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Eddie Lacy: No Discernable Change in Physique

It’s time somebody said it: running back Eddie Lacy’s waistline looks no better than last year. He’s overweight and not fit.

Despite being called out at the end of last season by coach Mike McCarthy, Lacy appears not to have positively responded to the criticism. Back in July we speculated how Lacy would perform if he were slim, borderline, or fat.

He’s fat. What this likely means is that we’ll have a repeat of the 2015 Lacy, not the Lacy of 2013 or 2014.

What we learned last year is that an unfit Lacy is slow, immobile, and easily winded. An unfit Lacy is next to useless as a pass receiver. Even more worrisome, Lacy appeared to add on weight in 2015 during the course of that season.

As a runner, here are comparisons with his combined first two years’ rushing averages versus his third year production: carries 265 vs. 187; rushing yards, 1,159 vs. 758; yardage per carry, 4.35 vs. 4.1; touchdowns 10 vs. 3; first downs, 59.5 vs. 36; and fumbles 2 vs. 3.

Similar comparisons to Lacy’s receiver output are: receptions 38.5 vs. 20; receiving yardage 342 vs. 188; yardage per catch, 8.88 vs. 9.4; first downs 14.5 vs. 7; fumbles 0 vs 1.

I’m not comforted by Lacy’s good preseason stats of 114 yards gained on 20 carries. If 2015 is a guide, we can expect injuries to mount and his production to tail off as fatigue sets in. In the final eight games of 2013, Lacy averaged 73.75 rushing yards per game. In that span in 2014, he averaged 95.75 yards. In 2015, however, he averaged only 62.75 yard per game over the second half of the season. In his final seven games, he only had more than 13 carries one time. Lacy also had bothersome ankle and groin injuries when at his heavier weight.

By not shaping up, Lacy has put his future with the team in jeopardy. His lack of self-discipline is a big letdown. Even with his four-year contract up at the end of the year, it seems nothing can motivate Lacy to be the player he is capable of being. If the front office’s trust in Lacy proves to have been misplaced, then the Packers made a mistake by not drafting a running back last spring.

Suddenly, the team appears to be very thin (irony unintended) at running back. James Starks (3.4 yards per carry) has had a mediocre preseason, John Crockett was put on injured reserve and fullback Aaron Ripkowski is injured.

If Lacy has a repeat of 2015, the team will probably struggle once again just to make the playoffs. McCarthy has made a pounding and ball-controlling running game a priority this year. The key to that of course is Lacy, but it doesn’t look like he’s prepared himself to assume that responsibility.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L August 30, 2016

    “It’s time somebody said it…”

    I see, so….you’re the first?

  2. Phatgzus August 30, 2016

    We’ll see. Again, not about his actual weight but his conditioning, although correlated there’s a difference. He sure looked fine in the the three preseason games he played, only time will tell if his conditioning is better.

  3. Chad Lundberg August 30, 2016

    What in the world warranted this??? From aspects and all sources, Lacy has lost weight. Maybe not enough, not yet anyway, but this is really jumping to the gun. Even if he isn’t that great, as long as the offensive line provides the proper running lanes, the run game will still be strong enough. Let’s calm down Rob Born, you’re still the reason I like this website so much.

  4. Sanguine camper August 30, 2016

    Lacy is back up to 255 agsin. He has put on 20 pounds of lard since OTA’s. He worked out and got in shape but couldn’t sustain it for the regular season. He looked fat last week against SF.

    1. PF4L August 31, 2016

      Hard to put on 20lbs, in OTA’s, even for Lacy. I raelly believe those pictures we saw of Lacy with his P90X buddies, were touched up. It was great free advertisment.

  5. Deepsky August 31, 2016

    Richard Rodgers looked like he lost weight. Probably laid off the Wendy’s Baconators right after Jared Cook was signed.

  6. PF4L August 31, 2016

    Let me put this whole situation in it’s proper perspective.

    Here you have a guy, with the world at his fingertips. talented, powerful, advertisment sponsors, working for one of the best franchises in the NFL. Barring injury, he owns the world.

    Only one thing could get in his way, himself. This isn’t complex, all he has to do, is stay somewhat in shape. But it seems that’s too much to ask of him.

    Lets talk about motivation. Your weight has been a team (coach) issue for a couple years. You are in the last year of your contract. Running backs don’t have a long shelf life, and there 2nd contract, is often the most lucrative. You get called out by your coach in the National media. So now you admit, it’s time to get in shape. You go work out in the off season, you lose maybe 10, 15lbs. You then gain a few lbs right back, in camp, where you usually some lose weight.

    We all like Eddie, we all want him to succeed. But it seems, we want him to succeed more than he does. Something is really wrong with that. We heard the draft scouting report on him….He’s a boy in a mans body, he doesn’t love football, he’s not committed, etc. Well guess what, they might have been right, or at least all the indicators point in that direction.

    Here’s my perspective going forward. I think he cost himself millions of dollars. Maybe he cares, i don’t know. The reason i say this is because this is the best Eddie Lacy you will see in the future. A contract year, called out in public by your coach, and this is the result? This is the best it gets?

    If Lacy doesn’t want to utilize his full potential, how can we expect it from him, therein lies the problem. We’ll see Eddie have some nice runs of 15, 20, even 25 yards sometimes, keep his average up a little. but we’ll also see the slow, lumbering, out of wind player we’ve seen.

    Talent wasted.

    1. Phatgzus August 31, 2016

      The season hasn’t already started yet and we’re already doing this shit? Jesus fucking Christ, just gotta have someone to hate on this team every year don’t ya? Tramon and Raji are gone so it’s on to Lacy. Doesn’t matter if you’re wrong about it, not like you’re gonna be accountable for any of this speculation, which is all this is. And touched up photos? REALLY? Because Horton doesn’t already have enough money, or that picture taken by a fan of Lacy with the other 2 Bama Backs was REALLY touched up?! OK. Holy fucking shit.

      Tell ya what, why don’t we cut Lacy, Adams, and Schum right now. Let’s not even give them a fucking chance. What’s the point, they suck and they’re fat. Clearly will NEVER amount to anything.

      1. PF4L August 31, 2016

        Don’t raise your voice with me Sparky. Gee, i was so wrong with Raji, wasn’t i? What a great player he was. BTW, where is that fat fuck? That’s what i thought. Tramon, was a waste for the money paid. Deal with both.

        WTF is your problem Phatgzus? The article is about Eddie Lacy and his weight, what should i have wrote about? Trump and Hillary? You don’t like the topic….CRY TO THE AUTHOR.

        As far as Eddie, i stand by what i wrote, if you have anything intelligent besides touched up photo’s you want to debate, or feel like i’ve misspoke about it, bring it on. But don’t cry like a little bitch like a viking fan we know.

        This is an opinion board, i have opinions and i express them on the topic given. If my opinions somehow hurt your feelings, well….that really bothers me because… fuck you. Then don’t read them or at least tell me how i’m wrong. I know this is hard for you to accept, but yes….

        Lacy is still a fat fuck. Sorry for the truth.

  7. Martin Schmidt August 31, 2016

    Bro, this story line is dead. He’s definitely thinner than late last year. He’s never going to be a small back. Sad you have to dredge up worked story lines to fill your mediocre site. Total Packers? Total bulls***t.