment of promoting someone to a role that he may not be a fit for, rising to the level of their incompetence.” It has nothing to do with being spoiled, it has everything to do with McCarthy being a complete tool. I sincerely hope I am wrong for what I am about to say. Even though that probably makes me spoiled and entitled by saying this.

      I hope we will ALL are happy with NOT making the playoffs for consecutive years in the not too distant future for a very long time. I hope we are all content with “Hey, remember when the Packers used to MAKE the playoffs? Those were the good old days.” and don’t lament the wasted opportunities because the team held onto a system/dynamic that is clearly broken and has underachieved. I’m not the one who promised multiple CHAMPIONSHIPS plural, that was Mikey. When does that fuck get held accountable and called out for not delivering on his own promises? For raising expectations above what he is actually able to deliver? To have arguably one of the best QBs to ever play the game being used/abused/exploited by one Michael J. McCarthy is pathetic. All while that fucktard Favre strolls in and out of Green Bay at will, laughing and loving every moment of this shit. But yeah, we’re all spoiled and entitled. SMH.

      1. PF4L October 19, 2016

        Well stated.

      2. Phillthy October 20, 2016

        Good job dude, hit the nail with that.

      3. Icebowl October 20, 2016

        Spot on.
        Best stuff you’ve ever submitted E.

  10. Scotty158 October 19, 2016

    What was I going to say, Thanks EMPACADOR. He is stale. Lets see if he is afraid of change or can’t.