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Mike McCarthy Took a Veiled Shot at the Vikings

Oh, Fat Mike… you scoundrel!

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was talking about the team’s goals for the season today. Frankly, the goal is the exact goal the Green Bay Packers should have. The one we all expect every year.

A Super Bowl win.

Here’s how McCarthy stated it.

“Division titles are important,” McCarthy said, “but I don’t lose any sleep over it. Because we have a bigger goal. We don’t hang divisional title banners around here. So, frankly, once you cross the threshold into the playoffs, it’s about getting to the final game and winning. I want everybody to think that way, and I want everybody to behave that way, and I want everybody to train that way and aspire for that to be.

“It would’ve been nice to say five in a row, but we’ll just have to start another run, I guess.”

Do you know who does hang division title banners?

Minnesota Vikings NFC North champions banner

That’s correct. The Minnesota Vikings hang them.

They unveiled that in their practice facility back in February. The Vikings and all of their idiot fans are really, really impressed with themselves for having won the NFC North in 2015.

You don’t get trophies for division championships though. Essentially, what we have with the Vikings is a Little Leaguer that gets a participation trophy just for being on the team and then displays it proudly on the mantle at home.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L September 8, 2016

    That’s pretty big talk when you have Aaron Rodgers at QB in the NFCN.

    Mikes big goal, should be winning a playoff game, against a team stronger than the Redskins. Or maybe winning two of them, in one postseason.

    1. PF4L September 8, 2016

      Mike may have bigger goals than a Division Title. So do we Mike…and were still waiting.

  2. Justin September 8, 2016

    So what you’re saying is the mighty green Bay Packers got stomped, at home, by a little leage team, and lost their shot at home playoff games, and that it was done by a little leage team. Good thing you guys set your bars so high or that would pretty embarrassing

    1. PF4L September 9, 2016

      If my memory serves me correct, the Packers 1st playoff game, was a win at Lambeau. Hmmmm…..

      How did the Vikings do in the playoffs after earning home field? Hmmmm……

      I suppose we shouldn’t set the bar so high, then we could also raise the elusive Division Title banners with pride. Hmmmmm….

      Trollin ain’t easy, is it Justin…lol…..Thanks for trying


      1. Fabio Clayroid December 31, 2016

        Apparently your memory betrays you as the playoff win was at Washington.

        Looking forward to your teams latest heartbreaking kick to the gut end to the post season…if you make it. Go Lions, go Redskins. NO PACK NO!

  3. Killer September 8, 2016

    McCarthy has a lot to be proud of:

    1. If he is making a “veiled” reference then he is not man enough to make a direct honest statement and is therefore a coward. It is a way of avoiding accountability. That is what cowards — and snakes in the grass – do.
    2. He indicates only Super Bowls matter and… he did not even make it in. He seems to be saying he is prouder and better off not winning the Super Bowl and not winning the Division than he would be if he won the division and still did not win the super Bowl? Does this logic appeal to Packer fans? Then the writer embraces the illusion and indicates the Vikings are Little Leaguers for beating the Packers and winning the division. The writer fails to see that this then makes the Packers less than Little Leaguers.
    3. He says “Division titles are important” but he says he does not lose any sleep over it because the Packers organization does not hang up divisional banners? So what is he saying? He would have tried harder or even won the division if he could have gotten a banner out of it but, since the Packers organization is too cheap to spring for them (or a legit non-decrepit high school-like stadium) he did not give his best effort?
    4. Really, it is poor sportsmanship. If he’d won the division he would have bragged up that as one of the brightest accomplishments of the year but, since he did not, it just does not matter. This is either a propaganda trick or a trick of self-deception. Either way, can’t think much of McCarthy (though I bet a lot of the lower brow Packer fans embrace this “logic”).
    5. And, of course, Mikey can very proud indeed that he lost all three home games to his division foes including the lowly Lions for the first time in, what, 19 years? And the even more woeful Bears? And to the Vikings with the division and a home-field play off game on the line?
    6. The very fact he is aware of the Vikings hanging up an accurate banner celebrating the division title shows he does care as does the fact he comments on it in a snake-in-the-grass way. It obviously does bother him enough to make him issue a sideways no-accountability cowardly aspersion.
    7. Mikey’s credibility, to the Human world, suffered a blow beyond repair anyway when this took place:

    1. Justin September 8, 2016


    2. PF4L September 9, 2016

      Killer….i understand you just discovered the story about the maintenance guy situation back in 2009. but here’s the thing. To us, this is all old news. You can keep bringing it up all season if you’d like, but that doesn’t make it today’s news. I am no McCarthy fan, and i understand your all giddy about this and you can’t help reposting this same story. But we know about it, we get it. Enough.

      Thank you for understanding

    3. MMTTDCSUCK September 9, 2016

      True ^^^^

    4. elafave September 14, 2016

      Nice brochure… douchebag. ???

  4. Ryan KICKASS Johnson September 8, 2016

    Aaron Rodgers will be inspecting the new turf at U.S. Bank Stadium up close and personal in two weeks. The Packers offensive line won’t be able stop the Vikings defense. Sam Bradford will be starting then and Laquon Treadwell is coming along nicely. So you limburger eating crybabies can trash talk all you want, the Battle of the North will be decided with a Minnesota victory. SKOL

    1. PF4L September 9, 2016

      OMG NO!!!!…NOT Sam Bradford!!!!


    2. MMTTDCSUCK September 9, 2016

      It is NOT the “North” . . . it is the “Nort” . . . Time will tell. Do not get too excited as yet. Long season.

  5. NachoDan September 8, 2016

    It’s a place called Titletown girls. Not division title town, not playoff participant town. Title fucking Town! Mikes won a title. Mike has a fucking street in that town named after him. Mike could wipe his ass with your little banner because he’s earned the right.

    1. Justin September 8, 2016

      Title town, before farve blessed you with his presence you were a 30 year loser, purgatory for the NFL to teach punks about getting clean or I’ll send ya to green Bay. And how did you reward him, tossing him out for the biggest diva in the nfl

      1. PF4L September 9, 2016

        We rewarded him with 16 seasons, 100 million dollars, and then he retired.

        Still confused?

        1. Empacador September 9, 2016

          Don’t leave out the part where he became a traitor and wished ill toward the team and fanbase for 2 years after leaving. Calling the Lions trying to help them beat the Packers, and hoping the Bears would knock them out of the playoffs. Then hoping the Bears would prevent them from going to the Superbowl. He had many more former teammates on the Packers than he did with the Lions and Bears, so in essence he was saying “Fuck you, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and anyone else with the team”. And those guys actually defended him by saying Favre was more liked than Rodgers, even after he tried fucking them over and hoping they would fail. I guess there was some actual brainwashing going on, and Favre was doing his part to make sure his former teammates believed in his bullshit.

  6. Arcturus September 9, 2016

    If these two dipshits posting here are Vikings fans, its good to know the Packers are so far into their tiny minds. I mean the guy writes a fucking term paper trying to parse McCarthy’s simple statement. This guy is just like the Vikings, and never has Shakespeare been so prescient: “It is a tale told by idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    1. Rapdaddyflex September 9, 2016

      “It is a tale told by AN idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  7. Howard September 9, 2016

    0.000 Viking Super Bowl win percentage. Blutarsky type numbers. Only thing worse lions, have no grade point average all courses incomplete. The Bears at least can continue to look forward to going through life fat, drunk, and stupid.

    1. Empacador September 9, 2016

      So what you are saying is I am not the only one who thinks the Bears will be/are better than the Lions. Nice! Lol

      1. Howard September 9, 2016

        Packers, Vikings, Bears, Lions. The Bears are a better team than last year even before Ted gave them an assist last week.

  8. MMTTDCSUCK September 9, 2016

    Whenever you think of the NFC North, the Green Bay Packers immediately come to mind . . . followed by the “other” teams. Our only problem is that we have a coach and a GM that inadvertently try to muck up the team with buffoonery and still manage to win most of the time. That speaks volumes for the harsh ineptness of the “other” teams and their staffs.

    1. PF4L September 9, 2016

      Correct, we still manage to win. Two words, Aaron Rodgers. or as Ted and Mike refer to him, job security.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK September 9, 2016

        Yep . . .