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Randall Cobb’s Slow Start Eerily Similar to 2014

Where has Randall Cobb been through the first three games of the season? That’s the question we’ve all been asking.

Cobb has just 12 receptions for 132 yards and no touchdowns so far in 2016. That’s an underwhelming 11 yards per reception, which, if it holds, would be the second-lowest of Cobb’s career. The only lower yards per catch average Cobb had was in — you guessed it — 2015, when he was asked to be a No. 1 receiver and we all found out he wasn’t.

Cobb averaged just 10.5 yards per reception last season.

In the first two games of the season, Cobb averaged less than 10 yards per catch (9.5 and 8.4). His averaged was only buoyed by his one catch for 33 yards in week 3.

The line goes like this.

  • week 1: 6 for 57
  • week 2: 5 for 42
  • week 3: 1 for 33

Where has the guy’s big-play ability gone? He’s no longer being asked to be a No. 1 with Jordy Nelson back. Cobb should be beating those slot corners left and right like he used to.

Well, we’ve been here before. We were asking similar questions when the 2014 season opened.

While Cobb had three touchdowns in the first three games, every other part of his production was forgettable. Fourteen catches, 126 yards, nine yards per catch.

Doesn’t look much different than the start to this season.

Cobb was apparently paying attention when we were bitching about his play then. He came out and went for seven, 113 and two touches in week 4. He added four more 100-plus yard games that season, all from week 7 on.

Most importantly, Cobb had a career season. He turned in 91 catches, 1,287 yards (14.1 per) and 12 TDs. All those numbers are career highs.

Of course, there’s one major difference between this season and 2014. Cobb was playing for a new contract in 2014.

We’ll soon see if Cobb is just a slow starter or if he’s only going to play well in contract years. The Packers better hope it’s the former.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Howard September 30, 2016

    Big plays are nice for a slot receiver, however I prefer a slot receiver that consistently turns obvious passing third downs into first downs.

  2. Chad Lundberg October 2, 2016

    I remember reading how his shoulder injury last year really shook him up and he never fully recovered during the year. I feel like there’s still plenty of time for him to turn it around this year. Him and Jordy will have every chance to starting turning into full gear, and I have full confidence this offense will become deadlier than ever. I even still believe that Jared Cook will be weaponized effectively later on, and if we’re lucky, Davante Adams will finally get his ass out of his head. I know he hasn’t been impressive, but if you ask me, it looks like Adams is getting just a little bit better and little less mistake-prone with every passing game so far this year.