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Packers Expect Sam Bradford, So Do We

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is trying to conceal his starting quarterback entering the team’s matchup with the Green Bay Packers. Will it be the recently-acquired Sam Bradford or career backup Shaun Hill, who started in week 1?

First of all…

Jay Cutler don't care

Bradford is a former No. 1 overall pick that hasn’t lived up to billing. He’s now on his third team. He threw for a mediocre 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 2015 with the Eagles.

Hill has never been a full-time starter and while he threw for more yards than Aaron Rodgers in week 1 (236 to 199), the Vikings offense generated zero touchdowns.

Both of their touchdowns against Tennessee came courtesy of the defense.

So while Zimmer thinks he’s being sly with this potentially earth-shattering decision, no one really gives a shit. Neither of these bums are going to beat the Green Bay Packers.

The only things that can potentially beat the Green Bay Packers is the Vikings defense and Mike McCarthy being the Buffoon that he is.

As it were, McCarthy says he expects Bradford to start. So do we for a couple simple reasons.

First, Hill couldn’t get the Vikings in the end zone against the Titans. Tennessee ganged up on Adrian Peterson and held that child abuser to 31 yards and 1.6 per carry.

Second, the idiot Vikings gave up first and fourth-round picks to acquire Bradford. He’s starting sometime. We would hope that an NFL quarterback in his sixth season could pick up an offense as rudimentary as the Vikings’ in a couple weeks.

Bradford or Hill, that will certainly be the least of the Packers’ concerns come Sunday.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. TyKo Steamboat September 14, 2016

    Go ahead & trot stick-figure floppy sleeves out there with his helmet that’s 2-sizes too big for him. He’s gonna pee down his leg when Mike Daniels sits on his face.

  2. Vijay-jay September 14, 2016

    Vikings defense > Packers defense
    Packers offense > Vikings offense
    Somethings gotta give.
    Edge to Vikings at home.

    1. Deepsky September 15, 2016

      Let’s get something straight. Last year the Packer defense vastly outplayed the Viking defense when they played each other.

      In the first game, the Packers clobbered the Vikings in Minnesota and this was in the middle of a Packer losing streak. Bridgewater was sacked 6 times and scored only 1 touchdown. The Viking defense we hear so much about allowed the Packers to score on 7 of 11 drives.

      In the second game, once again the Packer defense outplayed the Vikings defense, holding Bridgewater to 99 yards passing and Peterson to 67 yards rushing. The difference in the game was the Packers offensive line was once again scrambled with Sitton playing left tackle for his first time ever, Bulaga returning after being out in the previous game, and Lane Taylor playing guard. The result was a game changing fumble for Rodgers returned for a TD.

      1. Killer September 15, 2016

        Vijay-Jay vs. Deepsky: Whose wisdom has the greater mojo?

        The winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis = Vijay-Jay! CONGRATULATIONS VIJAY-JAY!
        (Vijay-Jay is given the keys to a brand new SUV while Deepsky is escorted off stage pushing weakly at the security guards — reminiscent of the Packers push in the run game….)

        While Deepsky did use actual facts, a rarity for a Packer fan, these are OLD and IRRELEVANT facts. Last year’s news. First of all, last year’s Minnesota game was basically an away game for both teams. This year the Vikings actually will have some home field advantage.

        Deepsky cites facts but only gives part of the story in order to delude others or because he, himself, is self-deluded. Is he a tricky rascal or a fool? Only Deepsky can know for sure but, if he is a fool, even he will not know it. Fools are never self-aware. He points out the Packers O-line and Sitton situation and how things are different now. Well, is Lane Taylor not playing guard this week? He is. And no Sitton. Who you had last year helping in the victory for the Packers. But who you no longer have thanks to Buffoon and “The Ego”.

        But the selective use of facts goes much further. Deepsky gladly points out the issues on the Packers O-line last year while ignoring the ones this year and also choosing to ignore the issues of the Vikings O-line last year (missing 40% of the starters ALL year, forced to start a rookie 4th rounder and play a free agent tackle at guard) or the off-season upgrades there (Andre Smith, Alex Boone). There are many other factors that have changed, I am only calling attention to a few. On the plus side for the Packers, to be fair, Lacey is not as fat and Vikings top CB Xavier Rhodes likely can’t play.

        Vijay-Jay kept it simple == Vikings do have a better defense and the Packers do have a better offense. Vikings also have better special teams and much better coaching. Vijay-Jay and I are not talking about last year or ancient history like Deepsky. We are in the right now present.

        Anything can happen in football, the Packers could win, but if this game was played ten times the Vikings would win 7 of them. Or 8.

        1. PF4L September 15, 2016

          Welcome back killer, i missed ya.

          Rumor had it that you were in the hospital after rolling an ankle falling off your backyard deck while warming some chili over the firepit and pounding down some blatz. So what happened? Broken pelvis, leg, back……?

          Anyways…Glad you lived. If your not home from the hospital yet, get well soon my friend.



          1. Empacador September 15, 2016

            I thought you said DON’T feed the trolls? LOL!

          2. PF4L September 15, 2016

            C’mon man….i’m workin here………….layin some ground work. Would you interrupt Picasso while he’s painting?

          3. Killer September 15, 2016

            Been here all along. You know who is conspicuously missing, though? Fatguts. He has disappeared. My boys at the NSA say he has not even been online for 6 days. Could be on vacation, could be his carcass has not yet been discovered……

            Dude, you should see Fatguts’ porn! It is much sicker than yours.

          4. PF4L September 16, 2016

            What a burn!!!!!