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Packers Hang On for 27-23 Win Over Jacksonville

Has much really changed for the Green Bay Packers? It didn’t appear so. The Packers managed to hang on for 27-23 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, largely on the strength of their defense.

The defense made plays when they needed to and that’s pretty much the bottom line. The Jaguars offense was potent throughout most of the game, while the Packers offense remained similarly as lackluster as last season.

Perhaps the Jaguars are just a good team. Totally possible.

The Jaguars outgained the Packers 348 to 294 yards. The Packers weren’t able to/didn’t really bother with trying to establish a running game. Even thought that was supposed to be the big impetus this season.

Eddie Lacy carried just 14 times (for 61 yards) and the Packers had just 25 overall rushing attempts, with four coming on scrambles by Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers wasn’t exactly on fire, either. He finished 20-of-34 for 199 yards. His most important contribution on the day were the three touchdowns he accounted for — two passing and one rushing.

The second of those passing touchdowns was an amazing throw to Davante Adams with rushers in his face. Great throw and, for a change, Adams actually made a great catch.

The Packers weren’t really able to reestablish their passing attack though. Jordy Nelson caught six balls, but for just 32 yards. Randall Cobb caught six, but for just 57.

We said the Packers offense was going to be rusty coming into the season. That’s what happens when you don’t play anyone during the preseason.

Maybe they’re just stale though. We didn’t really see much difference in the offense from last season. That could be an issue.

The defense did enough to win, though. Exactly as we expected.

But it’s a good thing you don’t have to play your best ball in week 1. Plenty of buffoonery in this one, mostly from the chief Buffoon himself.

It’s week 1 and it’s a win. We’ll take it.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Howard September 11, 2016

    Good win. The team will improve. Trying to run to the edge against the Jags is a mistake, go straight at them. Hope Shields did not receive another concussion. That could be bad news. Is it just me or did Burnett get beat on almost every pass thrown to the opponent he was covering?

    1. PF4L September 11, 2016

      So your sayin there is room for improvement. I’d agree, and that’s the nicest way of putting it.

    2. Icebowl September 11, 2016

      Didn’t get the game on local TV.
      Had to watch Chargers and Raiders games..

      I did pickup announcers report that Burnett was getting destroyed during RedZone snippet on Jags drive…

      Allen Robinson made some amazing grabs..

      Its a win, time for team to concentrate on spoiling Queens’ stadium opener next on SNF…..

  2. Jschizl September 11, 2016

    The sky is falling the season is over

  3. Adam September 11, 2016

    Road win, in 90 degree heat, against an up and coming Jags team to start the season. Definitely a few things to be frustrated with that game, but for fuck sake, short of blowing them out (which no reasonable person can expect), things went down well today.

    The D played pretty well, but the Jag’s were ultra aggressive and it was paying off for them going on it four times on fourth down and it paid off for them.

    Rodgers looked out of sync with the receivers at time, which makes sense with no preseason play time for pretty much anyway, but still made some amazing plays and throws. The run game looks like it needs a lot of work till, but isn’t that always the case. If a shitty offense day is putting up 27 points on the road. I’ll take it.

    The sky is not falling, this is the start of the ‘season’ or rather was are first preseason game with the starters, and they performed as you would expect for not having played for half the year.

    1. Icebowl September 11, 2016

      Clearly the ineffective offense is in part direct result of not being able to prepare for sudden loss of Sitton …

      1. Adam September 12, 2016

        I don’t disagree that getting rid of sitting looks like a mistake, but here we are. Still an effective offense that scoreed 27 points on the road. Room for improvement and the situation is what it is.

  4. PF4L September 11, 2016

    In other news……

    Like Chicago in the past, the Vikings won because the defense scored their only touchdowns. AP isn’t over the hill, he’s pacing himself.

    Unlike years past, when Cutler could win only if the bears defense scored enough touchdowns. The bears defense didn’t score any touchdowns, hence, they lost.

  5. ferris September 11, 2016

    Any road win is good no matter what. Adams actually made a play. The Jags are a pretty good looking team, lots of talent, not a JV team anymore.

  6. Please September 11, 2016

    The Packers offense is slop. Almost nothing is timed. Big completions are run around and throw it up and hope…luckily got a couple today. Continued comments about the Packers needing to establish the run is and will always be some of the dumbest comments on the board (The Packers simply cannot consistently run the ball!) This Packers administration has run its course and will never sniff another Super Bowl. Tuned in to see if there would be any discernible difference from last year…same unbelievable stupidity throughout (play calling, being disorganized, timeouts etc.) and no change to their predictable, unimaginative, stagnant offense.

    1. Phatgzus September 11, 2016

      Well, the Vikings are a Super Bowl contender this year, go root for them, please (see what I did there? do ya see? do ya? Huh?), you won’t be missed.

      1. Please September 11, 2016

        Are you a fifth grader?

    2. PackAttack September 11, 2016

      This actually isn’t far off from the truth…

      I’m sorry but this statement…”Continued comments about the Packers needing to establish the run is and will always be some of the dumbest comments on the board (The Packers simply cannot consistently run the ball!” — that statement is SPOT ON!

      That’s 110% the truth. It’s not a negative comment, it’s the truth. Do the Saints and Colts look like they needed to establish the run today? Are Brees/Luck any better than Rodgers? NO.


      1. Mike Ditka's Mom September 11, 2016

        It’s the truth people! THE TRUTH!! PanicPackAttack has got a plan that’s gonna fix EVERYTHING!! That’s the truth. That’s the 2546% percent truth!

      2. Jonjon September 12, 2016

        you run the ball to establish the line and set up the pass….how do you think not running the football is helpful?

  7. PackAttack September 11, 2016

    Same shit….different year. This is the exact same dead-end offense we saw a year ago….Jordy or no Jordy.

    Mike McCarthy back to his usual bullshit playcalling — trying to run three HB dives inside the 10 instead of letting the best QB in the league throw — what the hell was this all about? The Pack could have put this game away, instead we INSIST on running in the Red Zone three fucking times and end up settling for 3-points. Fucking bullshit! This is the same horseshit playcalling we’ve been watching for the last 6 years — it’s the reason this team never goes anywhere. Why are we continuing the bullshit HB-dives and blasts on 1st and 10 — again and again and again this offensive playcalling is predictable and lackluster. Every fucking year it’s the same shit.

    * Davante Adams is so bad it’s time someone show up at Lambeau and lock him in a closet so he misses the game. Rodgers hit him square in the hands three times today

    * Jared Cook. Thanks for coming to Green Bay — you look like the same Jared Cook I saw in St. Louis. Loser.

    * Sam Sheilds played outstanding today. If he can stay healthy for an entire season he’s a tier 1 DB in the NFL. Amazing work today.

    * Randall Cobb looks like the same Randall Cobb from 2015 — not sure why he was paid the money he was to do a job most any WR in the NFL could do. He brings very little to the table.

    Green Bay wasn’t sharp today — they looked eerily similar to what they looked like last year and that’s my concern. Who cares about the W — this should have been a blowout. Same mistakes again and again. Next week is going to be telling.

    1. Bob September 11, 2016

      The third run inside the 10 was an audible by Rodgers.. the offensive line did not hear the audible so no one blocked.

    2. Mike Ditka's Mom September 11, 2016

      Same greedy, arrogant, dishonest, and stupid fans, different year. Go find another team to bitch about. Seriously. I bet if they win next week you’ll say, “oh, just you wait until week 3!” Predictable too.

  8. Kato September 11, 2016

    It’s just week 1. Pump the brakes about them looking bad. The Seahawks got lucky to beat a bad dolphins squad.

    1. PF4L September 11, 2016

      Just week 1….Typical…Guess what, it was just week one for everybody. WTF does the Seahawks/Dolphin game have to do with how the Packer offense is playing?

  9. PF4L September 11, 2016

    Instead of asking things like……Why did R. Rodgers run right into Lane Taylor while in motion, disengaging Taylors man thus allowing him to go tackle Rodgers.

    Or…Why so much miscommunication between Rodgers and McCarthy, and why was timing so off on pass attempts? Is this why Rodgers and Company didn’t need much pre-season play?

    I’m also not gonna ask why, when our receivers catch the ball, everything seems contested, but when i watch the Jags passing, or the rest of the league for that matter, they all enjoy plenty of separation from the defender. But we have to fight tooth and nail for every damn catch, almost constantly, so i’m not gonna ask why we aren’t capable of that….I’m not gonna ask about any of that, and trust me, there is far more i could ask about, but i just want to say this……..

    I’ve been waiting a long time, a long fucking time………..for this offense to start jelling, and that’s all i was looking for today, i thought we had everything worked out, we got Cook, we got Jordy back, we got a runner who likes to pretend he lost a lot of weight.

    I know, i know what you’re thinking….it’s just the 1st game, chill dude. Here’s the problem, i’ve (we’ve) been chillin a long time. I’m fucking tired of chillin. I want to see a Rodgers QB’d 2014 offense!! We have maybe the best QB in the league i’m told, all our weapons of 2014 and MORE. And here we are, winning by the skin of our teeth, Blake Bortles throwing for 121 more yards than Rodgers? Is that what it’s come too?

    But hey, i’m a Packer fan, i have no choice, but to keep waiting. Now i’ll wait for next week. Nervously.

    1. Please September 11, 2016

      Great question on why all our catches are contested. It’s been that way for several years. The answer is that Mike McCarthy has been coach for 10 plus years and he runs the same damn offense over and over. If anyone with a hint of honesty watches our pass routes they would have to agree that our guys mostly line up in the same areas and jog to spots on the field, which means they’re very easy to cover. Josh Sitton commented last year that teams know what they’re doing and they need to be more creative. Nothing’s going to change as long as McCarthy is coach I’m afraid. Also, if you criticize the Packers play or personnel get ready for the cult leaders to try to belittle you and encourage you to put on their rose colored glasses. (Cause that’s what they think real Packer fans do).

      1. PF4L September 11, 2016

        Let me explain something, maybe you’re new here :). If the sheep, in ted we trust crowd has a problem with me and my opinions and attempt to belittle me, they made the mistake of thinking i gave a fuck what they thought.

        1. Mike Ditka's Mom September 11, 2016

          Hey, numb nuts. News flash. Nobody gives a fuck about what you think either! In fact, nobody gives two fucks.

          1. PF4L September 12, 2016

            Let it all out Sally.

    2. Icebowl September 11, 2016

      Good points, all of them P.
      I waited a long time between SB II and SB BRET….
      QB1 needs another ring….

    3. Savage57 September 12, 2016

      My $0.02. The Packers offense has morphed (devolved?) into what I like to call the midwest squat offense – find a soft spot in a zone, or come back to the QB and squat. Catch ball, get hammered and get squat for YAC. Whether it’s true or not, who knows? But the YPA this offense generates is declining faster than membership in the Colin Kaepernick Fan Club.

      I remember when the Packers offense used to have flow and be a beautiful thing to watch unfold in precisely timed rhythm.

      1. rebelgb September 12, 2016

        Man you said it. Best post this year by far. This offense USED to be a thing of beauty to watch. Now I dont even know how to describe it (but ill try): its like a drunk monkey trying to find the fuck hole on a basketball. Its too fucking ridiculous and sad to even be funny….

      2. PF4L September 12, 2016

        Exactly Savage….. run your route at 75% speed, turn and squat, while hoping the NFL world doesn’t watch tape of you doing that, week in, and week out.

        As far as the atrocious run game, with the exception of the 2 wide holes made for Lacy’s 28 and 9 yard run. Learn to get off the fucking ball quicker on the snap, don’t play so lazy. It’s amazing what could happen.

  10. Icebowl September 11, 2016

    PF4L is simply expressing the way we TP.com veterans welcome new people with different views to this great site Please.

    You actually got off easy….
    He didn’t call you Vikings, lions or Bears troll…

  11. Mike Ditka's Mom September 11, 2016

  12. Mike Ditka's Mom September 11, 2016

    We said the Packers offense was going to be rusty coming into the season. That’s what happens when you don’t play anyone during the preseason.

    Wow, what a bold prediction! You hear it on Total TMZ Packers first! Oh, and if they had played their starters during the preseason (and haven’t we heard talk here about the preseason being pointless?) and someone got hurt you’d be bitching about that. So, as usual, you want it both ways.

  13. Mike Ditka's Mom September 11, 2016

    I have a bold prediction. Every time the Packers win Total TMZ Packers will bitch endlessly about it. I can’t think of another team where the fans bitch about winning.

    “It wasn’t a blow out! Waaaah!”
    “They can’t run the ball! Waaaah!”
    “McCarthy is so predictable! Waaaah!”

    Ya all a bunch of spoiled lil’ shits.

    1. Empacador September 12, 2016

      Hey Mike? Suppose this same shit carries into the playoffs yet again? Is everyone here a whiny little bitch because the exact same thing happens again? Are people supposed to be content with winning during the regular season? At what point do you get worked up enough to say “Enough is enough with this predictable offense/defense/special teams?” When was the last thing the Packers did anything remotely unpredictable? Probably moving Clay to the inside, which was what, 2 seasons ago?

      Has nothing to do with being spoiled it has everything to do with there are no more excuses on why they continually fuck the dog at every turn. The Jaguars played with more intensity than the Packers, as did the Patriots and Cardinals. Hell, Seattle and Miami had more intensity than the Packers. How the hell do you explain taking a timeout and then still getting a delay of game penalty coming off the timeout? There is zero excuse for that. Zero sense of urgency and piss poor time awareness, same as it ever was with McCarthy.

      I understand it was week 1. The offense kinda looks like it did at the end of last season. McCarthy bitched because he didn’t have a big tight end, so he finally gets one, what did they do with him? Almost nothing. Packer receivers can’t get open for the life of them. Adams still sucked, the running game was a joke. So excuse people for being a little concerned and not content with winning during the regular season. Great, the Packers made it to the postseason 7 years in a row. How about they do something once they get there instead of lay an egg? I’d like to see something different, a take no prisoners mindset from this team that we haven’t seen in some time.

  14. TyKo Steamboat September 11, 2016

    Geez, Monty. Don’t be so brutal. A tough week 1 win against a solid team in the heat & on the road.
    Shades of week 6 vs. the Dolphins 2 years ago.

    Nice win for the defense late. Lane Taylor looked solid. Everyone looked like they left healthy except for Eddie Lacy who still looks festively plump & therefore, extra healthy.
    Time to R-E-L-A-X

  15. It was 110 degrees on the field and that’s before all the uniform padding. I give everyone a break on this game. Let’s see how the team plays next week, before we lose it. One thing, talking about Cobb, the dude always looks like he’s playing at 80 mph. I always wonder how he gets up after some of the falls he takes. Taylor looked good too.

  16. Zwoeger September 12, 2016

    I’m curious, maybe our stats master Ron can answer that, wich QB took the most time outs last season?
    Wouldn’t be surprised it was Rodgers. Anyway he’s back to it right away. Try to take one even when he can’t . Would have taken one more if he would have looked at the play clock.
    For the rest I’m with PF4L and PLEASE.

  17. PF4L September 12, 2016

    Why does Mike Ditka’s Mom (Sally) always cry, whenever Packer fans critique the Packers or the team’s performance?
    Is that not allowed? I thought this was a website to debate, exchange opinions, praise, and lord forbid, critique the Green Bay Packers.

    I suggest, that Sally write up some bylaws for this website on what he deems, acceptable and non acceptable opinions and views. Please include your e-mail addy, so post can be sent to you for approval prior to being published. And one more thing that may help everyone, could you respectfully go…….

    ….fuck yourself.

    Thank you for understanding.

  18. MMTTDCSUCK September 12, 2016

    Fuck the heat, the away game and the rest of the excuses. More than a few of the posters on here get it. MM sucks at play calling and time management. He also sucks at situational awareness at times. Hell, some of it is even rubbing off on A. Rodgers with the two TO’s called in a row. What this buffoon has created is a cluster fuck that begs to be exploited. A few called it out as such. Just look at the separation between WR and DB . . . There IS NONE! Why? same old plays . . . Then you run twice at the goal line? Then Rodgers audible’s a run and the great O Line does not even pick it up? Hell even the commentators picked it up . . . Poorly disciplined team PERIOD. How many attempts did Cook get thrown his way? Two? Same shitty running plays. Rodgers still does not have the time for a deep play to develop. Glad to see all of these problems from last year WERE ADDRESSED and worked out . . . MM sucks period he is a BUFFOON. And DC? Very little press coverage from what the Packer media has touted as “One of The Best Defensive Backfield’s in the NFC” FUCK! That is why an up and coming JV team was on our guys like stink on shit and our guys played off their WR’s at least 5-7 yards each play. The Jags had open receiver’s all over the fucking field most of the day. Night and day difference between the Defensive backfields. Green Bay came up short in this aspect of the game whereas the Jags outplayed our studs. They had 3 fucking guys with over 60 yards’ apiece! Us? Nobody . . . SAME OLD SHIT.

    1. knucklehead September 12, 2016

      Hey Fuckface (MMTTDCSUCK)

      “They had 3 fucking guys with over 60 yards’ apiece! Us? Nobody . . . SAME OLD SHIT.”

      Eddie Lacy- 61 yards

      Who had what yards doesn’t matter, this isn’t fantasy football. We won you stupid ignorant shit.
      Let me put it in terms you understand. It’s like when you are finally are able to get an erection, only to watching gay ghetto gaggers porn. A win-is-a-win.

      The Jags looked like a hot and rising ball club out there. The Pack has a lot to work out with Jordy back, but they are definitely evolving right now. Eddy looked much better. Bortels was playing well and the Pack got some calls in their favor. This had upset written all over it. Good teams find a way to win. Look at Brady’s Patriots.

      P.S. Monty, I always advocated to put you on a leash but they straight up One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nested you!

      1. MMTTDCSUCK September 12, 2016

        Knucklehead! READ MOTHERFUCKER! I was referencing our WR’S vs the Jags WR’s shit for brains!!!!!!!!!!! Argue that motherfucker. OH E. Lacy had 61 yards? WOW! that is a bunch! Grasping straws much?? Fuck you . . .

      2. MMTTDCSUCK September 12, 2016

        Plus if and I am quoting you “Who had what yards doesn’t matter, this isn’t fantasy football. We won you stupid ignorant shit” Why were you so pissed? Cunt . . .

    2. MMTTDCSUCK September 12, 2016

      After reading my rant and pondering this a bit more, I would say that in the D’s defense they may have been covering vanilla for other reasons (not wanting to show their D makeup right away?) Fuck! I don’t know! As Lombardi did on many occasions; I have 15 or so plays, I run them . . . try and stop them. Execution? buffoons for players? My guess is that there is no discipline and tons of arrogance coming from MM and DC. “The Emperor Has No Clothes”

      1. TyKo Steamboat September 12, 2016

        LOL… Chill bro. We just beat a touch team on the road

  19. Feck September 12, 2016

    We are commited to establishing the running game. Unless it means coming under center or using a fullback. Shotgun draws draws aren’t going to bully; aren’t going to chew the clock or punch it in in red zone against a loaded box. 3 goaline run attempts, All single back shorgun. All dogshit. You can’t even run decent playaction pass off that crap. Rodgers’ footwork is better if he gets under center once in a while, it calms down his urge to nolt and improvise. Look at the runs they gave Lacy a normal handoff under center and a FB. BOOM. Plus Rip can catch.

    1. PF4L September 12, 2016

      I believe you are absolutely right about running in a single set.

      I also believe, if Rodgers doesn’t improvise and buy time, they aren’t going to win many games. 2 reasons…1) This line doesn’t have the make up to give Rodgers 3-4 seconds to survey the field inside the pocket…2) Not many targets are getting open in 2.5 seconds for Rodgers to release a pass.

  20. MJ September 12, 2016

    Amazingly, it is now the defense that holds us in the game. Yeah, week 1, relax, yada-yada, it is a work in progress … If the WRs still don’t gain any separation by week 6, can I begin to comply? Other teams have MM figured out. In soccer, he would be out of the job if by midseason he doesn’t show that the past season’s issues are addressed and fixed.

  21. Deepsky September 13, 2016

    I’m going to withhold judgement on the Packers offense until they play a couple games. The Packer offense has had a history of starting slowly. Lacy looks marginally better than last year, but not much more and Adams made a big catch, which is a positive. Obviously the Packers are continuing to give Adams a chance over Abrederris, which may turn out to be a disaster.

    Nelson was just a bit player, which is a disappointment. Cook was just a bit player. My first guess is this is rust, but there’s a still a good chance Nelson is finished. Or the Packers are simply not using them until the Vikings game.

  22. Icebowl September 13, 2016

    Why can’t we all just get along..