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Dean Lowry Appears to Be the Guy At DE

If the Green Bay Packers open week 1 with a three-man front on defense, it now appears Dean Lowry is the answer to the question. That question being, who starts along with Mike Daniels and Letroy Guion?

The answer was supposed to be first-round pick Kenny Clark. He’s been hurt and ineffective. Before that, it was supposed to be the now-suspended Mike Pennel.

Instead, the Packers will turn to a fourth-round pick who did nothing but get shoved around during his first preseason game. When the Packers released their week 1 depth chart on Tuesday, Lowry had the top spot at the defensive end position opposite Daniels.

On Wednesday, coach Mike McCarthy gave Lowry the good old “high motor” label.

And let’s not forget what that means — not much talent, but tries real hard!

As unimpressive as Lowry was in that first preseason game, he did improve as the preseason went on. And that may only be to say that we didn’t notice him getting tossed around like a rag doll like he did that first week.

But that’s progress, people!

And let’s be honest. All Lowry really needs to do is hold up a blocker. Let the linebackers and safeties flow to the ball.

The Packers are not going to win or lose a game based on Dean Lowry… we hope.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Killer September 7, 2016

    This is classic Ted Thompson. How so? He creates holes in the roster by not resigning players or by cutting them at the last cut in order to take petty revenge (Josh Sitton) and by intentionally failing to utilize free agency. He does this so that his draft picks — generally quite poor picks — will be forced to start or play when they would never do so on another team. Then he can brag he obtained X number of starters in the draft who started right away.

    This year is a perfect example. Dean Lowry starting? He selected him in round 4 but the guy is round 6 or 7 quality. Here is a recent conversation between Ted and Mike McCarthy that further illuminates Ted’s system to make himself look good =

    TED to MM: “Hey Mikey, we need Blake Martinez to start and look good so everyone knows I’m a brilliant drafter.”
    MM to TED: “But, Master, not counting Clayfish, Blake is our 5th best ILB…”
    TED to MM: “Mikey… did I stutter?”
    MM to TED: “Oh so sorry, Master, but I thought you would want to know Blake is really a practice squad guy…”
    TED to MM: “You thought!? You THOUGHT?! You are not paid to think, you fat bearded TOAD!”
    MM to TED: “I’m so soooooo soooorrry. But Barrington and Bradford will be upset and everyone knows they are better players…”
    TED to MM: “No problem. Cut them both. That way even if Blake plays poorly he will continue to start and my rookie class will look great as Martinez is bound to run into a few tackles every game. I am so tired of that ‘He should have drafted Kentrell Brothers drivel’.”
    2. TED to MM: “Speaking of the brilliance of my draft class, let me tell you about Trevor Davis — ”
    MM to TED: “Hey, it is OK Master, not every pick works out, not even a 5th rounder. I’m sure next time — ”
    TED to MM: “Tell me you did not just interrupt me! No, better yet, shut up. Go stand in the corner over there with your face down. Listen with your Toad ears or holes or f***ing fly-catching sonar or whatever Toads use.”
    MM shuffles over to the corner of his own office.
    TED to MM: “OK. Now stand there and do not dare to look upon me. OK, this Trevor kid, great great Great Great pick. A steal in round 5. Got it? Here is what you are going to do. Keep him on the roster. Got it?”
    MM to TED (muffled by wallpaper): “But, he is our 7th best WR.”
    TED to MM: “Then you CUT #5 and #6, AMIRITE?”
    MM to TED: “But, well, we have to keep at least 53 players and we are only going to have 3 ILBs……”
    TED to MM: “Fine, have it your way. Keep 7 receivers on the roster.”
    MM to TED: “But, Master, no team does that. It is never done. It will make us look silly….”
    TED to MM: “While you have addressed me with the correct honorific, YOU need to understand WE will make history together by YOU making ME look good. The fact we keep 7 receivers just because Trevor is such a brilliant pick will make it look even more brilliant. The day comes when the whole world will recognize me as its Master. Why would they not? I am always right. AMIRITE?!”
    MM to TED: “Praise be to Ted.”

    1. Kato September 7, 2016

      You have way too much time man. If I had that time I would probably be fishing.

      1. Killer September 7, 2016

        Went fishing a couple days ago actually and a few days before that also. Did not catch a thing but the weather was great and I added to my considerable tan.