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Favre Vikings Jersey Nothing But Hall of Fame FAIL!

In case you missed it earlier this week, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has a Brett Favre locker on display that contains both a Green Bay Packers jersey and a Minnesota Vikings jersey.

Some mistakenly assumed this was Favre’s doing. That he was trolling Packers fans one last time.

It was the Hall of Fame’s decision and they tried to explain it on Thursday.

“No doubt Brett is referred to as a Green Bay Packers, but part of our job is to tell the whole history of the game, and our job is to tell the impact Brett Favre had on the history of the NFL,” Hall of Fame spokesman Pete Fierle said. “And some Packers fans are a little upset about that Vikings jersey in there, but that Vikings jersey, it is a jersey Brett Favre wore when he set the NFL record for most consecutive starts, and that to me is one of the most amazing records in the history of the NFL because we’re talking about a quarterback.”

That has to be among the stupidest things we’ve ever heard and it also is the exact opposite of what they do for other players.

First of all, Favre may have set the starts record with the Vikings, but he had the vast majority of those starts in Green Bay. He also had 16 of them with the New York Jets. As we pointed out earlier this week — where’s that jersey?

Second, look at that photo.

There’s Joe Montana’s locker to the left of Favre’s. He played his final two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was actually successful in both of those seasons, while Favre was only successful in one of his two Vikings’ seasons. Where is Joe Montana’s Chiefs jersey?

There’s a much more egregious example to the right of Favre.

Former Packers outside linebackers coach Kevin Greene. He played for four teams. He played for the Los Angeles Rams for eight years, Pittsburgh for three, Carolina for three and San Francisco for one. And somehow Greene’s locker only has a Steelers jersey. Of his two first-team All Pro selections, one came with Pittsburgh and one with Carolina. He accrued 72.5 of his 160 career sacks with the Rams.

So, if you’re telling the story of Kevin Greene, clearly there should be Rams and Panthers jerseys in that locker.

Apparently, only Favre is special enough to be recognized as playing for more than one team. And only then, with completely flawed reasoning that applies to no one else.

And that’s why today, Pro Football Hall of Fame, we consider you a total and complete failure.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Deepsky August 5, 2016

    Look closer. It’s not just a Vikings jersey. The right side of the locker has Viking pants and some other Vikings/Favre document. The shoulder pads in the middle could be for either team, and I’m sure that was on purpose too.

  2. ferris August 5, 2016

    Montana took the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game like Bert did for the Vikings. And he was evacuated under duress from SF. Very similar paths except for the jerseys. Good point

  3. Killer August 5, 2016

    Ah, Mordecai, you always surprise me in the new ways you find to be illogical while apparently thinking you are logical.

    You are trying to compare the incomparable. How many players have the record for most consecutive starts? If you guessed “One” then you are correct. Pause and take a moment to enjoy being actually correct about something. You may feel triumph or perhaps relief or, perhaps, confusion at this new sensation.

    So only Favre has that record. He set it with the Vikings. You point out the majority of those starts were with GB. But those starts alone did not set that record. In fact, if TT and MM had had their way Favre never would have set that record at all. You point out how GB enabled the record but fail to point out they made every effort to derail it. Besides driving him out of town, making him feel unwanted (because they really did not want him), they went out of their way to trade him to a crappy Jets team where he would have little support.

    In addition, Minnesota is a better state than Wisconsin in education, crime, a dramatically lower percentage of serial killers than Wisconsin, better hunting and fishing, cleaner air, less drug use, a better economy…. Well, really, Minnesota is better than Wisconsin in every measurable or important way.

    Favre left GB because he was driven out and traded away. Minnesota fans always wanted to keep him. Of course Favre loves the Vikings more than the Packers (even though I know Favre did not choose the two jerseys). He had better teammates who loved him more. He has much more positive memories of Minnesota.

    No one should be surprised, shocked, or appalled that the Vikings jersey is in his HOF locker. This is a non-story tempest-in-a-teacup thing. Anyone troubled by it at all is just demented and off kilter.

    Mordecai… take some deep breaths… calm down… take out your garbage (it is really piling up)… and, please, remember to take a bath or shower again. At least change your clothes every other day.

    PS Good point about the Kevin Green jersey. He should have more than one but I’m not sure if the second should be Panthers or Rams or if the two should be Panthers and Rams and no Steelers jersey. (Hey, you see, Mordecai, even a broken clock (you) is accurate twice a day.)

    1. Savage57 August 6, 2016

      The only aspect in which Minneshithole is superior to Wisconsin is the overwhelming percentage of waterheads in the population who choose to support the desperate futility of your mirage of a NFL team for over more than 5 decades.

    2. PF4L August 6, 2016

      If knowledge is power, then killer is a boy on a bicycle with training wheels drag racing John Force in his funny car.

      Seriously, do some research killer, study and learn about the subject and topic you wish to write about, BEFORE writing. Then possibly, people will acknowledge that you even have a clue as to the back story of your views and that they were actually derived from fact. Not the fiction you imagine in your mind.

      Watch “The last Day at Lambeau.”
      Better to be known as educated, than a fool.

      Thank you for understanding.

    3. Tucson Packer August 8, 2016

      “He has much more positive memories in Minnesota”

      Hahaha, yes, all of those positive successful memories wearing purple. Oh man, you crack me up!

  4. the real jeff ircink August 5, 2016


  5. Kozak August 6, 2016

    How else are Queen fans going to have anything to see in the Hall? No Lombardi’s, No Halas trophies since the 70’s. Got to throw them a bone man.

  6. PF4L August 6, 2016

    This is nothing more than damage control the Hall is trying to manufacture on behalf of Brett. No where is it stated from the HOF that this was their decision, and their’s alone.

    First, i highly doubt anything like that happens without the players input.

    Secondly, if that is the jersey for most consecutive starts, the question then becomes. Where did they get it? Common sense says they got it from Favre.

    Here’s a Favre fan’s take, cited in Jeff Alexanders weak article……..“I saw that on the internet the other day, but they say Brett had nothing to do with it, it was the curator, and you know what, we love him for what he did for the organization,” David Markowski, a fan from California, said.

    They say? Who’s they? Someone on the internet? lol. I call bullshit. Typical Favre fan. Maybe this is the kind of fan Favre was referring to when he spoke about “real Packer fans……”.

    If you enjoy being dumbed down, just read more from people like Jeff Alexander and some Favre fan from California.

    I don’t really care, but someone has to offer an intelligent voice of reason.

    1. Deepsky August 6, 2016

      I agree on all points, except I DO care.

      Favre still wants to stick it to the Packers. I have no doubt.

      1. PF4L August 6, 2016

        He probably does, i couldn’t argue with that.

        I just don’t get angry over it anymore. i just have a lot less respect for him. But for me, that started back in 2005. by the time he went to the vikings, emotionally i was done with him.

        As i have always stated as a Packer fan, i respect and appreciate Favre for his positive accomplishments on the field in Green Bay. As a man off the field, i really have no time or respect for him. If others hold him in high regard off the field, that’s their prerogative.

        1. Empacador August 6, 2016

          You absolutely nailed this. Appreciate what he did for the most part. Was never my favorite player but he was tough. The way he ended his time in Green Bay and his career made me glad he was never a favorite. He still thinks he is the only relevant chapter in Packer history. Insecure, vindictive asshole of a person. Fan of the team, not the person, despite his definition of what a true Packer fan is.

          I don’t think he thinks much of McCarthy though, so at least we agree on that.

  7. V896 October 9, 2016

    Did Favre not have one of his best seasons statistically as a Vikings?