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Of Course Josh Sitton Ended Up on the Bears

A day after being released by the Green Bay Packers guard Josh Sitton found a new home and more money. Sitton signed a three-year deal with the division rival Chicago Bears.

The deal is worth around $21 million and it includes $10 million guaranteed.

So the Packers decided Sitton wasn’t worth the $6 million plus they were supposed to pay him this season and then the Bears decided he was worth more.

One of Chicago’s biggest weaknesses is their offensive line. The Packers’ line gets worse and the Bears’ line gets better.

You can go ahead and send your thank you notes to 1265 Lombardi Avenue, Bears fans. Please address them to Ted “The Genius” Thompson.

What a disappointing chain of events.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Slob on my Demovsky September 5, 2016

    They’re still the bears. I feel bad for Josh, come playoff time he’ll be jus’ Sitton on his ass.

  2. Howard September 5, 2016

    I would really like to see what Shawn thinks about this Sitton situation. Shawn any thoughts?

    1. shawn September 5, 2016

      I’ll talk about it on the podcast. Sorry for those that don’t listen, but listing my thoughts here would make one of Killer’s ramblings look like they were penned by Ernest Hemingway.
      If I was going to sum it all up, I would say Lane Taylor and money. And the old GM axiom – better to let a guy go too early rather than too late.

      1. PF4L September 5, 2016

        Truth be told, i don’t listen to the podcast but……

        I’d love to read your thoughts on this move in the aspect of…..

        1) Does this move make the team better, the same, or worse this season?

        2) If we can agree Sitton was our best lineman, coupled with the fact this move depletes our depth, not to mention talent for THIS season….Is Lane Taylor, or money, good enough reason’s to cut Sitton when our goal is getting to the Super Bowl THIS season?

        3) Or is this move simply another genius move looking forward to the future, this season be damned?

        1. PF4L September 5, 2016

          Fucking Lane Taylor?….Really?

          1. KG September 5, 2016

            PF4L. sit down and shut up. this conversation is for adults

          2. PF4L September 5, 2016

            First of all KG. Your name is new here just in the last 2 days. If you ever build up your nerve and stop playing little child games, go back to your original username.

            Secondly…The way that MMTTDCSUCK is currently putting a beatdown on you, first try to survive that.

            Now, do as i told you to do, put your #4 Viking jersey on, finish eating your chili, and get your room cleaned.

          3. Killer September 5, 2016

            PF4L is right about this one. Lane Taylor committed 3 penalties against the Chiefs and his blocking was poor as well. And he did not play every offensive down either! When was the last time you saw Sitton commit 3 penalties in one game?

      2. Phatgzus September 5, 2016


  3. MuseLuver September 5, 2016

    Cut, yes (It happens). Bears, no (REALLY? THE enemy). The guy loses my respect I’m afraid.

    1. PF4L September 5, 2016

      Who loses your respect? Sitton?

      The guy gets cut days before the season starts, get’s offered a 3 year deal, and you can’t respect him signing?

      Should he have told the Bears to wait, and go visit other teams, take all kinds of physicals just 2.34, days before the season starts, and then find out the bears offer was the best, and maybe the only 3 year offer?

      Do you understand the shitty position Ted put him in?

      Yes, players get cut, it happens. It doesn’t usually happen like this to a veteran who gave his everything to this team. Not to mention the negative feelings and reactions in the locker room.

      Guess what, you lose Packer fans respect posting garbage like that (i’m afraid).

  4. PF4L September 5, 2016

    “So the Packers decided Sitton wasn’t worth the $6 million plus they were supposed to pay him this season.”

    More accurately put is…..

    The Packers decided they don’t need Josh Sitton THIS season……because?

    I’d love to hear the answer, as that’s the only explanation i’m interested in hearing about this subject. Will that be answered by the Packers?….doubtful.

    I don’t blame Sitton, or the Bears in any capacity over this signing. If anyone ever had any actual revenge justification against the Packers, it’s Sitton.

    1. Cheesemaker September 5, 2016

      The ONLY reason I could see for this RIGHT NOW is if they intend to use Sitton’s money to extend Bak & Tretter THIS season. If that doesn’t happen, this makes no sense.

      1. PF4L September 5, 2016

        Even if it did happen, it doesn’t make sense. You don’t add, by subtracting in this case.

        The Packers were about 9 million under the cap before the cut, they could have extended anyone. Plus, Bakhtiari is probably going to test free agency, hence the Spriggs pick.

  5. PF4L September 5, 2016

    I just read, a whole of nothing. Let me explain……

    You start off, like you have a story to substantiate your initial claim of some inside knowledge of Ted’s motivation. Show us the article……..

    But instead, you go off forever on the rantings of what your own imagination has conjured up.

    I told you before, this is our team, we’ll handle this. So…..wipe the chili off your chin and your white t-shirt, and go finish your bowl, then finish cleaning your room like you were told.

    Thank you for understanding.

    1. Howard September 5, 2016

      Plus this is the third time this has been cut and paste in separate articles comments. Just Jibberish.

  6. Feck September 5, 2016

    It’s got to be a trap. Undisclosed medicsn condition?

    1. PF4L September 5, 2016

      Fairly doubtful the Bears don’t know about his back, and didn’t give him a comprehensive physical before handing him 10 mill/guaranteed.

  7. ferris September 5, 2016

    I knew he was joining the Bears. Bad line and the same part of the country. Plus they just overpaid for Long. He can save Cutler from sacks but not INTs. “Jay will throw us the ball” Charles Woodson.
    He may be the Bears kicker too..how do you cut Gould, there is nobody out there that I know of.

  8. Phatgzus September 5, 2016

    Sucks the grizzled warrior ended up with a division rival,but at least it’s only the Bears-he could’ve ended up with an actual contender that needed line help *cough* Seahawks *cough, cough*.

    1. PF4L September 5, 2016

      True enough, Sitton isn’t enough to put the bears over the top, but if it wasn’t for the fact he’s on the bears, i’d be wishing him all the success in the world. He was a warrior for us, and a great Green Bay Packer, who deserved more respect than what they showed him.

  9. PF4L September 5, 2016

    God help us if our lineman get injured during the season. I know Linsley can easily back up Tretter if he gets hurt, that is if he isn’t on IR still, and if he isn’t playing LG. Bak get’s hurt, we have Spriggs, maybe Tretter (switch, and hope Linsley can play center. If Bulaga gets hurt(again) and no, Kyle Murphy isn’t ready for the big time, we have one Mr. Barclay at the ready. At least with Barclay at RT, Rodgers can see them coming, If there are injuries, let the musical chairs begin. You all saw our depth play against the Chiefs, you cool with that?

    I WAS pumped up about the line being pretty much healthy, a little more depth and the offense coming back to 2011 lethal.

    I know, doomsday. It’s the realist in me. We’ll chat again about this during the season. And i’ll admit if my concerns were right or wrong. You can count on it.

    But whatever happens, at the end of the day, they did Josh Sitton wrong and the team wrong THIS season…..for whatever reason.

    1. Abe Frohman September 6, 2016

      my thought was that Tretter goes to guard after Linsley comes back. Sucks to move the guy around, but if he’s versatile enough to play everything from Center to LT, he’s capable of that move.

      I agree that Sitton got screwed. I agree Lane Taylor is not going to cut it. I just hope it’s not AR or Eddie that pays the price.

      I don’t fault Sitton for going to the Bears. He’s looking for a job. He got 10M guaranteed out of it. Why not? The Packers clearly don’t want him. He doesn’t owe us a darn thing.

  10. Howard September 5, 2016

    What a coincidence, they also erased my previous response to your comments. You should not feel offended they probably felt like once they erased my response to your jibberish it would make your comment read like gobbledygook.

  11. Killer September 5, 2016

    Interesting. I seem to have offended “Big Brother’s” sensibilities. Too much truth all at once. Overwhelming I guess. My posts were erased without communication.
    I know it isn’t due to the profanity because every third post on this site has profanity. I guess I’ll post it again and see if Big Brother intervenes once more. Only cowards censer.
    As an experiment I will block out the profanity and see if this one is erased by Monty’s minions (Is Monty really against free speech? Really?). Do Packer fans support censorship and truth suppression? I know Fatguts does but what about the rest of you?
    I read an article — I think it was CBS Sports — that TT likely knew all along he would cut Sitton but intentionally waited in order to narrow Sitton’s options and interest from other teams. This sends a signal to everyone in the organization that TT is the boss and all should bow and quake in fear. It also means Sitton gets much less money than he otherwise would have. So Ted can say, “See, others did not think he was worth so much. I told you he overvalued himself.” It was also likely to cause Sitton to sign a one year contract so Ted could say when Sitton signed again then with yet another team, “See, that next team did not like him so much either. It clearly did not work out.” Then, on the third team’s contract Sitton would be another year older and yet again be signed for less than what he would have made in a multi-year deal if he had been waived in the off season. Also, by now all other teams have made provisions for starting guards so signing Sitton is only just so much of an upgrade thus lowering the money due to reducing the possible performance differential.
    Ted’s big secret plan backfired though. Sitton signed with Chicago for 21.75 million with 10 of that guaranteed.
    1) Some of you Ted Sheep are getting a little itchy in all that wool?
    2) Against all odds Sitton DID get a fair contract, paying more than what the Packers were paying. Sitton actually makes more money than he would have had the Packers not cut him.
    3) He did go the rival Bears. So Ted downgraded his own team and upgraded a rival. All while alienating the team and making his weaselly machinations fairly obvious. Smooth Ted.
    All that he hoped to accomplish by timing the cut as he did was not, in fact, accomplished. He tried bad to hurt Sitton to help himself look good. Both failed to the detriment of the Packers. In fact, it failed worse than most appreciate. He could have had a new guard working with the 1st team all through training camp, developing chemistry/experience. But he could not have that AND hurt Sitton as badly as possible, could he?
    Part of Ted’s plan did work though. He removed a leader so that more attention is on Ted = “Oh Ted, you made the team successful without Sitton. You are such a brilliant man?” — say the Ted Sheep. Ted has to put up with MM because he does not want to actually do the work — or accountability — of coaching and also Aaron Rodgers — though Aaron’s “leadership” is of no threat to Ted anyway — because he is the QB. After that? Get rid of them.
    Ted also has MM locked up as his bootlicker and enabler. Proof? The roster:
    1. TED to MM: “Hey Mikey, we need Blake Martinez to start and look good so everyone knows I’m a brilliant drafter.”
    MM to TED: “But, Master, not counting Clayfish, Blake is our 5th best ILB…”
    TED to MM: “Mikey… did I stutter?”
    MM to TED: “Oh so sorry, Master, but I thought you would want to know Blake is really a practice squad guy…”
    TED to MM: “You thought!? You THOUGHT?! You are not paid to think, you fat bearded TOAD!”
    MM to TED: “I’m so soooooo soooorrry. But Barrington and Bradford will be upset and everyone knows they are better players…”
    TED to MM: “No problem. Cut them both. That way even if Blake plays poorly he will continue to start and my rookie class will look great as he is bound to run into a few tackles every game. I am so tired of that ‘He should have drafted Kentrell Brothers drivel’.”
    2. TED to MM: “Speaking of the brilliance of my draft class, let me tell you about Trevor Davis — ”
    MM to TED: “Hey, it is OK Master, not every pick works out, not even a 5th rounder. I’m sure next time — ”
    TED to MM: “Tell me you did not just interrupt me! No, better yet, shut up. Go stand in the corner over there with your face down. Listen with your Toad ears or holes or f***ing fly-catching sonar or whatever Toads use.”
    MM shuffles over to the corner of his own office.
    TED to MM: “OK. Now stand there and do not dare to look upon me. OK, this Trevor kid, great great Great Great pick. A steal in round 5. Got it? Here is what you are going to do. Keep him on the roster. Got it?”
    MM to TED (muffled by wallpaper): “But, he is our 7th best WR.”
    TED to MM: “Then you CUT #5 and #6, AMIRITE?”
    MM to TED: “But, well, we have to keep at least 53 players and we are only going to have 3 ILBs……”
    TED to MM: “Fine, have it your way. Keep 7 receivers on the roster.”
    MM to TED: “But, Master, no team does that. It is never done. It will make us look silly….”
    TED to MM: “While you have addressed me with the correct honorific, YOU need to understand WE will make history together by YOU making ME look good. The fact we keep 7 receivers just because Trevor is such a brilliant pick will make it look even more brilliant. The day comes when the whole world will recognize me as its Master. Why would they not? I am always right. AMIRITE?!”
    MM to TED: “Praise be to Ted.”
    PS Sitton was ranked the #6 performing guard last year but, Ted Sheep are right to commend Ted, this preseason Sitton’s performance has dropped all the way down to… #6 ! 6 million for the #6 guard in the NFL is dirt cheap nowadays, a freaking steal even.

  12. MJ September 6, 2016

    Overall, him going to the Bears is one of the best outcomes given the situation. With him goes the playbook. So, had he gone to AZ, NE, SEA, CAR, we would be in for a quick playoffs elimination (or sure SB loss provided we miraculously get there to face NE).

    1. PF4L September 7, 2016

      Versus the Packers not getting a quick exit from the playoffs in previous seasons?

  13. Big B September 6, 2016

    Packers’ acapella group also weakened; GBP lose on all fronts.