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Of Course Clay Matthews Has a Hamstring Injury

Because when doesn’t Clay Matthews have a hamstring injury?

Actually, we have an answer for that — when he’s playing inside linebacker. The only times in Matthews’ career that he’s played in all 16 games since his rookie year, were the two seasons he spent at inside linebacker (2014-15).

Every other season (minus 2009), Matthews missed games. More often then not, when he was injured, it was a hamstring injury. So lo and behold! Clay Matthews has a hamstring injury again.

He’s been limited in practice this week. And if you’re keeping tabs, you also know that Matthews missed the Detroit game in week 3 with a hamstring injury.

Interestingly, Matthews braced us for this. He said that with the move back to outside linebacker he was likely to be injured more.

“Every play is a full-speed, ballistic get off, so yeah, it can wear on you,” Matthews said. “Especially with the success we’ve had in the run game, teams are going to pass it 40, 50 times a game. But each position is taxing in its own right; especially at that elephant outside linebacker position, every snap is a one-on-one battle.”

While we get his rationale there, we don’t really understand why it’s always the hamstring.

Someone must have put a curse on that guy’s hamstrings.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Adam October 27, 2016

    The team also reached an injury settlement with Abby. Looks like his Packers career is over before it ever really got off the ground.

  2. Unsupervised Child October 27, 2016

    Is anyone surprised? I mean Totalpackers.com just called this a few weeks ago and here we are with Clay (again). Gotta really hand it to the front office signing him to that multimillion contract. Two years ago he pulled himself out of playoff game againstarts Seahawks which allowed them to win and go to the Super Bowl. Took Clay almost seven months to explain his reason and even hen he sounded like a girl crying just like when theyou shifted him to the middle.

    1. Unsupervised Child October 27, 2016

      Stupid autocorrect!! Can’t sound mad with all these mistakes! !!

  3. Pred October 27, 2016

    So what else is new?

  4. Brian October 27, 2016

    You write professionally, and don’t know that it would be “more often than not”.?? Really???? You also feel you can judge a man? 100% GO all of the time will result in more injuries than reactionary effort. It’s what he said because it is common sense.

    1. Unsupervised Child October 28, 2016

      Um most of these athletes go fast 100% and aren’t hurt as often as Clay. JJ Watt has played 4 or 5 years through injuries with this being his first season in missing a game and goes 110% all the time. His stats are better than Clays, has more awards than clay, doesn’t cry like clay, and is definitely more respected by both teammates AND peersee than clay

    2. Unsupervised Child October 28, 2016

      Oh yeah, JJ and other athletes haven’t shut down the blog room on talk-sports.com like Clay did.