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Jared Cook Could Miss Significant Time; Looks Like a Bust

Tight end Jared Cook injured his ankle in the second quarter of Sunday’s win over Detroit. He left the locker room on crutches and we now know the injury has been diagnosed as a high ankle sprain.

You can go ahead and roll your eyes because, yes, that’s exactly what receiver Ty Montgomery supposedly had in 2015. That injury was ultimately found to be related to cartilage and ligament damage and required surgery.

At best, if this is indeed your garden variety high ankle sprain, we would expect Cook to be sidelined about three weeks. If he has an injury like Montgomery suffered, you may as well write him off for the season.

That bring me to this. Thus far, the Green Bay Packers big offseason acquisition has been a bust.

In three games, he has just six catches for 53 yards. That’s a Richard Rodgers-like 8.8 per reception. Cook was supposed to come in and stretch the middle of the field. He was supposed to be a third-down weapon. Thus far, he’s done neither on a regular basis.

We’re not entirely blaming Jared Cook. Mike McCarthy, despite pining for this exact type of player, doesn’t have Cook on the field as much as he could. Further, Aaron Rodgers isn’t playing anywhere near the top of his game — despite the four TDs on Sunday. Frankly, the only guy who is getting consistent looks from Rodgers is Jordy Nelson.

And as any receiver would tell you, they can’t throw themselves the ball.

It will be just fine if Cook comes back and is a force down the stretch and in the playoffs for the Packers. However, there has been no indication that might happen to date.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Tucson Packer September 27, 2016

    Well, I am just going to have to be stubbornly optimistic again it seems.

  2. Jim Del Gaizo's jock strap September 27, 2016

    Vernon Davis and/or Anquan Boldin ( and/or Dwight Freeney ) would have made nice additions to a team looking to make a Super Bowl run. Keith Jackson at the end of his career was a nice pick up for them back in the day.
    I think the GM is no longer at the top his game and hopefully will step aside at the end the season. It will be interesting to see if the GB Pres has the wisdom to make that happen. MM too? Some parallels here to Ron Wolf and Harry Dalton, both had successful runs but eventually lost their magic.

  3. Howard September 27, 2016

    So the author figured out Cook is a bust after two and a half weeks of regular season play. The NFL season is a marathon not a sprint. I think Cook will finish the marathon just fine.

  4. Gravy Copter 2600 September 27, 2016

    It’s okay guys, this just means that the Packers can finally UNLEASH Justin Perillo aka THE WEAPON.
    Or they’ll summon some practice squad project that just switched positions and will be ready to play in about 3 to 4 years.

  5. Icebowl September 27, 2016

    My memory’s not what it used to be but didn’t Cook come to GB after off season ankle surgery…

  6. Sanguine camper September 27, 2016

    Cook hurt his ankle on a pass that bounced off his shoulder pads. Now that’s adding insult to injury. The Packers have has poor success bringing players back from a high ankle sprain during the season. Looks like Cook is a big disappointment. They need him now because the depth on this team is putrid and they have no one to replace him. RR is a third string caliber TE.

  7. Jschizl September 27, 2016

    Cook was constantly hurt in STL. But i saw him have big games. Cant say im surprised that hes hurt. But packers are always hurt it seems like