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Aaron Rodgers Trolls Vikings About Ragnar

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has trolled the Minnesota Vikings in an under-the-radar fashion before.

Remember the Grape Crush incident? Have you seen Rodgers drink Grape Crush at a presser since then?

No, you haven’t.

He did it again this week during his conference call with Minnesota reporters. In case you’re unaware of this arcane ritual, teams make their head coach and star player available to the guys who cover the opposing team via a conference call each Wednesday.

On this week’s call, Rodgers started it off with questions about Ragnar, the former human mascot (and all-around piece of crap) of the Vikings.

“Is the Viking on the motorcycle coming back?” Rodgers asked.

After Rodgers was informed that Ragnar is not coming back, he followed with this.

“He wanted too much money, huh?” Rodgers recalled.

Clearly, Rodgers knows all about the embarrassing Ragnar saga. This idiot dressed up like a Viking and rode a motorcycle out of the tunnel before each game for way too many seasons.

The Vikings dumped him prior to moving to TCF Bank Stadium, which is where they played while the new Hormel Chili Dome was being built. Things got contentious. Ragnar was hurt and went to the media. The Vikings, the shitheels that they are, then revealed that Ragnar wanted $20,000 a game to continue his schtick.

They basically decided not to renew the guy’s contract and then thought it best to publicly embarrass him.

We have no love for the human being who actually wants to be a Minnesota Vikings mascot, but the public shaming just goes to show what a bunch of fucking scumbags run that organization.

And Rodgers dredging that embarrassment up?

Love it.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Xlvordie September 15, 2016

    How about the packers firing a maintenance worker because Mccarthy THOUGHT he heard him say something about laying an egg??

    1. PF4L September 15, 2016

      Gee…i wonder who xlvordie could be.

  2. Killer September 15, 2016

    Rodgers is such a hypocrite. The Vikings simply did not “re-sign” Ragnar due to the demand for excessive money. How does that compare to Rodgers firing his little male personal assistant because people were catching on to their affair?

    By the way, Monty, the Vikings did not conduct a “public shaming”. Ragnar took it all public and they simply honestly answered why they did not re-sign him = asking for too much money. Asking for too much money is not a source for shame and you make it out like the Vikings plotted about how to take it public in order to target Ragnar. Remember Monty: Deceiving IS lying.

    Meanwhile you have MM and TT or, as they are known, “the Packers”, reneging on their contract with Josh Sitton, telling the media directly that there were “many” reasons to betray him, then having media lackeys leak BS that Sitton was a cancer in the locker room. Unlike Ragnar, he actually was under contract, one the Packers did not honor, was not asking for too much money (very reasonable final year), then they publicly shamed him, and THEN behind the scenes back stabbed his character like the cowards they are.

    Now there you can truly see ‘…what a bunch of fucking scumbags run that organization….”

    P.S. PF4L, you really think I am also am XLVORDIE? His post is one (1) sentence long! Uno. Do ye not yet know me by now? Remember, many of my posts are as long as a Wisconsin school system term paper (half a page). All my posts have been under “Killer”.

    1. PF4L September 15, 2016

      I said, i wonder who he could be. It’s obviously clear who he is. He’s the 2nd person in here still living back in 2009.


      1. Big Gay Clay September 15, 2016

        “We would have won the super bowl if it wasn’t for bountygate!”

    2. Savage57 September 16, 2016

      Fucked up life when you spend so much of it on another (superior, legendary, 13-time champions) team’s website tilting at windmills. We’re supposed to bag on your team, dimwit. See, on Vikings sites, they bag on the Packers, with the difference being we never see it because we don’t give a fuck. A tree falling in the forest, noise kind of deal.

      And that, you horned-faggot supporting piece of shit, is the root of why your state, its team and especially its fans, are viewed as a pox upon the NFL specifically and society in general.

      1. Killer September 16, 2016

        Only six insults and/or usages of profanity in two whole paragraphs? You’ve been working on your self-control and making significant progress! (I commend you, though, on the use of “horned-faggot”. That is a new one and brought me some amusement.)

        No need to get so emotional, SAVAGE57. Please do not weep.

        As per your “13-time champions” parenthetical comment, I feel compelled to point out that you, like most Packer fans, have something in common with a toilet plunger: You keep bringing up old crap.

        Dare to live in the beautiful present! SKOL!

        1. PF4L September 16, 2016

          Verses the old crap of McCarthy having someone fired back in 2009, that you keep on bringing up, and bringing up, and……

          Dare to live in the beautiful present!!…Let me help!! :)

          1967-2016 – The vikings “presently” have 0 Super Bowl wins.


          1. Killer September 16, 2016

            Teams change with the players and coaches on them. The fact the Packers won some obscure championship in 1946 or 1954 or whenever (or if they had won one a couple years ago) before you were born has no relevance on Sunday’s game and what team to root for. The fact McCarthy is a soulless human being is relevant as per who to root for.

            McCarthy being a horrible person in 2009 means he is probably a horrible person now. Really, we know it from the Sitton situation anyway. But people at his age then don’t usually change much in seven years. Even you, PF4L, at your age, I invite you to become a Vikings fan but I don’t think you are capable of changing your ways. You are stuck being you.

          2. PF4L September 17, 2016

            Yea, it sucks i can’t be a Viking fan, obviously you don’t understand my username. If i could have become a Viking fan, i could have reveled in the spoils of the success with you, that you know the Vikings to be, or ummm, something like that. We could have been side by side, cheering on the hanging of the NFCN Champions banner. Ohhh, the good times we could have had. But, i guess i’m “stuck” being a Packer fan.


  3. Abe Frohman September 16, 2016

    I sort of forgot about the grape crush incident. Thanks for the reminder. I really hope we see it again Sunday evening.

    1. Killer September 16, 2016

      Oooooo yeah, you will be seeing some Grape Crush! Not the way you think though, he he he he…..

  4. Chad Lundberg September 16, 2016

    The reason Rodgers has not brought the grape crush thing to the podium since is because the NFL made it absolutely clear that he was never to do that ever again. You know, because it wasn’t gatorade. I can’t remember the link to this unfortunately.