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Bon Iver: No Recording When the Packers Are On

We got a chuckle at reading this Pitchfork article on Bon Iver. While the focus of it is on the band’s new album and the artwork and imagery associated with it, there’s also a bit about the Green Bay Packers.

If you’re familiar with Bon, then you probably know he is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Naturally, if you’re from Wisconsin, you’re a Green Bay Packers fan. And naturally, that leads to getting nothing done on Sunday, whether you’re a famous recording artist or not.

This is from artist Eric Timothy Carlson, who did some work on the latest album, 22, A Million.

These simple things—jerseys, beer cans, rainbows—function in a similar way to the symbols. They too are symbols. The beer can is there, suggesting traces of the people behind the project. Everybody drinks the same Coca-Cola Classic. Chipotle has the same burrito any place you eat it. The football jersey—I mean, nothing ever got done at the studio on Sunday afternoons because the Packers were on, and I was like, ‘Noted.’ It’s real.


Reminds me of one Walter Sobchak, who sure as shit doesn’t roll on Shabbos.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L October 5, 2016

    Truly fascinating.

    What is this, an advertisement?

  2. MR October 6, 2016

    Never heard of the guy….

  3. Kevin Sardino October 6, 2016

    Bon Iver is the band, dumbass. Justin Vernon is the artist’s name.

    1. PF4L October 6, 2016

      I doubt he gives a shit.