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Well, this is becoming familiar, isn’t it? The Green Bay Packers losing to the scumbag Minnesota Vikings.

This time, it was a 17-14 debacle at the new Hormel Chili Dome. It became a debacle when Adrian Peterson was injured and, before that, completely held in check.

Other than fuckface Damarious Randall, who clearly is, at best, a No. 2 corner, the Packers defense played balls out. And, as we should now be accustomed to, the offense shit the fucking bed.

The problems there start with the Buffoon in charge. Hey, you fat fuck, maybe hand off play calling and decision making to, I don’t know… ANYONE ELSE!

Anyway, there’s plenty of buffoons to call out on this day, so let’s get right to it.

Sam Bradford > Aaron Rodgers

Yeah, that’s right. You are part of the problem, Hollywood! You just got outplayed, not only by a mediocre quarterback, but by a mediocre quarterback who’s only been learning his offense for two weeks! How many years have you been in Fat Mike’s offense, Aaron Rodgers? Too many, apparently. Here’s the statistical breakdown: 286 yards, 2 TDs, no INTs, 9.2 average vs. 213 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 5.9 average. The latter line is Rodgers’. Throw in the three fumbles, somehow only one of which was lost, and here’s what you have. Aaron Rodgers, supposed best quarterback in the NFL, sucked a giant cock on Sunday night. In fact, let’s be honest, his quarterback play has been sucking a giant cock for some time. Two-time MVP? It’s hard to even fathom how this guy won those two awards right now. I could name about 20 quarterbacks who are better than Aaron Rodgers right now. Maybe make up with your brother. Maybe dump that cancerous trollop. Whatever you need to do to get right. Or maybe just fuck off. The good news is this — if Rodgers continues to play at this level, the Packers will finally have to consider firing Buffoon. That day can’t some soon enough.

Take it Easy, Ed

I like to call Eddie Lacy Easy Ed. It fits his demeanor and, despite his punishing running style, it’s fun to say after he breaks one. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasy! This point, of course, goes back to Buffoon. It’s the same damn point I brought up last week. Remember when Buffoon said the Green Bay Packers are going to be a running team this year? I do. And for the second game in a row, the Packers didn’t really bother to run the ball. Lacy had a meager 12 carries. He turned those into 50 yards, a 4.2 average, but again, the Packers barely ran the football. They had 23 total rushes, three of which were Rodgers’ scrambles. So, 20 total rushing plays. Let’s forget about the insane decision by Buffoon to hand it to James Starks on 4th-and-2 for a moment. I mean, why would you use your power back in that situation? I don’t know. Starks was clearly the man for that job. Just last year, Easy Ed — who was supposedly fat as fuck at the time — raked the shitbag Queens for over 100 yards in Minnesota. Our quarterback is suddenly a sack of shit, but we’re just going to give Ed the ball 12 times. By the way, his 4.2 per carry isn’t that much different than Rodgers’ 5.9 per pass. Must be saving Lacy for later. For non-important games.

Mike Daniels & Co.

I’m going to look at the positives for a moment and hand out some pats on the back. First of all, Mike Daniels. I noted that he was invisible in week 1. Well, he was a goddam beast in week 2. Four tackles, two for loss, including a sack. Mike Fucking Daniels, I love you and you are the heart and soul of this team. COME TO PLAY EVERY WEEK!

Similarly, Julius Peppers. Clearly, Julie was pissed by his demotion and he came out and did something about it. He said, fuck you Fat Mike, I am better than Nick Perry! That’s debatable, but Julie was in Bradford’s face early and often. He finished with 1.5 sacks. THAT is exactly what we need from Julius Peppers.

Nick Perry, I like what you’re doing. Stay healthy. Joe Thomas, you’re not always perfect, but your improvement from last year astounds me. I want you on my team and on the field.

Rhymes with Bum

Shawn and I made fun of punter Jake Schum on the podcast pretty mercilessly. Because, you see, Schum rhymes with bum. And now we know. That’s exactly what Jake Schum is. A fucking bum. He averaged 38.6 in a fucking indoor stadium!

What’s he going to do in Lambeau in December? I’ll tell you. He’s going to be a fucking bum.

Totally surprising, considering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut this guy during the FIRST cutdown this year. Right?

Die, Davante Adams!

Seriously, I feel like the only way to get this pile of shit off the Packers or on the bench where he belongs is if he were to actually die. But then again, Hollywood and Buffoon can only function with the same three receivers, so we’d probably have some Weekend At Bernie’s shit going on if Davante actually died.

Who do you think they’d tie him to in order to send him out on the field? My guess is it would be Jared Abbrederis and Jeff Janis. Can you see those two guys out there attached to a dead Davante Adams running him around the field?

I could. And it would literally make zero difference in ability to catch a pass.

I don’t regularly endorse suicide, but Davante Adams would be doing us all a favor.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. John smith September 19, 2016

    Everyone called me crazy when I called out Aaron Rodgers last season for making the packers look fucken horrible. Well, what do you guys have to say now ? If only I had saved all those comments I had about you retards saying I was wrong. This dude, rodgers is missing throws, if it’s under throwing or over throwing, he is making it all. It baffles me how someone’s game can drop so much in 1 1/2 season. THE ONLY WAY THE PACKERS CAN A DEEP PLAYOFF RUN IS IF RODGERS TAKES HIS HEAD OUT HIS ASS, AND START MAKING PLAYS AGAIN. Oh yeah, and Mike McCarty, how about handing the ball to lacy more…maybe that would solve some of the offensive struggles and maybe bench adams for …the entire season ?

    1. PF4L September 19, 2016

      You were right last year. Rodgers had 31tds and 8 picks, good call. I’m surprised the Packers just didn’t cut him.

      1. john smith September 19, 2016

        You peice of shit, 31-8 td ? Check the tapes, he was missing throws, ALOT. His last 10 games, what was his td to int ratio ? Oh yeah, and how about that embarrassing ass yards per pass. Their passing game was shit last season, Idk what game you were watching asshole.

        1. PF4L September 20, 2016

          Nobody said he wasn’t off last season shit for brains. But 31tds and 8 picks, is hardly horrible. Was Rodgers the only one making the Packers look horrible last season?

        2. PF4L September 20, 2016

          I’m guessing your too fucking stupid to figure out his td/int ratio in his last 10 games, otherwise you wouldn’t even ask because it doesn’t make your argument dumb ass.

          Just curious John, is it true stupid people are happy, because they don’t know any better?

          His td/int ratio was 2.7: 1. Better than most QB’s in the NFL last season.

          Thanks for trying though.

      2. john smith September 19, 2016

        God, I would love to smack your fucken face, do you live in the green bay area by any chance ?

        1. PF4L September 20, 2016

          The only thing more pathetic than your internet anger, is your lack of knowledge. Yea, lets meet up tough guy, but i can’t today. I don’t have time today as i have to entertain someone for a few hours, but as soon as i’m done bonin her ass, i’m sending your mother home and then i’ll have all the time in the world.

          1. rebelgb September 20, 2016

            LOL Epic! PF4L send her my way when your done, i’ll take a piece of that action :)

          2. john smith September 20, 2016

            I mean, if you’re scared, it’s okay.

      3. Deepsky September 20, 2016

        Rodgers had an 81 QB rating the last 10 games in 2015. I suspected something was up then and mentioned it here, but no one wanted to believe it. There were a lot of excuses: offensive line, receivers, play calling. An argument could have been made at the end of last season that these were the problems, but you can’t make that argument now and it’s clear the last 10 games of 2015 were indicative of Rodgers current performance.

        But the line is fine this year, he’s got receivers and while the play calling isn’t great its clear he’s bailing too early on plays and his passing is off target. It’s Rodgers. He’s done. Except for his ability to scramble, he looks like Randy Wright or Anthony Dilweg. It may have never happened in the NFL that a QB at 32 who has been great suddenly is terrible, but that’s what it is.

        Sometime maybe next year or the year after you’ll all agree with me.

  2. Big B September 19, 2016


  3. PF4L September 19, 2016

    Here we go…more tmz bs. Make up with your brother, dump the bitch, it’s her fault. Can you say anything more stupid? I can fathom how Rodgers won 2 MVP’s, simply because i’ve watched him play during those seasons.

    During an actual game, it’s hard to sustain a running game when your runners keep getting stuffed. The 0-line gave Lacy one wide open hole where he got 13 yards. same with the Jags game where he gained 28. Without those 2 runs, he’s averaging just under 3 ypc. With this 0-line they need to use Ripowski as lead blocker. Last season, Lacy wasn’t “supposedly” fat, he was fat. And he still is.

    I give credit to the D-line and the linebackers as well, decent pressure and great run defense, although i’m under no illusion that the Vikings own a great 0-line. I don’t know about anyone else, but based on the 1st 2 games for Adrian Peterson, he looked like his career was over, before the injury.

    Agree with D. Adams. J H C….when is enough, enough?

    If the offense played “average” they win this game. The 0-line got exposed, and Rodgers was off, again. Though it’s a cold day in hell, when i give up on him yet.

    This years schedule is easier than i can ever remember and were wasting it away. Maybe the Jags didn’t improve like everyone thought, maybe we just sucked that bad.

    It use to be we waited until the playoffs to get embarrassed on National TV, welcome to the new era. Keep up the good work Mike, you obese fat arrogant slop of shit.

  4. Nugs September 19, 2016

    i agree with every fucking word of this article….well done Monty.
    kinda ironic how Hollywood’s play began to slide the same time he met that she-devil. that bitch is pure kryptonite….and the time has come for the Buffoon to go, been a long time since i have seen so much talent wasted by inadequate scheme.

    1. PF4L September 19, 2016

      Brilliant post Nugs……..Well, what’s kind of ironic, is that Rodger’s started dating Munn before his 2014 season begin, and that season went fairly well if i remember right. So i guess your post doesn’t make any sense at all does it? Don’t let facts get in the way of anything.

  5. Kato September 19, 2016

    I am about done with Davante Adams. But to suggest he commit suicide is pretty despicable. That is a subject that hits pretty close to home for me. Utterly disgraceful.

  6. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe September 19, 2016

    I hope this is some master-plan by ARod to stink up the joint so that McCunty gets fired. He knows he isn’t going to see another Super Bowl with McCunty as HC, and if this team can’t win with Rodgers at QB, then it is Buffoon’s fault. Such as the shit-show in Seattle two years ago.

  7. Jschizl September 19, 2016

    We almost won when we played like shit. That wasnt mentioned. Kinda ironic we lost by three point and got embarassed. Zimmer is turning into a pain in the ass. It is funny how last wek randall was a number one and argueably thebpasckers best corner and now hes a pice of shit. The last time we started 1and 2 we were in the championship almost in the super bowl. I dont know what to think of this team yet. Its too early. I can say the division has gotten better but vikings always choke. Bradford always gets hurt so I am still not that worried about them. I just hope this doesnt turn into a mike sherman esqe collapse. It is hard to say.

    1. Killer September 19, 2016

      Vikings fan here (be warned):

      Monty, very well written. The first two points are so true but I think most made those observations. Still, they had to made and you worked “cancerous trollop” in there which really made me laugh.
      Third point, all true and good observations, and also good that you kept us off balance with some positive. I will point out something funny though = T.J. Lang (who I do respect) was talking about how the O-line kept Linval Joseph contained or quiet or invisible or something like that. Funny thing is that Joseph had a sack, 5 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 2 of the tackles were on the line of scrimmage, another was helping make that stop on the down short of the first, 3 QB Hurries, one hard hit on the QB, and forced an offensive penalty. Man, if that is holding Joseph in check I hope he is held in check all year long. He would end up with 16 sacks and and an astounding 96 tackles!!!! Way to contain him, Lang! Anyway, your point #3 about Mike Daniels — a very good player who had a very good game — reminded me of Joseph’s performance — a great player who had a great game.
      Point #4 an extremely astute pointed observation likely missed by most due to the hubbub.
      Point #5 made me laugh so hard. Brilliant. Great work, keen mind.

      As per JSCHIZL, you say you played like shit and that is somewhat true. But, keep in mind the defense deserves probably more credit for the bad performance than does the Packers offense. I think in ten games the Packers would end up “playing like shit” most of them — simply because the Vikings defense makes it so. Also, you ignore that in many ways the Vikings played like shit or had bad luck. All those penalties, 137 yards — that will not happen half as much most games. Only recovering 1 of 4 fumbles and dropping a few interceptions as well. The AP injury. Missing two defensive starters. Most of our offensive line played horrifically, like a row of turnstiles.

      What I’m saying is that if the Packers play their best football and the Vikings also do, and the luck is equal and refs not bought off, then the Vikings win.

      You guys can criticize Randall (a player I would have loved to see in a Vikings uniform but we would have been wise enough to keep him at safety) but the passes to Diggs were perfect as were his catches. Barring actual interference I don’t think anyone would have covered him that night. Instead of assigning blame to Randall you should credit Diggs. A superstar is born.

      1. PF4L September 19, 2016

        Yea, that AP injury was devastating, it can’t be easy to replace that kind of production.

  8. Cuban September 19, 2016

    I may not be an expert, but i think its pretty clear part of the reason the running game cant get any traction is that mccarthys play calling is so fucking predictable. When he puts a single back out there its usually a pitch. Then every run is either from the gun or the pistol. They are one of only a handful of teams carrying a fullback, and he nevers sees the field, even on 4th and 1, so why the fuck is he there.

  9. Howard September 19, 2016

    Just kick the damn field goal. McCarthy is not fooling anyone by trying to show he is not conservative. McCarthy always has been and always will be Marty Schottenheimer when the games become more important. Take the points when you get a chance in a low scoring defensive battle. If anyone thought this game was not going to be a three to four point or less win for either team they were dreaming. So why even think about squandering 3 points?

    1. PF4L September 19, 2016

      I can deal with a coach going on 4th and one. But wouldn’t using Lacy make more sense? Unless of course, he was trying to outsmart them.

      1. Howard September 20, 2016

        I agree with Lacy, however it was 4th and two not one. Starks even made the one yard. 4th and one maybe I agree if it is later in the game only. 4th and 2 kick the field goal. 3 points in hand.

      2. Howard September 20, 2016

        Just one more thing. I know several are concerned that Lacy was not in on that 4th and two. I think Lacy was not in so that the Vikings would believe a pass play was coming not a run play, then that sneaky MM can run the ball. If Lacy was in the Vikings would have defended the run more vigourous.

        1. PF4L September 20, 2016

          That’s what i meant by saying McCarthy was trying to outsmart them.

    2. Shawn September 20, 2016

      Game-losing call. Pure and simple. You take the points and tie the god damn game. The Vikings had a 4th and shorter at the end of the 1st half and took the FG and the lead. Guess what? They beat you by that same 3 points.
      I love aggressivity but not to the point idiocy. This ISNT 2011 anymore. Your offense is a shadow of itself and the only reason it is even a contest is because your defense is playing ball. TAKE THE FUCKING POINTS!!

  10. MJ September 19, 2016

    Who is in charge of writing the playbook and designing the offensive plays? Is is McCarthy or Clements or Edgar Bennet? Maybe Bennet was great at WR coach, but is not so as offensive coordinator. Haven’t we seen a simultaneous decline in play design quality AND receiver’s play? Is it just a coincidence? I know I am speculating, but this hypothesis fits the known facts.

  11. PackAttack September 19, 2016

    Aaron Rodgers….Finished
    Hate to say it —- but it’s true. Rodgers days as an elite QB1 are over. Go ahead, tell me to fuck off and tell me how big of a panicky loser I am — I’m telling you straight up, he’s done. Competitive and competent…. sure. But his MVP days are long gone.


    Reason #1 – Stats Don’t Lie. Every year since 2011 his numbers have started to decline, passer rating (122 to 82), touchdowns (45, 39, 17, 38, 31), yards (4,600 to 3,800), completion % (67 to 57), AVG pass/Att (9 to 5), keep going down list and you’ll realize this isn’t an outlier it’s a trend, he’s getting worse. Now some of that was injury related (2013), some of that can be attributed to Jordy Nelson (which I call bullshit on, but okay) and some of it can be pointed at the absolutely horrific play calling of Mike McCarthy (that’s legitimate) but still the stats don’t lie. So what is it then? Your numbers don’t take that bad of hit unless for two reasons A) major injury that affects physical performance (which isn’t the case here) OR B) loss of competitive drive. Which of those two fits Rodgers?

    Reason #2 – Play Calling. I’ve said this for years about Mike McCarthy. He’s perhaps the most overrated coach in the history of professional athletics and it’s not even close. If McCarthy didn’t get lucky catching lightning in a bottle with Rodgers he’d be back in that Pittsburgh tollbooth handing our receipts and eating McDonalds (well, he still does the second part happens). Ever since Joe Philben left for Miami, this offense has gone in a totally different direction, the whole “50/50 run-to-pass and let’s establish the run to setup the pass” BS has crushed this offense at its most critical points (2015 Playoff loss to Seattle). Rodgers is the only 2-time NFL MVP in the history of the league who’s dropped out of the top 10 in total passing yards, attempts and completions during the prime years of his career – not too mention his QBR has slipped almost 25 points. How the FUCK is that even possible? How is it more important to run the ball with James Starks than letting Aaron Rodgers throw? That’s a fireable statistic in itself right there! In a day in age where Blake Bortles and Matt Ryan continually throw for over 300+ yards per/game and Rodgers can’t even break 200 — you know something is SERIOUSLY wrong with Rodgers and/or the play calling. Unfortunately, it’ll never get better until McCarthy is gone.

    Reason #3 – Hollywood Rodgers. Hey, it happens. Athletes get complacent and lose that fire — lose that competitive drive. He’s a media darling, dates a movie star, gets paid huge money — he’s a star if not the face of the league. What more is there for him to prove? MVP, SuperBowl — he’s good. If you don’t believe me go back and watch tape of Rodgers in 2009 and 2010 — watch how he stands in the pocket, throws off his front foot, and is decisive. His body language says it all — he’s hungry, aggressive and passionate. Fast forward to 2015/2016, watch how indecisive he is, now throwing off his back foot, and avoiding hits whenever possible. It’s no secret Rodgers has taken some monster hits over the years —- but now he looks to avoid contact whenever possible, he rarely ever stands in the pocket and makes decisive throws anymore, it’s all about scrambling and making something outta nothing. Blame the receivers for not getting open against man coverage, blame the play calling for sucking (legit excuse), blame the O-line, blame the run game…..but what about Rodgers? How coachable and open to reason is he at this point of his career? He’s always been arrogant but now he looks like a cocky ass hole who couldn’t find his game with a map. This is what happens when your ego and attitude think they’re bigger than the game — you fall.

    Reason #4 – Pathetic Personnel. I’ve never been a huge fan of the weapons Ted Thompson has supplied Rodgers over the years (James Jones, Richard Rodgers, James Starks) but just how capable are guys like Randall Cobb, Davante Adams and Jared Cook? Davante Adams is epically awful and shame on McCarthy and Rodgers for continuing to show support in him —- he’s fucking awful. The whole Jeff Janis thing will never make any sense to me. Randall Cobb is the most over-paid slot WR in the NFL, by far. He’s not overly fast, doesn’t create separation, he’s not a red zone threat, McCarthy (for some odd reason) thinks hiding Cobb in the backfield and letting him run HB-dives is worth the waste of a play —- he’s useless. We don’t even know what Jared Cook is capable of because he shares time with the slowest tightend in the history of Pack football and Jordy Nelson (the savior) might never return to the player he once was — SHOCKER, he’s 31 coming off major knee surgery — 1,300 yards and 12 TD’s wasn’t happening people. Maybe the personnel in Green Bay is that bad.
    All in all — none of this bodes well for a team that was “suppose” to be a legit SuperBowl contender. The 2016 Packers are the exact same team the 2015 squad was — broke and busted and that’s a scary thought for any Packer fan because it means only one thing —- the real problem with this team is with it’s best player (it’s not Jordy, Cobb, the O-line or even the run game) the problem is Aaron Rodgers. Again, the numbers don’t lie — yes the play calling sucks (it’s epically bad and it plays a huge role) but most of this is on Rodgers (if not all of it). He’s lost his accuracy, he’s lost decisiveness and worst of all it looks like he’s lost his drive. I’ve watched and covered every throw he’s made in a Packer uniform and I’m telling you he’s finished. He’s lost it. Mark my words. His days as an elite MVP QB1 are over.

    1. PF4L September 20, 2016

      Hmmm…..Every year since 2011 his #’s started to decline? Interesting. Except of course, for the year they didn’t decline. You’re right, stats don’t lie. Look it up.

      After the big contract, while dating the movie star, he won his 2nd MVP. Had a td/int ratio better than 7:1. Stats don’t lie.

      But regardless, you have every right to make your own judgement on Rodgers, and i for one will respect it. You have every right to jump off the Rodgers bandwagon. Someone else will take your seat. But in the future, just remember that it’s full.

      1. john smith September 20, 2016

        You seem like those dumbasses that post ” In Ted we trust ” online.

        1. PF4L September 20, 2016

          Calm down Johnny. Rebel is entitled to his opinions.

    2. Ted Hawthorne September 20, 2016

      Devastating comment. All true. Thanks, PackAttack. Did anyone else notice that Rodgers was visibly pouting Sunday night? Bad sign. Immature. At 32 years old!

      1. PF4L September 20, 2016

        All true, except the part that wasn’t.

      2. Killer September 20, 2016

        Rodgers was pouting. He is arrogant and bratty. Remember last year throwing the tablet on the sideline? That is 4 yr old kind of behavior.

        The pouts and bratty behavior are usually the only time he looks natural. or seems to be his natural real self. Those and the snide comments he makes. Everything else seems like he is playacting a part. He is all about himself. I don’t think he gives a darn about any of his teammates other than how they will help or hurt him in looking good.

        I think an argument can be made that Cutler is as much a pouter or more and perhaps as selfish but not nearly as arrogant or at all snide.

        What other NFL QB as many bad personality traits as Rodgers? Can you name anyone? (Manziel does not count, he is not in the NFL).

        I’m not sure why PF4L would disagree with you, Ted Hawthorne. Maybe his view of the broadcast was blurry from tears.

        1. PF4L September 20, 2016

          Maybe if you read (and understood) the origin of Ted’s comment, you’d understand the part that wasn’t accurate.

          What could Cutler be arrogant about? He’s had about as much success in the post season as the Minn. vikings. Now, maybe 2 viking playoff wins in the last 15 years is success in your book. It’s epic failure to most football fans. But then again how successful could a franchise be that hangs up a Divisional banner? Becoming the laughingstock of the NFL.

          Great time to come on a Packer website dissing on Rodgers, hoping Packer fans won’t get on you, because some of them are also bitching about Rodgers. Yes, i’m calling you a pussy.

          I’m a little different from some other Packer fans, i acknowledge when Rodgers isn’t playing well, I just don’t jump ship and declare him finished. I also won’t let viking fans come here and talk shit about him, unlike the other sheep around here who pretend they are Packer fans and let you do it.

          Now, i do want to wish Adrian Peterson a speedy recovery. The Vikings are on a 2 game roll. I’m just hoping you have someone that can replace Petersons 1.6ypc this season. The smart money says he’ll be back soon. Just like he was back so soon after the acl/mcl surgery. Yes, we know Peterson was taking HGH to recover, but he still did the rehab. And so what if his T cell levels were elevated because of the HGH. They simply blamed that on his having a sports hernia, problem solved. So in a nutshell, Peterson has acl/mcl surgery, also has a sports hernia, but miraculously manages to gain the 2nd most yards in NFL history…Fucking amazing isn’t it?

          Before i forget, good luck against the Panthers…Bwhahahahahahahaha

    3. Anti-McCarthy fan September 20, 2016

      PackAttack I love Aaron Rodgers. I think McHippo is the problem. HE SUCKS! He almost sent Rodgers to the hospital. McHippo the cheeseburger goes for it on fourth down wtf man McHippo is a bitch. THE PACKERS WON LAST WEEK INSPITE OF MCHIPPO. MM SUCKS PERIOD. The Packers has been and will always win inspite of this idiot. Rodgers is the only reason MM looks good period he is the only reason the Packers even make the playoffs. Yeah Rodgers isn’t playing like his old self but it isn’t really all his fault. Rodgers gets some of the blame but the stupid IDIOT coach who has been riding his coat tails gets 100% blamed. He is a idiot period. He is predictable. He is ass. PackAttack and MMTTDCSUCK you guys might want to sign this petition to get that useless cancer McHippo the cheeseburger out of GB:


      What do you guys think PackAttack and MMTTDCSUCK?

      1. MMTTDCSUCK September 21, 2016

        Thanks! I agree. I actually wanted to get rid of that charlatan after they won the SB. His coaching in that game was embarrassing . . . He has always been elevated because of Aaron Rodgers play. He is the most over rated coach in the NFL. As well as TT “The Frugal GM” is the most over rated GM in the NFL. Get rid of both of those fucks now. And while we are at it, let’s toss that fucking Dom Capers in the scrap heap as well. . . . I will check out your petition link.

        1. ANTI-MCCARTHY FAN September 23, 2016

          MMTTDCSUCK make sure you sign that petition i sent and talk about McHippo. Dont forget McHippo almost sent Aaron to the hospital first Zona game. He plays scrubs on the oline. I think TT is a decent GM he puts what should be a good team every year we have the talent we just need to get rid of cheeseburger McHippo. Let me know if you did MMTTDCSUCK.

  12. Vijay-jay September 19, 2016

    The main problem is trust for Rodgers, not ability. He can’t trust a receiver corp that can’t routinely gain separation. Why they can’t, who knows? They are supposed professionals who (with the exception of Adams) have done it routinely in the past. But the past is past and obvious schemes, alignment, play calls certainly don’t help the cause. Rodgers looks flustered and his performances suffer because of it. Oh yeah, he needs to audible out of dumb play calls and hit some short three step and out passes instead of holding onto the ball, extending plays and chucking it deep too often.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK September 20, 2016

      I believe the main reason that there is a separation issue is that Buffoon trots out the same fucking plays every week year in and year out. The opposing D knows this and waits for the snap to assume the “route”. This is so apparent because we have stopped running multiple sets and schemes. It looks like and appears to be the same formations that have been run for nearly a decade. The only difference is that the buffoon has GREATLY REDUCED the number of plays from many to very few. I know if I was a DC I would be licking my chops when I would play the Packers. The only wild card is Rodgers, and he seems to have lost some of that aggressive and cocky swagger. It is a fucking shame . . .

  13. Vijay-jay September 19, 2016

    Also, RUN THE DAMN BALL more between the tackles to bring those safety’s up!

  14. Zwoeger September 20, 2016

    Just saw the game this morning. I’m not gonna repeat all I said because others did already what thet said too.
    One thing though: Randall.
    Colinsworth said what Bradford did was unbelievable. It was not. He and Zimmer just thought lets target Randall. Result at least 7 blown coverages and 2 TD’s

  15. Deepsky September 20, 2016

    I’ve watched Bradford the last few years in many games. He’s not a bad QB. He’s better than Bridgewater in general and because he always had a good long throw ability, in a dome and in Norv Turner offenses, he’s probably significantly better than Bridgewater.

    What hurt him is that he doesn’t scramble and will take a hit and get injured. He’s missed substantial portions of every season since he’s been in the league and given that the Vikings offensive line is suspect, he won’t last more than a few games.

  16. Packers fan September 20, 2016

    Here’s my take on the game

    1) Run defense was the only thing good yesterday. Stopped Adrian Peterson until he got hurt
    2) While I love Aaron Rodgers, something is wrong with him. Is he is playing injured? That pick at the end looks more of a Favre like interception. Even in 2014 when Rodgers won MVP, there were times him and the offense struggled, at DET, at BUF, first half against DAL, at SEA (first game), at NYJ (1st half), and at NO in 2nd half. Rodgers might be like Peyton Manning (last year Manning sucked and I hope Rodgers doesn’t do the same this year).
    3) I am starting to believe MM cannot call a game. He is not a aggressive play caller. While I like MM, I think it’s time to think ABOUT life AFTER MM and move on (John Fox and Scott Brooks).
    4) Defense cannot make scrub QBs like Bradford look like a elite QB. Yeah our run defense sacked Bradford, Damarious Randall allowed him to destroy our secondary.
    5) TT is a overrated GM. I’m not saying he is a bad GM, but I think he refuses to sign free agents. TT is a decent GM but he needs to realize the window might be closing.
    6) GIVE JANIS A CHANCE PLEASE. Bench Adams and give Abby or Janis a chance.

    11-5 or maybe 12-4 season coming. Your thoughts MMTTDCSUCK.

  17. MMTTDCSUCK September 21, 2016

    All good points PACKERS FAN. Aaron Rodgers is playing “uphill” for many reasons I am certain. I believe that he has no faith in the play calls, the O line protection, the run scheme, nor the personnel packages. I also believe that he is pressed by MM and TT to make it happen with the weak players that he has been given (you cannot polish a turd Aaron! but they expect you too!). Take R. Rodgers, a moderate TE at best, he is not a great blocking TE; he has no speed, and sometimes appears out of sorts during the play. But he does have great hands. I might argue that every O player on the Packers this year fits that mold. There is NOT one player that “has it all” on this offense except for Aaron Rodgers which I believe is burned out at this point! I might even speculate that his injuries and his concussions may have created lingering effects. I believe that these may be some of the reasons for his early scrambles and his lack of checking down to his other “reads”. I also believe that these may be culminating into a real head trip for Rodgers every week where he is constantly scrambling for his life, reading that the DEFENSE already knows what his next few plays are, based on the current “personnel package” that Buffoon has just sent in that looks just like the same package (of a scant few) that he has been trotting out there for nearly a decade. I believe that Rodgers is overwhelmed now because he is now covering for all of MM and TT’s shortcomings’ which are MANY. I believe that Rodgers has had enough of it . . . because of this he has grown into himself and become more one dimensional and has chosen certain players as “safe” players because of his lack of faith and trust in all things McCarthy. BTW, I firmly believe that MM has lost his locker room, if not last year, then with the Sitton debacle. Because now everyone is in fear of his retribution for speaking the truth. Just because an egomaniacal coach tells you to jump off the cliff do you do it? Plus then, why try any harder? . . .

    1. Packers fan September 23, 2016

      MMTTDCSUCK our run defense is actually ranked 1st in the NFL our total defense is ranked 10th. I believe Rodgers more than MM. Why do you call MM buffoon?

  18. MMTTDCSUCK September 21, 2016

    As far as won/loss goes? 9 to 10 wins tops, fingers crossed! I hope that I am underestimating this team. Jeff Janis I believe should be given every opportunity to unseat the over-rated Adams (one of Rodgers “safe players” I believe). Give Janis some crossing routes and not just Go or out routes! The kid is a gamer period! Many of these “great WR’s” on other teams are not the best “route runners” but their coaches usually find MANY WAYS to utilize their rare athleticism (MM’s conservatism coming into play again . . .). One more of MANY reasons to get rid of that fucking BUFFOON.

  19. Friggidd September 29, 2016

    Thnx !!!
    I’m sure your good luck helped