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Aaron Rodgers’ Game Is on the Mend

After the Giants’ game, I hedged my bets a little by saying that Aaron Rodgers seemed to be “over the hump” concerning his passing difficulties. Following the Bears’ win, however, that seems like a pretty apt description.

Rodgers’ completion percentage against New York was 51.1 percent, then it soared to 73.8 percent against the Cowboys, and remained high at 69.6 percent in the Bears’ win. He hadn’t been in the 70s since weeks 1 and 2 of 2015.

Rodgers’ yardage has gone from 259, to 294, to 326 in his last three games. The last time Rodgers threw for greater yardage was when he threw for 333 in the loss to Detroit in the middle of last year. Overall, he had only three 300-plus yard games in 2015. This is another “up arrow” for the Green Bay Packers’ passing attack.

The one stat in which Rodgers has not improved is yards per attempt – an indication that the Packers are still not completing many mid-range or deep passes. His 5.82 average for his 39 completions against Chicago is very low, as is his 6.31 average for the first six games of 2016 — both of which are even lower than his 6.68 average in 2015. Green Bay ranks 29th in the league in this category, and this metric went further downward on Thursday.

Most encouraging, though, is that Rodgers’ inaccuracy has somewhat disappeared over the past two games. Whether Rodgers and the team can sustain this progress next Sunday, on the road and against a quality team, will be a much better gauge than was the home game against the injury-riddled 1-6 Bears.

It’s not time to “relax” yet, but the arrows are mostly pointing up for Rodgers and the Packers’ passing game.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Brian October 25, 2016

    Add in the 200+ yards gained on DPI, and his yards per attempt goes to 7.1. Simple math you seem to have forgotten about

  2. Randall_CobFan October 25, 2016

    Hope he gets better

  3. Icebowl October 25, 2016

    Without a legit RB1 he’ll need to sustain or improve those numbers…
    Still scratching my head over recent roster moves…. TT, MM and co are managing Packers the way I run my fantasy team..

    1. PackAttack October 25, 2016

      Since when do QB’s in today’s game need legit RB1’s (a fantasy football term) to be successful? The NFL is a PASSING LEAGUE! This isn’t the 1960’s anymore — you don’t need a strong running game to set up the pass. Is LeGarrett Blount a legit RB1? How about the horrendous running game of those Detroit Lions? Seems to me Matthew Stafford and his NFL leading 105.5 QBR seem to be doing fine without a running game. Derek Carr have a strong running game in Oakland (nope, one of the worst running teams in the game), how about the Saints? Nope, the Mark Ingram show hasn’t run for over 77 yards in a game this year and the Saints are 28th in the league in total rushing. Vikings and Seahawks are also both dead last in rushing in the league. So what does that tell you?

      Why are we paying Rodgers $20M per/year to hand off the ball 25 times a game? He’s the most talented QB in the game, let him throw.

      Look at the NFL stats from the previous 10 years, most notably the last 5, all the best offenses in the league THROW THE FOOTBALL. They lead the league in attempts, yards and somehow it correlates to WINS. You aren’t going to win the NFC North with James Starks or Knile Davis….I’m sorry. The ball doesn’t belong in those twos hands 20+ times per/game. Your better off with Montgomery running a hybrid offense and working underneath routes — I don’t see much wrong with that vs top-tier defenses like Denver and Minnesota. You can’t run against good defenses regardless, wear them down with short intermittent routes and get creative with playcalling.

      You don’t need a running game for the sake of having a running game. The 1960’s are long gone. It’s an aerial attack league now. Time to catch up with the rest of the world.

  4. Mike October 25, 2016

    Trade Deadline approaching, maybe someone should administer the ‘Paddles” to Ted, wake him up??? On the other hand, be waste of time. Cadaver Teds philosophy: lets not trade for quality player to help Aaron out, keep shuffling practice squad bums.

  5. Deepsky October 25, 2016

    I’ll believe Rodgers is back when he is regularly hitting receivers in stride for a 40+ yard touchdowns. Otherwise his improvements have come from playing against undrafted cornerbacks with no NFL experience and McCarthy adding in a few short routes.