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Watch First Take Clowns Debate Aaron Rodgers’ Jordy Excuse

The good news is Skip Bayless is no longer on First Take. The bad news is Skip Bayless is still alive. Bayless has been replaced on the show by Max Kellerman, which we’re cool with. Stephen A. Smith remains his usual loud-talking self.

Smith is an Aaron Rodgers fan though. So if you’re one of those Aaron-Rodgers-can-do-no-wrong homers, we’re sure you’re also a Smith fan.

You probably also talk loudly for no reason whatsoever, other than you think it reinforces your point. It doesn’t, but that’s okay.

Earlier this week, Rodgers talked about how the loss of Jordy Nelson not only was a loss of production, but it limited the Green Bay Packers’ playbook. Rodgers said there were plays and packages constructed just for Nelson and the Packers were unable to use those because they didn’t have another receiver like him.

Is that an excuse?

Well, yeah, kind of. Rodgers was saying here’s a reason why I didn’t have my usual awesome year in 2015.

I didn’t have my No. 1 receiver and our team didn’t have a guy who could fill that role.

It’s certainly not uncommon for Rodgers to pass some of the blame.

So what do Kellerman and Smith think? We’re sure you would love to know.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. PF4L August 12, 2016

    Mordecai…stick to subjects you actually know something about. like the Bachelorette, Olivia’s doggy, Jordan’s love interest, instagram, Life and Style, tmz and other gossip sources you research to give you article content.

    There is a book available that i’d like to buy you, it’s called “How to become a man”. I want to help you, and cost is no object. Could i send you a copy. Would you like that?

    Did you really just tell us that Rodgers thinks the absence of Nelson limited the play calling last season? WELL that’s just BREAKING FUCKING NEWS isn’t it? Is this new information for you? I think a 10 year old understands that. Or is it just too hard for you not to turn everything into soap opera bullshit by you trying to stir the pot. Lets leave the Packer discussion’s, to be discussed among actual Packer fans.

    Try this Mordecai, write something that Packer fans actually give a shit about…like a training camp report, Packers injury’s or just something that would entail you actually put some thought into something instead of telling us something everybody’s known for almost a year, or saying here’s a video, watch it…duh ummm duh ummm duh.

  2. GrannyPod August 12, 2016

    By my interpretation it seem the Mord man is pointing out the THE NEW SKIP BAYLESS replacement as much as an anything. What exactly is your PF?