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McCarthy States the Obvious About Run Game

We’ve talked about the Green Bay Packers’ lack of a running game through the early part of the season multiple times. Prior to the season, Packers coach Mike McCarthy kept telling us he was going to run the football more. The season started and he’s hardly run the football at all.

Through two games, Eddie Lacy has just 26 carries and 111 yards. Frankly, when Lacy is at his best, that’s what his stat line will look like for a single game. More importantly, running the football takes the pressure off the passing game, which could clearly use some help.

But you can’t establish a running game if you refuse to run the football. McCarthy appears to be just now getting wise to this fact.

“The analysis of our offense after two games, the running backs have not been given enough opportunities, so that’s something that I need to focus on,” McCarthy said. “Our perimeter players, we need to get them more opportunities too. We’re not getting the ball (for enough plays), and it really goes back to the efficiency, execution and flow of our offense.

“We’ve got to convert first downs. Frankly, our problem in the first half was we didn’t generate enough first downs. And the production reflected it. So I thought the second half we played more like we want to play.”

So there you go. The Packers are finally going to start running the football as promised.

Of course, we’ll believe it when we see it.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Big Gay Clay September 20, 2016

    Feed the beast

  2. MMTTDCSUCK September 20, 2016

    This coach is grasping at straws. He has no ideas, nor which direction to take. His confusion has led to this 14 game funk that A. Rodgers and the offensive unit now find themselves in. This team needs new blood and a new direction! Any direction is most likely better than where this buffoon may stumble upon in the coming weeks. This coach is absolutely obtuse to the needs of this team; and in my opinion appears to have lost the locker room quite some time ago. His playbook is a fucking joke (10 plays? lol!) as well as his game-time management and adjustments (what adjustments!). Plus, I believe that he plays favorites over talent. He now has seemingly reduced Aaron Rodgers to a shell of his former self. Rodgers has now had a passer rating averaging around 82 for the last 14 fucking games. Is some of that on Rodgers? Fuck yes! But I believe this “charlatan” brought this situation on. It has to be tough trying to “polish a turd” every week for Rodgers with the schemes and plays that this fucktard gives him to work with. Plus getting rid of Sitton at the beginning of the year does not help anyone (except perhaps MM’s ego). I have been over this lump of a coach since he nearly coached the Packers to a loss in the 2010 SB. We should have all seen his massive list of faults back then and held him more accountable from that point until now. What we have effectively done with our passive behavior is to create an egomaniac who parades himself as an NFL coach . . . fuck this fucking fuck of a coach.

  3. Nic September 20, 2016

    I couldn’t agree with you more MMTTDCSUCk. The sad part is we seem to be powerless Season success seems to be good enough for the organization,how else do you explain two god awful playoff losses and the status quo remains.

  4. rebelgb September 20, 2016

    We have seen it many many times with other orginizations, a coach outlasts his stay based on past success and a team that somehow makes the playoffs yet does nothing once there. At 11 years MM has outlasted his stay and should have been gone after the Seattle embarrassment. My guess is there is little to no chance TT has the balls to make any kind of decision. Not even if this team heads to a 6-10 year. The fact that this buffoon can stand up there and tell us how its obvious we need to run the ball more is an indication of how stupid this prick is. Thats something you think about BEFORE the games, not after. How come noone is asking why Tim Masthay was cut? I get the guy wasnt very good, but the guy we got now is far worse. So im willing to bet it was another Ego issue with Mcfatty. This guys ego is killing this orginization.

    1. Empacador September 20, 2016

      I was thinking about this today, how Ron Wolf hired 3 coaches during his tenure. Only Holmgren was worth a shit. Thompson fixed the Sherman mistake, but in doing so has made his own mistake by clinging to McCarthy for too long.

  5. Zwoeger September 20, 2016

    Run more? Guess he’s not reading this site that he did’nt find out earlier. ;)

  6. Empacador September 20, 2016

    McCarthy always pays lip service to the run. He is the most clueless coach on the sideline. I was trying to find the excuse he made for running during the NFC championship meltdown. Where he said they hadn’t hit their targeted number of rushing plays.

    The more I read McCarthy past quotes the more firmly I believe he is winging this. His philosophies, if you can call them that, aren’t really philosophies like Lombardi held. He keeps making the same mistakes over and over, while talking about “efficiency, execution and flow of our offense”. Funny, after halftime he was saying they had to produce on 3rd down. Which is it?

    Did some analytic tell you that it is better to switch running backs every series? Does any other team platoon their running backs by series/quarter other than the Packers? If that is a sound principle/philosophy to have, why doesn’t that hold true with the receivers group?

    1. PF4L September 21, 2016

      I remember when McCarthy said that about the target of volume of running plays. Is that how a play caller is going to decide what plays to run during the actual game? How incredibly idiotic. Shouldn’t a play caller decide plays based on the tempo of the game, in real time? Not setting a number of how many run plays he wanted to run 3 days before the game.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK September 21, 2016

      Good points

  7. MJ September 20, 2016

    Our run is mostly ineffective. Yes, Lacy or Starks might rush once or twice for long gains, but we are mostly stuffed anywhere between three and minus two yards. That does NOT lead to first downs, even if the average gain per rush is still a healthy 4 point something. Footballoutsiders have a stat that measures whether a runner (and his line) are effective or not, depending on the down and distance.

    1. PF4L September 21, 2016

      Good post MJ…

      Your right, Lacy had 2 runs of 28, and 13 yards, the line opened 2 rare holes. Otherwise Lacy’s ave. ypc is below 3. It should be noted that on Lacy’s 28 yard run, that Ripkowski was the lead blocker, why isn’t he lead blocking more often? The 0 line needs to start pushing the line and create some running lanes. Starks, although only having 11 rushing attempts, is not even averaging 1 yard per carry.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK September 21, 2016

        That is a very sad and telling stat regarding Starks. I actually believe that Starks is a very competent back. The problem is that the O line seems to never have the scheme, drive or talent to open up, push back or create those gaps. Because when they are created, both Lacy and Starks ALWAYS get to the next level. They would thrive in a competent O line world. That falls on both MM and TT period!

        1. PF4L September 21, 2016

          It’s funny how the Patriots can lose both starting tackles, and just keep on winning with a back up QB and playing without Gronk. If we lost both our starting tackles Rodgers would be sacked 12 times by halftime, and wouldn’t make it through the whole game.

          1. MMTTDCSUCK September 24, 2016

            Great point!

  8. Cuban September 21, 2016

    Every year this asshole says the same thing. “We need to run more” then usually in the very next game he runs about 7 times all game getting completely pass happy, except in the most obvious of situations w/ the most vanilla play calls.

    Im firmly convinced that if you told mccarthy there was 1:30 on the clock and the other team had no timeouts, the jackass would still call nothing but passes