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Greg Jennings Says Teammates Loved Favre More than Rodgers

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings probably didn’t do anything to repair that rift with Aaron Rodgers when he spoke to Jason Whitlock on Monday.

Whitlock brought up the game Brett Favre played against Oakland after his father died. He opined that it wasn’t so much that Favre was great in that game, but that his receivers were great. They were great because they loved Favre.

We wouldn’t argue with that. If you remember that game, Favre heaved up some prayers and his receivers went up and got those balls, often among more than one defender. Favre praised those guys for their play in that game on numerous occasions.

That brought Whitlock to the question of whether teammates love Aaron Rodgers as much as they loved Brett Favre. Would Rodgers’ receivers do that for him?

“I think it’s a different dynamic in player-to-player relationships and how guys may perceive Aaron vs. how they perceive Brett. How Brett interacted with guys in the locker room. They’re just two different guys. That (Oakland game) was a telltale sign of guys giving it everything they had for a guy they truly loved. I’m not saying the guys in the locker room don’t love Aaron. I believe they do. I think they would do it for him, but I think if you took both of those guys and asked me who they do it quicker for who? Definitely Brett.”

This is nothing new.

It’s something we’ve discussed at length. Favre and Rodgers are different. They have different leadership styles.

Rodgers can appear aloof and perhaps doesn’t connect well with his teammates. He’s also a perfectionist and expects everyone else to follow suit.

Favre was one of the boys. The gunslinger. A kid having fun out there.

When it comes down to it, who would you stick your neck out for?

Your boy or the taskmaster?

The answer is pretty clear to us. So yes, we actually agree with Greg Jennings for a change.

Watch for yourself.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Empacador August 2, 2016

    Greg ought to simply go away and stop talking. He and Favre are both retired, why do these guys still feel they need to fondle Favre’s nuts?

  2. PF4L August 2, 2016

    This is one notch above Mordecai’s Bachlerette article’s.

    I’ll take results over who liked who better. Who gives a fuck? i’m sure if you polled every player that played with Favre, there would be PLENTY of negative opinions of him if truth be told.

    Gunslinger, heave n chuck passes, a kid having fun out there, I remember all that. I also remember plenty of interceptions in playoff games and NFCCG’s that contributed to the demise of Super Bowl aspirations. I could write a novel of negative things that Favre brought on himself.

    Too bad the NFL doesn’t hand out SB trophy’s to the QB that the players like better. Maybe that way Jennings could find peace in himself.

    The truth is Aaron Rodgers conducts himself and his life like a man, without embarrassing the Green Bay Packers.

    The other truth is, as good as Favre could be at times. Rodgers is head and shoulders above Favre in his play on the field. Rodgers worst season, his worst season, which was last season. Is better that 14 seasons of Favre’s play. Could you imagine if Rodgers had passer ratings in the 60’s,70’s, and 80’s like Favre had? Packer fans would lose their fucking minds.

    So players liked Favre better Jennings? Diehard Packer fans who care about the Packers give no shit, and they know better.

    Aaron Rodgers is the man, on and off the field.

    1. Deepsky August 2, 2016

      Apparently Favre didn’t love his Packer receivers enough to give it everything he had while he played with them in Green Bay. His highest QB rating (by far) and lowest interception percentage came with the Vikings, not the Packers.

      1. Empacador August 2, 2016

        Apparently he didn’t. He was holding back to stick it to the Packers. Those great stats from the 2009 season meant jack except for what, bragging rights that his best statistical season came with Vikings? And yet THE killer interception occurred at the most inopportune time in the NFCCG, ripping the hearts out of Viking fans the world over, same as he did to Packer fans all those years. Since his only Superbowl win came with the Packers, as did the Superbowl he lost, along with being the first Packer QB to lose at home in the playoffs, big fucking deal about his best statistical season. No Superbowl MVP either. The wasted opportunities he pissed away…

        Surprised to see Favre and Hadl are 1 and 3 respectively on the all time interception list. Safe to say Favre has that statistic locked up for the foreseeable future. As long as Favre’s receivers loved him. I wonder if Greg’s sister approved of that statement.

        1. Phatgzus August 3, 2016

          And Favre was robbed of the MVP because of one play: he had 3 total TDs and no TOs.

          1. ferris August 3, 2016

            Reggie White was robbed too. 3 sacks. They should have been co MVPs not old Desmond.

        2. ferris August 3, 2016

          That pick was worth the entire ordeal of Retiregate. Just listening to the Viking radio call is sweet music.

          1. Empacador August 3, 2016

            Agreed. Reggie was the first to get 3 sacks in the Superbowl. That was special enough to warrant MVP as it had never been done before.

      2. Killer August 5, 2016

        Excellent point, DEEPSKY. However, I don’t think he loved the receivers any differently between locales. It is just that in Minnesota he had better fans and felt wanted and that helped bring out the best in him. The following season the whole Jets lame bizarre pitiful attempt at a sex hook up story broke and threw him of his game. Just think if Favre had played his whole career in Minnesota: He would be number one in every QB category with half the interceptions, 25% more TDs, 10,000 more yards passing, and a much higher QB rating.

        And can I just add the following = hehehe, hahaha, Ha Ha Ha Ha!

        1. Tucson Packer August 8, 2016

          Ah, you mean those much “better” Minnesota fans who can’t even sell out their own stadium unless it’s when GREEN BAY comes to town and fills those seats with PACKER fans?

          Oh yea, totally jelly of those Minnesota fans. HA HA HAA!

    2. Phatgzus August 3, 2016

      You two do realize they played in different eras right? Go look at Manning’s stats pre- and post- rule changes. Favre’s best statistical year (which was pretty much on par with a Rodgers’ year) was after the rule changes.

      1. PF4L August 3, 2016

        Let’s not act like Favre played back in the 60’s or 70’s. If your contention is that Rodgers played in the “passing league era” that’s a bit misguided. In each of their first 8 seasons starting. Favre threw up 349 more pass attempts. Rodgers threw 64 interceptions, while Favre threw 139. Even though Rodgers had 349 less pass attempts, he also threw for more td’s.

        In another viewpoint, if you want to compare their play in the same “era” the last 3 years of Favre’s play. Favre threw for 66 td’s and 48 picks. During the same time period, Rodgers threw for 86 td’s and 31 picks.

        You can try to spin it anyway you want, but at the end of the day, it’s not even close.

      2. Deepsky August 3, 2016

        Favre played in Holmgren’s true West Coast offense, which mean a lot more high percentage passes.

        I went and looked at Mannning’s stats. I’d say his big improvement happened when he went to the Broncos, not based on any rule change. I’d say his history is like Favre, greatly improving his performance to stick it to his old team.

        1. PF4L August 3, 2016

          If Favre threw a lot of high percentage passes, somebody forgot to tell that to all the players who intercepted them.

    3. Cheese August 7, 2016

      I hear that the offensive line was pissed with Favre when he laid down and gave up an easy sack for Strahan to break the sack record. The O-line didn’t want to be the guys to give up that sack.

  3. Howard August 2, 2016

    Greg is auditioning for his next job with a sports network.

    Since Greg loves Brett so much, I would guess Greg is going to Brett’s HOF induction. As Rodgers is going to be in attendance the interaction between Rodgers and Jennings should create some more articles.

  4. 1265Lombardiave August 2, 2016

    Hey Jennings… “You’ve been axed?!” One could only wish… now go away.

  5. Harry Hood August 2, 2016

    u fuckin serious

  6. Phatgzus August 3, 2016

    Never watched Whitlock before, likely never will again. What an a stupid fucking premise. Favre was lights out in that game, it wasn’t just his receivers.

    Gregg Jennings yet again talking shit on Rodgers when he made you millions in your 2nd contract. Fucking go away already,

    Sincerely all Packer fans

  7. Empacador August 3, 2016

    Yes Favre played well against Oakland. I remember some super human effort on the part of the receivers though too. Like why couldn’t every game be that easy. It was almost like playground ball.

  8. DINO CHAVEZ August 7, 2016


  9. Killer August 8, 2016

    Always a little amazed by how Packer fans crucify former players. They choose to focus on the bad instead of all the great plays and times and contributions. In the gamut of a many-year NFL career and post-career appearances there are dozens of wins and losses, hundreds of events, tens of thousands of words spoken. This provides an opportunity to look on the bright side or to be sour and resentful.

    Players likely taking PEDs and for sure not cooperating with the investigation are given a free pass and defended — because they are still on the team. The same situation going on with an opponent’s team would bring derision and the usual Packer fan abusiveness.

    Favre, playing for other teams just because he was driven out of town and literally traded away? Oh my, what a disloyal selfish bastard! Favre’s HOF locker has a Vikings jersey — where he had his greatest statistical season of his career AND set the consecutive starts record, a record that he never would have set if it were up to the Packers organization? Well, clearly then Favre is scum, huh?

    Greg Jenings taking more money from another team just because they wanted him more? Well, then, even though you would do the same thing with your work if offered half a million more dollars per year to work elsewhere, Jennings is a terrible person, huh? And then Greg Jennings had the nerve and audacity and arrogance to speak his mind and practice freedom of speech in a polite and honest and truthful way? What a scoundrel!

    Grow some perspective and self-awareness Packer fans!

    1. Tucson Packer August 8, 2016

      “Grow some perspective” okay. Right, because your Vikings this! Vikings that! OMG VIKINGS! perspective is so, not worn out and definitely in no way biased at all. Suure.

  10. NoHo Packer August 8, 2016

    Yes Greg. We know, we know. Brett was your guy. Aaron was not. You’re still upset that the Packers wouldn’t pay what you thought you were worth, and you ended up playing with inferior QB’s. Old news. Are you done? OK, bye now.