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Meanwhile, Casey Hayward is Tearing It Up

Well, supposedly anyway. We haven’t actually seen Casey Hayward play this year because, well… because San Diego Chargers.

Who gives a rat’s ass?

What we can tell you are two things, though. Through three games, Hayward has 11 tackles and three — yes, three! — interceptions. He’s also Pro Football Focus’ second-ranked cornerback in the entire NFL. Hayward has an 88.7 grade, which puts him slightly ahead of some other guys you’ve probably heard of — Josh Norman (87.2), Patrick Peterson (86.7), Chris Harris (86.4) and Joe Haden (85.3).

Those guys are three through six in the rankings. Hayward trails only Oakland’s David Amerson (92.5).

But Hayward plays the slot, you say!? He’s not matching up with No. 1 or 2 receivers, you say!?

Not anymore.

Of course, the Green Bay Packers let Hayward walk as a free agent during the offseason. They had good reason for doing so. Not only did they have a glut of younger cornerbacks they wanted to get on the field — Damarious Randall, Quinten Rollins, LaDarius Gunter — but Randall outplayed Hayward as a boundary corner. Although Hayward opened the season on the outside, he concluded it back in the slot because Randall was better in that role.

That’s not to say Hayward was bad. PFF still gave him an 80.5 grade, but the playmaking ability he flashed as a rookie was missing. In his final season with the Packers, Hayward had no picks and just seven passes defended. He already has five of those this year to go along with his three picks.

Maybe you want to argue that facing QBs like Andrew Luck and Blake Bortles has helped Hayward make plays? After all, those two guys play fairly fast and loose.

Sure, but you still have to make the plays.

That brings me to the Packers’ situation this year. After having an awesome week 1 (as a No. 2), Randall has played terribly since (as a No. 1). Rollins hasn’t been much better, although he seemingly got his worst game out of the way in the first week.

Did the Packers make a mistake letting Hayward walk? It would be hard to say they did with the depth they had. Plus, they’ll get a compensatory pick for doing so.

That said, it’s pretty obvious Hayward is playing better than the guys the Packers were counting on to replace him.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MMTTDCSUCK September 28, 2016

    The defensive scheme, ILB’s and Dom Capers being up in the box (and never coming down onto the sidelines to get a feel for the game) had much to do with this IMO.

  2. Abe Frohman September 28, 2016

    revisionist history is a waste of time.

  3. Remedy September 28, 2016

    Umm he plays next to Verrett, who is a complete stud. I’d guess Verrett is better than Shields, and Randall looked good playing next to Shields…

    Might wanna calm the hype down

  4. Shawn September 28, 2016

    That’s fine. We know Hayward’s deal.
    Weeks 1-3 against the Jaguars, Chiefs and Colts is his time to shine.
    3rd and 7 in OT of the NFC Championship Game is his time to suck.
    Ironically, the secondary with the highest rated CB in football is ranked 30th in the NFL. That’s right. Even worse than the Packers.

    1. Savage57 September 30, 2016

      Hayward flashed his rookie season. Since that time, he was either spectating from the sidelines or spectating on the field.

      Years 2-4, the guy got lit up like Clark’s front yard on Christmas Eve.

      1. PF4L September 30, 2016

        lol…And we Packer fans have our own cousin Eddie, we call him “killer”.

  5. Killer September 29, 2016

    Yes, letting Hayward go was a mistake. Obviously. Just accept and admit it. Two things Packers and their fans are very unskilled at. If he ends up with 10 interceptions on the year you will still debate if it was right or wrong to let him go.

    Meanwhile the Packers are way under the cap and could have easily afforded to keep him and still had plenty of room… even if they had not completely screwed Sitton (who is kicking but for the Bears even though the team is doing poorly).

    Injuries happen in the NFL. Wise GMs and HCs know this. Heck, fool’s know that! Right now, if they had kept Hayward, when Shields went down (not shocking due to the extensive concussion history), Hayward would be CB1 and doing great, Randall would be CB2, and, based on week 1, would be doing well.

    This is all just more evidence of poor talent evaluation and lack of football wisdom by TT and MM.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK September 29, 2016

      Much of what you say is true. It is just too bad that you are a football foe . . . your POV is definitely skewed for your team, but you often make good observations. In the past, I often felt that Hayward was on the fence. Perhaps what Shawn stated earlier should be kept in mind going forward. Either way, getting rid of Sitton WAS a real fucked up thing to do. Hayward? perhaps . . .

      1. PF4L September 29, 2016

        And one more thing killer, i’m supposed to tell you that dinner is at 7.

        You’re welcome.

      2. Killer September 30, 2016

        MMTTDCSUCK, I have also noticed strong currents of truth flowing from you. Please don’t be offended by my blanket attacks on Packer fans. They are really not meant for ALL Packer fans — they are directed at the ignorant haters who are abusive, arrogant, psycho, or less than juvenile. You know, people like Fatguts and PF4L.

        I can see how the organization would sell not resigning Hayward. They can present rationales but I think the real reason is 1) They did not want to pony up the money to Hayward and, more importantly, 2) This “creates” playing time for Randall and Rollins — more starts, more plays, more stats even if they are not very good — all in order to justify and validate their selections in the draft by TT (and MM’s “player development”).

        I don’t think any legit coach would have honestly said “Hey this converted safety (Randall) and/or this small college converted basketball player (Rollins) coming into year two are clearly as good or better than Hayward.” Hayward has the experience — both in the NFL and before being drafted and also a real track record of being quite a ballhawking playmaker. Even if one could have deluded himself into that outlook they still could not say “Hayward is valueless and we will certainly never have any injuries and Randall and Rollins will both outperform him and beat him out in camp. For sure.”

        Every year TT and MM leave a lot of money sitting on the sideline instead of added talent literally sitting on the sideline. This money saved goes to the Packer bottom line. But the Packers are super wealthy and annually report huge income and the differential on this money saved is minor. It is obvious that TT’s 1st priority is to make extra money by not spending it, 2nd priority is to make his drafts look good — by hook or by crook, and only 3nd is fielding the best team. I can only conjecture he gets some off the books compensation via the suspect real estate deals the Packer organization pulls off with these profits. These said profits are enough to buy half of Green Bay — literally — in the last decade. But it, the money, just funnels away to nothingness. They even have the team playing in a decrepit stadium some large high school teams would be ashamed of.

        Are they buying islands for retirements in the Fijis?

        I don’t know. That may not be.

        Could be islands in the Virgin islands….

        Anyway, respect to you MMTTDCSUCK.

        1. MMTTDCSUCK October 4, 2016

          Some good points again Killer regarding the “bottom line” and the possible reasons for playing Randall and Rollins. The GB “Triumvirate” needs to fucking go PERIOD! they have wasted one of the best QB’s of all time. They are useless, and are using Rodgers coattails to get by on. Fuck those fucking fucks . . . Regarding Lambeau Field? I actually dig it. I used to sell soda there when I was in High School and have been to many games over the years. They have definitely improved it. It is NOT as old as Wrigley Field! which IMHO is still relevant as well. Some Stadiums stand the test of time and some do not. Lambeau does. I just wish that they could use “Home Field Advantage” more than they do . . . but with bad player procurement, poor game time coaching, weak offensive schemes and antiquated defensive schemes what do you expect? Respect back at you. I would oftentimes rather take your ribbing than read what the inculcated “homers” on here rage about regarding my opinions . . . Notice how quiet it has been this year so far? They have FINALLY REALIZED just how fucking BAD MM, TT, and DC are . . .

    2. PF4L September 29, 2016

      Two things the Vikings and their fans are very unskilled at. Winning Super Bowls and having a good relationship with their mascot.

      But all is not lost….

      Two things the Vikings and their players are very skilled at. Raping and sodomizing hookers on boats and child abuse. So they got that going for them.


      1. Joseph October 30, 2016

        Lately, what they’ve been good at is BEATING THE GREEN BAY PACKERS.
        So you guys can just sit around and dust off old trophies and get drunk and masturbate, like you usually do when you’ve been losing.], or maybe talk about QB ratings for the last 25 years.
        No rapes on the love boat, BTW, and no child abuse charges on Peterson either.
        But if so, then Ahman Greed beat his wife and Mark Chmura fucked his babysitter.
        The Packers ar the only reason Green Bay Wisconsin hasnt been deserted like the U.P. just north of it. I cant imagine the Green Bay Police Dept hasnt turned a blind eye to plenty of player shenanigans to protect the only reason for the city to continue to exist from time to time. That doesn’t happen in Minneapolis.

  6. Vijay Swearingen September 29, 2016

    It’s about taking care of the football on offense and taking the ball away when on defense – MM