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Mystery Solved: Sam Bradford will Start

It was completely idiotic that Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer tried to keep this a secret. However, these are the Minnesota Vikings we’re talking about, so completely idiotic is par for the course.

As we predicted and as the Green Bay Packers expected, the Vikings will start Sam Bradford at quarterback on Sunday night.

Backup Shaun Hill was bad in week 1, failing to get the Vikings in the end zone. And in a totally brilliant move, the Vikings gave up a first and fourth-round pick to acquire Bradford after Teddy Bridgewater fractured his vagina blew out his knee.

So once he has a cursory knowledge of the offense, you have to start Bradford.

ESPN confirmed that Bradford took first-team snaps throughout the week at practice. So even though there has been no official announcement, it’s clear this is now Bradford’s team.

To rocket right toward mediocrity!

Bradford has career numbers of 78 touchdowns, 52 interceptions and a record of 25-37-1.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Dave The Lions Fan September 17, 2016

    I’m no Vikings fan, but making fun of Teddy Birdgewater’s injury is fucking classless to say the least. I hope the Vikings win on SNF and I can’t wait to see their defense go after Rodgers.


    1. J-Rey September 17, 2016

      The Lions are really good. Have had a ton of success recently.

    2. ferris September 18, 2016

      If you are offended…STOP READING THIS WEBSITE ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!
      You are the biggest idiot on the planet…and have one of the most pathetic existences proven by your continued posts on a PACKERS website. Newsflash…this isn’t the year the Lions win either…repeat.

    3. Killer September 18, 2016

      Good call, Dave the Lions Fan. The writers on this site are a good reflection of the majority in the Packer fan base: a bunch of scum. They act like they are the classiest organization but they have the least class. Yes, even less than the Dallas Cowboys.

  2. Empacador September 17, 2016

    Like this was catching anyone off guard. Although McCarthy probably did waste time planning for both.

  3. Sanguine camper September 17, 2016

    Bradford is very accurate and has a good arm. Pass rush will be the key. If it isn’t consistent they will once again give up over 300 yards passing like they did to Bortles. Bradford’s problem is he isn’t very mobile. A decent pass rush makes him look ordinary.

  4. Vijay-jay September 18, 2016

    How the Sam fuck does this guy keep getting chances? His career numbers suck? He’s got to be one of the highest paid,least productive players in the league.