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The Vikings’ Chances Just Took a Blow

And Teddy goes down!

The Minnesota Vikings lost quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for the season today. Bridgewater went down 30 minutes into practice with a knee injury that was later revealed to be a torn ACL. It was serious enough that Bridgewater got an ambulance ride.

It’s not as if Bridgewater is some all-time great. Mediocre is the word we’d use to describe him, but the Vikings are clearly better with him than without him.

Their backups are Shaun Hill and Joel Stave.

Hill’s last extensive action was with the Rams in 2014, when he started eight games. He threw for 1,657 yards, eight touchdowns and seven interceptions.

We told you the Vikings were cursed this season.

Fittingly, the injury happened in a non-contact drill.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L August 30, 2016

    This is enjoyable, not because i like to see someone get hurt, i don’t, other than Cutler. It’s just that, this guy doesn’t matter to the Vikings. They weren’t going anywhere, with him or without him. Even Killer knows…that this guy is a never was, and never will be.

    This isn’t exactly like the Packers losing Aaron Rodgers. Any mild success that the Vikings have had, their improving defense is responsible for.

    Bridgewater his little influence on games, even with Peterson as his running back. Minnesota’s sports pages should start with a headline like “No Big Deal”.


    1. Killer August 30, 2016

      PF4L, you are a sorry human being. If you even qualify.

      You take a severe and awful injury as an opportunity to heap inaccurate abuse on the injured. I await other Packer fans to join you as emotionally sub-human or to reject you and your self-damning thoughts as not reflective of them. Based on interactions with Packer fans in the past my guess is more will support your corrupt thought process than will reject it.

      Make no mistake, today is a sad day for the Vikings and their fans. However, it is a much sadder day for Packers honor and class. It appears the tank is empty or in the negative on those counts. Does any Packer fan have the guts to say different, figuratively stand up, and disown PF4L as not one of them?

      Here is a crucial difference between Packer fans (many or most of them) and Vikings fans:
      * Packer fans (many or most of them) delight in a young kind man being severely harmed if it increases their odds of winning. They are out there high Five-ing and congratulating each other.
      * Viking fans don’t want Rodgers or anyone else to get hurt, even on opposing teams, even their worst rival. They want to win fair and square and would rather lose to an opponent at full strength than beat one missing a critical player or players.

      What you don’t realize is that any win this year vs. the Vikes is tainted and any win by the Vikings of double significance and meaning.

      1. Phatgzus August 30, 2016

        This is one of the most hilariously delusional, defeatist, and rationalizing posts I’ve seen a Vikings fan make in the past two months. THANK YOU for this piece of comedic brilliance.

      2. PF4L August 30, 2016

        Reading killers post, one would think that Bridgewater is in the hospital hanging on for his life, with his parents deciding whether they should pull the plug.

        Relax dude, he has a knee injury, one or two players have had injure knee’s before…..and even lived.

        Tell ya what Sally….I wish a speedy and full recovery for Teddy, and hope he can come back strong next season and wear the purple proud again and return to being the below average QB we’ve all come to enjoy.


    2. Deepsky August 31, 2016

      The “improving” Viking defense averaged 356 yards a game the last 8 games of the season, the Packers defense averaged 311 yards a game.

      Extrapolated out to the whole year, that would have place the Vikings defense at 18th best, while the Packers would have been 4th.

      It’s the Packers defense which is improving.

      1. PF4L August 31, 2016

        You MISSED my point. It had nothing to do with the Packers defense. You can twist the #’s all you want. you can add a $20 word if you want to seem smarter, that’s fine. But if you must compare the defenses (which i didn’t), the Vikings gave up less points last season than the Packers, that’s the bottom line.

        You write…..The vikings would have been this…the packers would have been that…wtf?…..because you extrapolated the #’s? lmao. I deal with reality, not extrapolating (changing) the #’s.

        If you disagree with my comment that the vikings defense improved, that’s fine, prove me wrong. But don’t act like i was comparing it to the Packers defense, when i didn’t even bring it up.

    3. jeff August 31, 2016

      I agree , but any other back in the NFL besides Hill and the Vikes are SB bound . Sad but true ….. I hate the Vikes but they did win the north last year and there D isnt improving its top 5 and thats with an O that cant stay on the field……

  2. Dan August 30, 2016

    Packers should win this division easily now. I will be surprised if any other team in the NFC north finishes above .500. I just want to have fun watching the Packers play for a change. Last year was just awful to watch.

  3. Chad Lundberg August 30, 2016

    I am not relieved by Teddy’s injury because I wasn’t the least bit scared of him to begin with. Wonder if the Vikings willing to negotiate trade for Hundley…. hmm. 3 first round picks or nothing at all! I’m gonna go eat some pancakes.

    1. Killer August 30, 2016

      Crawl back into your sewer home, Lundberg. Shame on you. Does your Mom know you are scum?

      1. PF4L August 30, 2016

        I think killer needs a hug, n maybe a cookie.

        1. Phatgzus August 30, 2016

          If only his parents hadn’t abandoned him when he was just a wee larva he’d probably have both right now.

      2. Chad Lundberg August 30, 2016

        What the hell did I say that was so bad??? Did I say I’m glad he’s injured or something??? People sometimes…

    2. Chad Lundberg August 30, 2016

      And it’s become clear to me that none of you have seen Draft Day. No one got that reference.

    3. Deepsky August 31, 2016

      Matt Flynn will make a visit this week. Guaranteed.

      They may also consider Vince Young.

  4. Killer August 30, 2016

    Bonham, clearly you are a fiction writer as stated in your byline.

    Look, I know it is big news and you are obliged to write about it. I have zero issue with that.

    But, you use it as an opportunity to deprecate a fine young man who has performed admirably. He was the most pressured QB in the league last year and, when intentional throwaways are factored in, had the highest completion percentage in the league. He also has the highest completion percentage in NFL history for any QB in their first two years. Better than Favre or Rodgers or… anyone. But you say he is “mediocre”. This shows your lack of football knowledge. And, of course, lack of sportsmanship and humanity and class.

    You then took this as an opportunity to say I told you so which is self-serving, creepy, and inaccurate.

    You then added that it was fitting that it occurred in a non-contact drill. I guess that is meant as some kind of weak-minded insult. So, literally, a fine young man who does lots of charity work and has been exemplary in every way — on and off the field – is severely injured and in great pain, and you literally add insult to injury. Despicable.

    Do you let your Mom read your articles? I hope not. If you do and she is not ashamed of you, maybe she is the reason you turned out the way you are.

    1. Phatgzus August 30, 2016

      “It’s not as if Bridgewater is some all-time great. Mediocre is the word we’d use to describe him, but the Vikings are clearly better with him than without him.” Not a fan of the writer but nowhere is he “deprecating” Bridgewater, merely stating an opinion regarding his impact to the team relative to the calibre of play he has so far displayed in his NFL career.

      LMFAO, he had 14 TDs last year, same as he had his rookie season, and only 3000 yards more passing-a meager 3,200. I think mediocre is being kind. Not saying much about your completion percentage when you average 7 yards a throw. Maybe when/IF Teddy gets a TD-INT ratio above 1.5 we can revisit this topic again.

      It’s fitting because we lost one of our best players in the same manner, or do you not understand the concept of cosmic irony (Rhetorical, BTW)?

      Thanks for having your meltdown on a Packer Blog, highly entertaining. I know it’s been a rough week for you, what with the NFL summarily concluding their investigation of Matthews and Peppers, so, as the compassionate Packer fan that I am I’ll offer your little Viking troll soul some solace. Your team won’t finish much worse than they would’ve had your future HoF QB not been injured. I’m sure All-Time Badger great Joel Stave, Lion castoff Shaun Hill, or future cut 4th-string Niner QB Christian Ponder can lead this team to a mid-round draft much the same as Teddy B could have.

      BTW, before you dish out your assorted crude, fatuous dysphemisms I am not reveling in scadenfroh joy at the suffering of a sports player whom I’ve never met, but rather at the obvious mental anguish of a Vikings troll whose secular, lavender-shaded, chili-scented world has shattered like the window of its favorite team’s shiny new stadium.

      1. Killer August 30, 2016

        Mediocre is deprecation and is inaccurate. Keep in mind he has a greater completion percentage than anyone in their first two years. Better than Favre or Rodgers. So, if you and Bonham really think he is mediocre you are certainly also insulting Favre and Rodgers by extension.

        What “one of our best players in the same manner” are you talking about? If you did then how is it fitting that the Vikings lose one in the same way? Right after the writer talks about a make-believe curse? Nice attempt to spin it, mini-Trump, but easily seen through.

        I find it interesting — and telling — that you read my logical thoughts and appeal for better sportsmanship and interpret that as a “meltdown”. If that is a “meltdown” the world needs many more such “meltdowns”. If disgust with poor sportsmanship and appealing for more honorable behavior is a “meltdown” then I’m quite sure you’ve never experienced a “meltdown” by that definition. Now, dictionary definition may be an entire other matter, huh, Fatguts?

        1. Phatgzus August 30, 2016

          Lol, you just get dumber/more insane with every post. Please, by all means keep at it-this is too fuckin’ funny.

        2. PF4L August 30, 2016

          Do you really want to compare Bridgewaters stats?…Seriously? Ok, i’ll play.

          Teddy’s 1st 2 seasons starting, 28 td’s against 21 interceptions.

          Rodgers 1st 2 seasons starting, 58 td’s against 20 interceptions.

          Stop there, or do you need more?

        3. Phatgzus August 30, 2016

          It’s fitting because the Vikings are the Packers’ current rival (or as close to a rival as a backwater JV football team that’s never won anything of merit can be) and both have now lost major players to the same injury, both suffered in the preseason without contact-COSMIC IRONY. The next time your teacher gives you the answer pay attention so you don’t look like a complete idiot when you ask the same question with drool flowing from your mouth in a brain dead imitation of Niagra Falls.

          Mediocre is an accurate, unbiased depiction. Pretty fucking easy to complete a high percentage of passes when you don’t throw it beyond the sticks because your arm is made of a limp piece of linguine (now THAT is “deprecation”). Aaron Rodgers threw as many TDs in his worst year as a starter (his 1st) as Teddy has thrown in 2. That’s fucking sad, especially considering he’s thrown nearly as many picks. If anything, Mediocre is actually an overestimation of his skill considering he was 22nd in QB rating in his best season so far.

          LMFAO at mini-Trump. That’s fucking classic. If anyone here espouses the bile, insularity, delusion, and general discordance of a Trumpite, it’s you my friendly; FITTINGLY you are completely oblivious or in denial of this fact.

          Again, THANK YOU for the entertainment.

          1. Killer August 30, 2016

            I think you are tryyyyyyyyying to make a logical argument in your own foul lowest denominator fashion. But, you are missing something. Logic. You use poor statistics without accounting for improvement or for situation.

            I’ll explain slowly so you have a chance to keep up.

            TD number is more an indication of the proliferation, or lack thereof, in the passing game. The more you throw the more throwing TDs you get. I have no doubt that if Teddy was Rodger’s age and was drafted instead of him and sat on the bench learning three years and then stepped into a passing offense he would have done as well as Rodgers (and be more liked and respected by his teammates and do a lot more charity work and still talk to his family).

            Interceptions are decreased by accuracy but increased by less experience and poor pass protection and/or poor receivers. Teddy has dealt with some of the all time worst pass protection, far worse than anything Rodgers has ever faced. Teddy’s poor pass pro literally broke records last year (highest pressures per pass attempt). You put rookie and year 2 Rodgers in that same situation he would have thrown as many or more.

            Teddy has also been improving, as QBs do, and is just entering his third year. The urban legend of his weak arm is more a function of the poor pass pro preventing long throws. This year was going to be different. For instance, in the first preseason game he threw a 55 yard pass for a TD, dropping it in perfect on a dime so the WR did not need to break stride or reach. This last game he was 12 of 16 for 161 yards and a TD in the first half against the opposing team’s starters. Teddy was very good last year, not mediocre, and was set to be excellent this year.

            As per stats, a few notes. I was not saying Teddy is yet as good or better than Rodgers. I was saying he was not mediocre. You act like Rodgers is just above mediocre and anyone lesser is mediocre or worse. But you are eager to compare the two under a false premise that if Rodgers is better then Teddy is mediocre. A complete false argument.

            But, hey, let’s play your little game just a little as food for thought. I’m not saying Teddy is better than Rodgers, that is not the point. The point is to try to get you to use the brain God gave you. I know, probably can’t work, but, let’s try.

            Teddy’s first two years his accuracy — with record-setting horrendous pas pro and comparatively poor receivers — was 64.9%. Rodgers did not achieve that level of accuracy until his 6th year!

            In his first two years Teddy has thrown 28 touchdowns and run for 4 TDs.
            In his first three years Rodgers threw a total of 1 TD and ran for zero.
            32 to 1 Fatguts. 32 to 1…..

            We can’t compare Teddy’s 5th and 6th years with Rodgers’ quite simply because they have not happened. But, when you compare year to year, year 1 to year 1, year 2 to year 2, there is no comparison, Teddy achieved far more than Rodgers. Undeniable statistical fact.

          2. Phatgzus August 30, 2016

            LMFAO at all of this.

            You pass more because you have a QB that can actually win by doing so. You don’t pass as much when your QB doing so will more likely result in a loss. You know what that type of QB is called? A game manager.

            Aaron Rodgers has been THE most sacked QB over the time period he has started. So yeah, he’s dealt with awful o-lines, last year’s comes to mind. But yet again, you don’t have a clue.

            Lol at your hypotheticals-they are the death throes of a debater who has no logical recourse. You CAN’T compare their first seasons because Rodgers simply couldn’t unseat a Hall of Fame PACKER quarterback who is one of the 10 best to have ever played his position. Teddy Bridgewater had to unseat CHRISTIAN PONDER (another brilliant 1st-round pick by the Vikings). We CAN compare their first years as starters, and in that regards, Aaron Rodgers make Teddy B. look like the game manager for a winless DIII team. Hell, his stats aren’t even as good as Kaepernick’s were.

            22 26 22
            Those are Teddy B.’s rankings in yards, TDs, and QB rating. his 14 TD passes is worst (by SIX) of any QB who played 16 games. That’s worse than mediocre, plain and simple.

          3. PF4L August 31, 2016

            “In his first two years Teddy has thrown 28 touchdowns and run for 4 TDs.
            In his first three years Rodgers threw a total of 1 TD and ran for zero.
            32 to 1 Fatguts. 32 to 1…..” – Killer

            So Killer…the only way you can brag that Bridgewater posted better stats against Rodgers, is the years that Rodgers didn’t play? Genius, pure fucking genius. What’s next?….Bridgewater is on his way into the HOF, just like Rodgers?

            You are one special kind of stupid….lol

    2. Tucson Packer August 31, 2016

      You are worried about a lot of people’s mothers. I would have you consider a job working with the elderly, maybe in the hospice capacity. Probably make more of an impact than your trolling does here. Definitely.

  5. PF4L August 30, 2016

    OMG…Bridgewaters injured.

    I guess the Vikings aren’t favored to win the Super Bowl now. Bwhahahahahaahaha

  6. Kato August 30, 2016

    Killer-chill out man. No one here is celebrating him being injured. Just merely stating that this doesn’t kill the vikings. Teddy was just solid, but defense and running game was more the key to their success. Obviously his absence hurts this team, but not as much as you would think.

    As an aside, I am really hoping for the best for him. Knee dislocation, no bueno. This is serious shit, especially if arterial damage is involved. The man’s fucking livelihood is at stake.

    1. PF4L August 30, 2016

      I don’t know if his livelihood is at stake, maybe playing football. But even if the worst happened and he couldn’t play anymore. He did get a free ride college education. So i’m thinking that at age 24, he’ll still have some earning power. Plus the fact he’d make at a minimum 5.5 million dollars from the Vikings. Thats a nice start at life in your early 20’s. Better start than 99.999999% of us.

    2. Killer August 30, 2016

      Luckily, no arterial damage or nerve damage. It had potential to be career-ending but will only cost him the season. Fortunate in his misfortune.

      It is clear some are happy about this. For instance, PF4L says as much in the first post: “This is enjoyable, not because I like to see someone get hurt, I don’t, other than Cutler. It’s just that, this guy doesn’t matter to the Vikings.” He literally is saying that hearing about this injury is “enjoyable” to him. Then he continues with deficient logic that it is enjoyable because it does not matter to the Vikings? So he thinks it will not impact the season at all but he still finds it “enjoyable” that a fine young man heavily involved in charity is in the hospital awaiting surgery?

      Then there is Fatguts saying he is “not reveling in scadenfroh joy at the suffering of a sports player whom I’ve never met, but rather at the obvious mental anguish of a Vikings troll…”. So, obviously Fatguts does not even know how to spell schadenfreude (even with a spellchecker) and thinks it is OK to revel in it due to a fan feeling bad for his QB or reveling in it because a Teddy fan finds the lack of honor among Packer fans disgusting. It is hypocrisy to disavow schadenfreude towards a wounded player but to embrace proudly schadenfreude towards a concerned fan who points out dishonorable unsportsmanlike behavior. As far as troll Fatguts needs to look into a mirror on that one. Someone who is glad someone gets hurt or who enjoys that others are troubled by the injury? THAT is a troll.

      I know, of course, not all Packer fans are trollish idiots without honor. You clearly are not. But the ones who are not should speak up against those who make you guys look so bad. You know, have some fan quality control.

      This type of behavior by PF4L and Fatguts may be normal for this site but is truly not normal in the sports world. For instance, when Jordy Nelson was hurt last year a Vikings site I frequent (which often has 100 to 500 posts on a single article), while it did have “strategic evaluation” comments that it would hurt the Packers offense, there were zero mean-hearted comments or expressions of any kind of enjoyment. In fact, at least half the comments included — or were entirely limited to — wishing Jordy the best and a quick and full recovery.

      1. Phatgzus August 30, 2016

        Schadenfroh is the adjective conjugate (note the context in which it’s used) of schadenfreude, open a dictionary.

        You continue to sink to new depths in your ocean of idiocy with every post, congratulations, you are the James Cameron of idiocy.

        Then by all means, go back to your VIKINGS websites and quit QQing here, because it’s fucking sad that the only people on the internet you interact with are fans of your teams’ rival. Troll can’t dish it and he most certainly can’t can’t take it.

        1. Killer August 31, 2016

          Schadenfroh is an actual word… but that is not the actual word you used. You misspelled it therefore I was correct that your spellchecker should have caught it. Chalk that up to a simple error anyone at a keyboard can make but, beyond that, there are still issues. Schadenfroh is an adjective whereas Schadenfreude is a noun, a state of being. Your usage, that you were allegedly not “reveling in…” refers to a state of being. The noun usage would have been correct and an adjective incorrect. To give a similar example to aid in your understanding, look at the following: “depressing” is an adjective while “depression” is a noun. Swap out Schadenfroh/schadenfreude for depressing/depression. Can you revel in “depressing” or would you revel in “depression” which is a noun? (obviously not the best word example as no one revels in depression…. though, due to your schadenfreude, you would revel in the depression of others).
          You utilized the wrong word and misspelled it. You were perhaps distracted as your subconscious took note (and screamed) that you were revealing yourself to be a hypocrite — vigorously denying schadenfreude on one count while, in the same sentence, embracing it on another count.
          There is yet another issue though. (Really amazing how many ways you can mess up in such a short time span, by the way.) You talk about ” scadenfroh joy” (Fatguts’ misspelling has been purposely retained to protect the “integrity” of his quote). However, “froh” already means joy. That is part of the word meaning and the root meaning of froh is joy/happiness/glee. So it was redundant. Who knows, perhaps you work at the Department of Redundancy Department.
          I interact with many people on the internet, my fan sites and many others. Only at this site do I consistently find such poor sports, the dregs of internet humanity (Again, please NOTE, not all of you, just many of you). I draw out the intriguing behavior by simply making true observations. That alone is enough for the likes of Fatguts to demean themselves by simply revealing their true character over and over. I am intrigued if this antisocial sociopath-like behavior is brought out by the juvenile writing style of the articles on this site or if it is a Packer fan phenomenon. Is there a connection between the high ratio of serial killers from Wisconsin and this much lesser severity inhumanity among Packer fans? Is it genetic from who settled in Wisconsin or is it perhaps due to the hormones in Wisconsin milk, cheese, and beef?
          Fatguts, please assist me in my study:
          Are you from Wisconsin?
          Do you live there now or how many years did you live there?
          How many pounds of Wisconsin cheese and pounds of Wisconsin beef do you consume per week (or per day)?
          How many gallons of Wisconsin milk do you drink per week?
          How often do you consider killing people?
          The next question is multiple choice:
          Who do you blame for your anti-social behavior?
          A. Mom.
          B. Dad.
          C. Both of them.
          D. The Wisconsin school system.
          E. Society.
          F. A demonic spirit inhabiting you.
          Your participation in this study is appreciated.
          PF4L, of course you are also invited to answer the questions above. You and Fatguts are birds of a feather. Not literally though. You likely have little else in common. For instance, Fatguts has communicated — indirectly but it was a cry for help — that he has something he calls “skin tags” all over his testicles. We all feel bad for him but I can’t help. I don’t know what causes them or how to get rid of them. He needs to see a dermatologist or… something. Anyway, I am in no way suggesting you have these “skin tags on testicles” that Fatguts has obsessed over. Just that you are also antisocial, illogical, and sociopath-like. That’s all.

          1. Phatgzus August 31, 2016

            BTDubs, not from Wisconsin, so there goes THAT theory. GOOD effort though, have another participation ribbon and a pecan sandy. Keep at it, Chuckles this is too fun.

        2. Phatgzus August 31, 2016

          Schadenfrohjoy, schadenfroh is a modifier for “joy” which would be my “state of being”, I missed my “h” key big fucking whoop, clearly I know how to spell the word (SMFH grasp at MORE straws please, you’re just making yourself look even more idiotic and egotistical, GJ on THAT). Lesson concluded.

          “I draw out the intriguing behavior by simply making true observations”

          Like Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, and James Harrison were guilty until proven innocent based on a recanted statement? LOLOLOLOL.

          Back to the ad hominems yet again. Clearly you have nothing left. Just take a step back and look at how desperately delusional and unloved you are. Sad sad sad, tsk tsk tsk.

          1. Killer August 31, 2016

            Well, you answered my multiple choice question by basically saying the answer is not D. I guess you don’t understand how multiple choice questions work. You state which one is the correct answer. You do not just choose one that is not the correct answer. That is way too easy though I can see how you would wish that were the case — you would have much better prospects of graduating high school.

            No, schadenfroh is not a correct modifier for joy. Schaden means malicious and froh means joy. Schadenfroh means malicious joy. The way you used it comes out as malicious joy joy. Again, at the risk of being redundant myself, this usage is straight out of the Department of Redundancy Department. Correct grammer would have been dropping “schadenfroh joy” and correctly replacing it with simply “schadenfreude”. You used an adjective when you should have used the noun. You used the wrong word in the wrong way and now are not man enough to admit your error. This is a little thing but indicative of your overall character and failings. You seek out a lesser used to word to try to appear bigger than you are, you drop the ball in your usage, and then are too little to take account for it. This is why you are stuck the way you are and are unable to improve yourself. He who sees no errors fixes no errors.

            My observations regarding Matthews, Peppers, and Harrison were all spot on. I never said they were proven guilty, I never said they were proven guilty based on a recanted statement (you are a bizarre one Fatguts). In fact I stated they would cave in and submit to interviews and what happened? They did. I said the NFL would not be able to prove guilt for many reasons and what happened? The NFL was not able to prove guilt.

            Keep in mind the NFL has not proven them innocent either. They just could not find evidence to prove it. As I correctly predicted would occur.

            Anyway, please do respond some more. I never know what kind of zany ideas you will sprout and am entertained. Go ahead and swear and be profane if you want. Let it all out. It does not offend me at all. You are fascinating.

          2. Phatgzus September 2, 2016


            So pitifully delusional. You implied they had something to hide, assuming it was the players in question deciding not to cooperate rather than the Union. To that end, the players didn’t “cave” the Union finally agreed to allow them to cooperate.

            You are too fucking entertaining, Killer. By all means continue to troll here. Lord knows you’ll have plenty of time outside of the three hours a week you’ll be watching the Vikings get crushed.

            Keep on spending your time on a Packer site, by all means. Too fuckin’ funny.

      2. Tucson Packer August 31, 2016

        Lol, Are your feelings getting hurt there, ‘lil Killer?! haha.

        Tell us all again just how much of a mean ‘ol bully we are being, I really am just about to put myself in time-out for it all. Going to go to bed without dinner, too!

        Go hang out on that ‘Queens site you mentioned and talk with your Chili-Kool-Aid drinking friends and talk about how you are going to win the Super Bowl next year, if not still able to magically win it with some of that Vikings magic this year.


        1. Killer August 31, 2016

          Tucson, I’m sure you are trying your best, but you are just a little wannabe troll in comparison to PF4L and Fatguts. I mean you show no frustrated anger and use no profanity at all and do not obsess over male parts and bodily functions. You are like a little baby troll unable to climb out from under the bridge.

          I think your moniker explains it. If you live in Tucson you cannot obtain the Wisconsin milk, cheese, and beef needed to grow into a full-time full-blown “mature” troll.

          At this point I have no need for you to fill out my survey above.

          1. Tucson Packer August 31, 2016

            Or maybe consider that I show no “frustrated anger” and lack the use of profanity because you wear purple on Sunday and are thus about as deserving of my angst as spilled milk. Wisconsin Milk at that, too.

            You do know to be a “troll” one would have to visit internet sites of contradictory viewpoint and then comment in the contrary, right? That’s what you do. Not me. I was here before you and will be here still long after you have finally found (hopefully) a fulfilling hobby. Apparently, according to you, there is some type of “level” of troll. You seem to be speaking from experience on that, something I cannot argue.

            You do know since the invention of refrigeration quite a few years ago now, dairy products from all over the country and indeed the world are available to “obtain” at a variety of grocers near you and me with a simple exchange of money? I would have thought that to be common sense. Clearly I have underestimated you.

      3. PF4L August 31, 2016

        Here’s the problem Killer……

        You state that when Jordy got injured, there were no viking fans reveling or expressing enjoyment over the injury on a vikings blog. Here’s the difference……….

        What you failed to mention, is there weren’t other trolls invading that site from another team. YES…i’m talking about you constantly trolling this site for months and months.

        So now, you constantly cry and cry and cry and cry some more that we don’t have any class, but you come here as a bullying viking fan trolling us. then when you get some payback…You CRY foul!!!

        Tell ya what junior…..If we make you SO SAD, if you feel like were so classless, why do you even come here? Because you like every fucking second of it, that’s why. You could spare yourself all this self inflicted anguish, by simply not coming here. But you choose to on your own volition, to come experience it. So fucking spare us all of the drama of how disgusted you are, you come here for it.

        Now if in fact….you lost all emotional control like you seem to have. May i suggest getting therapy? Maybe you can ask your parents to hug you more. Did you feel unloved as a child? Do you just need someone to talk too about your feelings?

        1. PF4L August 31, 2016

          Killer, my last sentence was an olive branch offering my help. do you want my help getting better, or do you just want to sludge your way through life walking with your head down, mumbling to yourself and having people walk away from you because you scare them?

          I’m here to help.

  7. NachoDan August 30, 2016

    If I was a Viking fan, or any other team, I would not be on a fucking Packers website.

    1. Tucson Packer August 31, 2016

      That’s because you aren’t insecure in your personal life and by extension certainly not when it comes to your (repeatedly underachieving) football team.

      1. Killer August 31, 2016

        Tucson, this is a response to your response to my response a few spots above here. You make a few false statements which need correcting.

        Your first paragraph is of no consequence so let’s move to the second. Your definition of troll is entirely false. Visiting web sites of contrary viewpoint is not trolling. Neither is disagreement. All views have someone who disagrees. Under your false definition every member of humanity who has an opinion is a troll.

        My “viewpoint” is that injuries, especially severe ones, especially ones to good kind people who do a lot of charity work, should not be celebrated or used as an excuse to verbally spit on the victim by then taking the injury as an opportunity to deprecate their abilities and performance — or to attack their team. Now, I ask you: Is my viewpoint really contradictory to your own?

        This is from Wikipedia, regarding the term troll = “the word can be abused to refer to anyone with controversial opinions they disagree with.[16] Such usages goes against the ordinary meaning of troll in multiple ways. Most importantly, trolls don’t actually believe the controversial views they claim”

        So, according got Wikipedia, you are abusing the term. This may be intentional or it could be sheer ignorance on your part. Only you will know. I also can assure you I believe everything I have posted (though I will note I often post humorous ideas with the idea of poking fun, not out of literal belief. However, these occasions should be obvious to the socially educated.) So trying to define me as a troll is a complete whiff on your part.

        Trolling is abusiveness, not disagreement. Under the actual real terminology, you are a troll (though only a baby one). It is the message not what site it is posted on.

        As per your third paragraph: Yes, I am familiar with refrigeration. I am also familiar with the costs associated with shipping products. Unless you engage some kind of expensive weird special delivery your beef is likely from Kansas or Texas or Colorado or closer, same thing cheese, same thing milk. Odds are very slim that the milk in your grocery store has been transported two thousand miles from Wisconsin. Now, items advertising location such as “Wisconsin cheese curds” would be from Wisconsin. Still, odds are the cheese, milk, and beef you consume in Tucson that come from Wisconsin are either zero or quite finite in comparison to those living in Wisconsin. Which was exactly my very simple, direct, honest, and accurate point. That either went over your head or you consciously chose to ignore.

        You tried, mini-troll, but…. Train a few more years and try again when you get into high school.

        1. Tucson Packer August 31, 2016

          Your entire existence is of no consequence.

          1. Empacador August 31, 2016

            Too bad Killer doesn’t understand “hypocrite”. When I watch those Youtube videos of Paul Allen losing his shit after numerous Vikings melt downs, I hear lots of curse words coming out of the mouths of Viking fans. I offered him a hug, but then decided I wasn’t gonna wait around and see if he accepted. I don’t read his insane rambling anymore, obviously he must be unemployed, based on the length and frequency of his posts, as he spends way too much time trolling (definition of internet troll “a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement”. I can get the gist of his recycled lather, rinse, repeat posts from reading the responses of others to know there are zero redeeming qualities in him. Misery loves company, and Killer is that company. I’m sure he will respond even though I said I don’t read his bullshit anymore, because that’s what trolls do.

            Too bad Bridgewater got hurt, seems like a good guy. Fuck Vikings fans in general, based on the two I know real life and how much shit they talk and for being literally arrogant pricks in all facets of their lives, not only as Viking fans. Maybe there are some Youtube videos of Viking fans curled in the fecal (yes I meant fecal not fetal) position watching their dynasty slip away while sucking their thumbs and calling out for their mommies.

        2. Phatgzus August 31, 2016

          Like a solitary cockroach dropping in the vast ocean of shit that is the Vikings’ fanbase.

  8. TyKo Steamboat August 30, 2016

    Viqueens should consider Brent Farve or Matt Flynn or Graham Harrel

    1. Tucson Packer August 31, 2016


      1. Phatgzus August 31, 2016


        1. Tucson Packer September 1, 2016

          Oh shit. Johnny Football?! Yes, please.

    2. Deepsky August 31, 2016

      Brett Favre. Man, that would not surprise me in the least. Now that all Favre has put all the nice-making behind him, he can go back to what he really feels about the Packers.