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Five More Thoughts on Packers’ Win Over Giants

The Green Bay Packers — largely on the strength of their defense — got themselves a nice win over the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football. The game never really seemed in doubt, with the Packers jumping out to a 17-6 halftime lead. Although the Packers scored just six points in the second half, the final of 23-16 wasn’t really as close as it appeared.

The Packers were up 23-9 before the Giants scored a touchdown with 3:45 left to account for the final margin.

It was a decent win, but alas, not really the type of all-around dominant performance we would have liked to have seen from the Packers. What’s new, though?

Here are five more thoughts on the game.

A Dominant Defense

At least on this night, the Green Bay Packers defense was pretty much totally dominant. We all know about the run defense. That remained great, as the Packers allowed just 43 yards rushing. Of course, that was completely expected. The Giants were trying to run with their third and fourth-string running backs because their top two guys were injured. Where the Packers really stepped up was in pass defense. With Damarious Randall not out their to get burned, the secondary actually played well. They held Eli Manning and ODB in check. Part of that was surely due to the pass rush, which produced four sacks. The defense won the Packers this game, but holding the Giants to 219 total yards and only one touchdown is just that — a dominant defensive effort. There’s no other way to look at it.

Aaron Rodgers… On Second Thought

Last night I was praising Aaron Rodgers, primarily because he actually stood in the pocket and went through his reads for a change. You could say the offensive line played so well that Rodgers really had no choice. Whatever. On paper, the Packers offense looked good, finishing with 409 total yards. In reality, Rodgers didn’t really get it done though, did he? The two interceptions were obviously costly. Take those away, put up some points and this game was over sooner. Plus, just like the last game, the Packers couldn’t get in the end zone in the second half. Really, what allowed the Packers to put up those 409 yards of offense was the line. They didn’t allow a sack and led a rushing attack that gained 147 yards and averaged 4.6 per. That allowed the Packers to dominate the time of possession (36:38 to 23:22). As I said last week, this notion of Rodgers being back because he threw four touchdowns against Detroit is nonsensical. This is not your MVP quarterback of past seasons.

Has Shawn Slocum Returned?

Other than Mason Crosby, the Packers specials teams pretty much suck this year. Punter Jake Schum — rhymes with Bum — is exactly what we expected. He’s a guy who got cut by Tampa Bay on the reduction to 75. Clearly, they had no idea what a treasure they were giving up, so leave it to Big Ted to jump on acquiring this hidden gem. Except, yeah, Tampa knew exactly what they were doing. Bum averaged 36.5 per kick on Sunday and got his ass booed off the field. Really superb stuff. The return game isn’t really much better. The best we can say about kickoffs is that Ty Montgomery once upon a time went out of bounds to touch a kick and that gave the Packers the ball at the 40. On punts, it’s as if everyone is told to fair catch regardless of what’s unfolding on the field in front of them. Trevor Davis actually did return one of the Giants’ six punts last night and got just three yards. But hey, three yards is better than no yards. And let’s not forget kick coverage, where the Giants averaged 35 yards per return. Did someone let Shawn Slocum sneak back into the building?

Well, Well, Dropvante

The Giants had Janoris Jenkins doing a hell of a job on Jordy Nelson on Sunday. Nelson had just four catches for 38 yards and also had a couple drops. So obviously someone else needed to step up. Randall Cobb led the way, as I pointed out after the game. I have to mention Davante Adams too though because I beat the shit out of him constantly when he sucks, which is almost always. Dropvante had five for 85 and a touchdown. That’s a very un-Dropvante-like 17 yards per catch. It wasn’t all pretty for Dropvante, but Sunday was probably his best game since his rookie season. So, way to go, dick.

Back To Basics At Receiver

We were real excited when Fat Mike looked like he was willing to give some receivers other than Nelson, Cobb and Dropvante some snaps. That continued to a degree against New York. The newly clubless Jeff Janis played 13 offensive snaps, Trevor Davis had seven and Ty Montgomery got two. For the second week in a row, Jared Abbrederis got no offensive snaps. Unfortunately, none of these guys were even targeted. The only guy to touch the ball on offense was Montgomery, who rushed once for one yard. That receiver in the backfield crap isn’t working, but that’s beside the point here. Apparently, it doesn’t matter if McCarthy puts any other receivers in the game because Rodgers isn’t going to throw them the ball anyway. Must be trust issues, right?

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L October 10, 2016

    Player A: 317 yards, 302 yards and 397 yards; 6 TDs, 0 INTs
    Player B: 213 yards, 205 yards and 259 yards; 9 TDs, 3 INTs

    Player A is Brian Hoyer and Player B is Aaron Rodgers.

    1. Savage57 October 11, 2016

      That is some sad shit, right there.

      Between Rodgers needing a panoramic-sized picture window before he’ll throw the ball on rhythm, and WR’s who have the moves and shiftiness of my grandparents, this passing offense is blowing so hard the apologist fanboys are standing in line with silicone on their zippers.

  2. PDL October 10, 2016

    If we are handing out player grades after that game, go ahead an give R. Rodgers an F-! He was awful. Thanks to NBC for keying on two times when he got blown up trying to throw a block, and the dropped TD pass. Why, why, why does every other team have a TE (or multiple) that seems to always be open and GB cannot find one in the draft after Finley goes down? Either its the lack of talent (R. Rodgers) or the coaching scheme. Given that Big Mike’s offensive playbook hasn’t changed in 5+ years, its probably a combination of both.

    1. PF4L October 10, 2016

      I enjoyed that comedy display of Rodgers attempting to block. I don’t care who ya are, that there was fucking funny.

  3. TyKo Steamboat October 10, 2016

    I realize that the 1st 25 plays or so are scripted…

    So why in the he’ll are we doing these Iso plays with Montgomery & Cobb? We’ve run this several times & it’s NEVER once ever worked…
    Please, this play is about as shitty as a wide receiver screen. STOP the iOS with skinny wide receivers!!!

    Kenny Clark looked good, though

    1. Empacador October 11, 2016

      I think the same gameplan is scripted, it is no longer the plays. They trot the same shit out there week after week.

  4. Deepsky October 10, 2016

    Trevor Davis. Mr Speed.

    Has he actually shown anything? He sure doesn’t look fast on the field. I keep expecting him to take off and out-accelerate everyone, but it hasn’t happened. It’s like his first few steps are no faster than anyone else on the field.

  5. ARS85 October 10, 2016

    I get anxiety watching this team play offense. So much hope after the first drive and downhill after that. No deep threat to speak of. God forbid anyone other than the “top” 3 touch the field

    Jordy had a real bad night. Cobb is a beast, best receiver on this team by far. Watching devante play makes my head hurt. This guy does not belong on the field. I’m sorry but it’s true. Good thing we have 7 receivers to stand around on the sidelines cause 4 of them can’t get into a game.

    Finally….. Jacob schum. Did Ted Thompson lose a bet? Is this a joke? There isn’t a better option than this? They can’t find a better punter than this? I refuse to accept there isn’t some guy at home who punted in college and would love an nfl job. Hes lucky to have one good punt a game in 6 tries. He is going to cost us a game one day and then and only then will the heriarchy of this organization maybe say or do something. Disgraceful, embarrassing, unacceptable. They need to cut him tomorrow and hold open tryouts this week.

    Never know what you’re gonna get with this team. Week to week surprise…. See you all next Sunday

    1. Nic October 10, 2016

      I agree with you 100 percent and couldn’t have said it any better.

    2. PF4L October 10, 2016

      First of all ARS85….You have a lot of nerve for dissing Mr. Thompson in a public forum. Don’t you know he is a genius at seeking out untapped talent? In the future, please don’t question him and refrain from negativity. There are kool aid drinking sheep in here that read these comments, and…….they have feelings too.

      I no longer experience anxiety watching the Packer games like i once did. I think it’s because i’m not expecting much, and anything positive to me is a bonus, and maybe one step closer to who they use to be. The anxiety for me now, is having to get up every morning to the same boring, stale management structure. Waiting for the change that i desperately want to see, is like watching grass grow. I’ll still buy the plane tickets, First class if need be.

      Sure hope change is coming, because either my spirit will be broken, or ******************************** in jail. You guessed it, i fucking hate TT and MM, with a fucking passion.

      1. Killer October 10, 2016

        Looks like I finally convinced you, Piffle. I’m glad you came around.

        1. PF4L October 10, 2016

          Go fuck your mother, i’ll have the bitch home in an hour.

  6. gort October 10, 2016

    Time to re-sign Peter Mortell. His preseason stats were more or less acceptable and he already knows what it feels like to kick a frozen brick.

    1. ferris October 11, 2016

      If they cut this idiot punter I’ll be happy no matter if they win the division or not. Ted just show the fans you care about winning games. Best player available??? Remember that philosophy? He is the worst player at his position in the league and probably in Canada too. Speaking of Canada they punt on 3rd down so punt more than the NFL, there has to be someone else.

  7. PackAttack October 10, 2016

    There are so many problems/issues with this offense it’s hard to pinpoint where to start. I agree with everything PF4L says (I usually do) but unfortunately no changes are coming anytime soon. Rodgers is a HUGE problem with this team but there’s a shit ton of other issues….

    For example.

    * The notion I can’t get over is how little this offense throws with Rodgers. I know everyone here is stuck in the 1960’s with “the run sets up the pass” — but in a day in age where QB’s throw over 600 times per/year — Rodgers have NEVER come close to 600 attempts in a single season. Tom Brady throws 40 times per/game before the 4th Quarter!! Rodger isn’t even Top 15 in the NFL in attempts per/game — LAST YEAR on a BAD TEAM, he wasn’t even Top 15 in the league in attempts per/game. But it’s weird, every year Brady is on top along with other QB’s who go deep into the postseason….hmmmmm….weird. This offense doesn’t throw enough, it never has. It’s stuck in 1960’s with this “win the battle in the trenches” bullshit.

    * Eddie Lacey cannot be efficient in this offensive system any longer. He’s a between the tackles bruiser who needs 20 carries to be legitimately effective. Sorry but the game has changed to SPEED! Nobody gives a fuck if Fat Ass Lacey is running between the tackles anymore. Defenses couldn’t give a shit about Lacey. The best backs in the league are agile, mobile, fast and quick —- oh and they all catch outta the backfield (Bell, DJ, Gurley, Freeman, McCoy, Charles). Lacey is a throw back to the 50’s — fat and slow, non-effective in today’s game.

    * James Starks is the worst/least efficient 3rd down back in the NFL. Like much of the Packers “playmakers” he’s old and shitty. Starks is a complete waste of time and roster space. He’s not fast, he can’t catch, he’s not good. Much like most of the Packers roster.

    * We’re all sitting around waiting for Jordy Nelson to light it up like he’s Julio Jones or Antonio Brown or something —- sorry he’s not. Thompson is paying Cobb those dollars and we all know how unproductive he’s been for 2 years now. Jordy is still a very good football player, but he’s not an elite WR1 anymore — he’s 31 and maybe has 2 decent years left in his legs. The Packers are getting old — really old. The days of Jennings, Driver, Finley, a young Jordy, a young James Jones, a young Cobb — they’re long gone. Those explosive playmakers are gone. I think that’s what surprised us the most about watching Janis and Abrederis last year — they got into that game vs Arizona and actually made plays — they were young, fast, fresh and determined…..not so sure any of that exists anymore in Green Bay. This team is old and stale.

    * Davante Adams – Sorry but anytime you have a cancer like this on your team, it’s going to be bad. Go back and look at the plays that Driver, Jennings, Jordy and Cobb used to make (look at the play Cobb made the other night) guys used to bail Rodgers out all the time with great catches and great plays —- you ain’t getting those anymore — especially not from Davante or Richie Rodgers.

    That’s the truth boys.

    1. Ted Hawthorne October 10, 2016


  8. John Harbaugh October 10, 2016

    I can’t believe you’re not a GM or OC somewhere with that acute assessment. Baltimore is looking…send resume please!

  9. MMTTDCSUCK October 10, 2016

    As another armchair GM, I am also astounded that it has taken soooo fucking long for many people to realize just how much of a charlatan MM and TT are. These two posers had two of the best QB1’s of all time back to back and shit the bed with them! The play calling is an epic disaster and is in steady decline. The plays are grade school, and are repeated game in and game out. That fat fucking fuctard McGlurpy continues to play favorites . . . Where the fuck are the go routes? Oh that’s right! your favorites ARE NOT FAST ENOUGH! Fuck you MM! And TT? he is a Buffoons Buffoon. This brings me to Aaron Rodgers, WTF is wrong with him? Is he being recalcitrant out there because he hates the play calling? Has he had a meltdown? Seriously has he? He continues to target three to four fucking sets of hands week in and week out! Where the fuck is Abbey? Janis? Is Rodgers commanding who plays? or is MM worse than I think he is? At least Dom Capers (whom I can not stand either) is actually finally earning a paycheck. Since the 2010 SB I have bitched to anyone who would listen that MM was a horrible motherfucking game time coach who played favorites . . . I feel somewhat vindicated. Thanks MM and TT for ruining Aaron Rodgers best years you fucking fucks. I hardly even get mad watching the games anymore . . . I expect mediocrity from this poorly coached team. It just took me nearly six years to actually embrace it.

    1. stickman October 11, 2016

      I agree. The part about wasting Aaron Rogers is so right. He never go`s for the kill to end the game. He play`s to not lose rather then playing to win. It`s time for new blood in Green Bay.

      1. Ted Hawthorne October 11, 2016

        Yah, that playing not to lose worked really well against Seattle in the NFCCG. Great
        rant MMTTDCSuck. You, PackAttack, Stickman and a few others have been right
        on target for a long time. The fundamental problem here is that TT is a very rigid,
        cheap, tight-ass; and MM is, well, dull. After all, TT drafted Adams and, god dammit,
        he’s gonna play this stone-figured mediocrity and the great raw talent Jeff Janis can
        sit on the bench because, Jesus Christ, I’m not gonna get pressured by the fans to
        play the guy who almost single-handedly pulled out the Ariz. game. No sir, I will
        not adapt, change, or god-forbid, spend any money. I’ll take no risks–not like that
        Viking GM who rolled the dice to win “this year.” I’ll hoard my draft choices, pick
        up cheap free agents, release expensive all-pro players, and continue to waste
        Favre and Rogers on the alter of my anal, obsessive obstinence.

        1. MMTTDCSUCK October 11, 2016

          Thanks TED HAWTHORN and good points from you as well.

      2. MMTTDCSUCK October 11, 2016

        Spot on Stickman. This team could win out, and I still believe that they need better coaching and player procurement. Under these two fools Rodgers has been put out to dry . . .