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Aaron Rodgers About to Hit New Heights

Ask most people who know anything about football or any Green Bay Packers fan and they will tell you Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the National Football League. While Tom Brady continues to defy age and perform at the highest level, Rodgers could be about to hit new heights.

With a thinner, more agile Eddie Lacy and a potent running game, Green Bay could be on the verge of something very special. Rodgers will reap the full rewards as the Packers look to hunt down a fifth Super Bowl title.

The return of Jordy Nelson will do Rodgers’ game no harm whatsoever. Rodgers will feel much more at home with his number one target back in the starting lineup. Randall Cobb performed admirably last season but let’s face it. He’s a slot receiver, not a No. 1 target. Cobb simply cannot operate outside as well as Nelson.

If nothing else, Nelson’s presence alone diverts double teams away from Cobb and whoever else the Packers send out to catch passes. That should allow Cobb to return to his 2014 form (91 catches, 1,287 yards and 12 TDs).

If everything goes to form for the Packers, their potential and upside is obvious. The latest online betting odds reflect that. The Packers are currently at 9/1  to win the Super Bowl.

Rodgers’ form will obviously be central to their chances of glory. The saying tells us defense wins championships, but the NFL is a quarterback-driven league. Without a decent signal caller, you don’t end up in the Super Bowl unless you have an all-time great defense.

Rodgers, of course, isn’t just decent, he is typically brilliant.

Last season, it just didn’t go to plan for Green Bay. Whilst the Packers still managed to reach the playoffs, Mike McCarthy’s team struggled for the majority of the campaign. Rodgers had next to no protection from an offensive line that seemed to regress. Green Bay was exploited time and time again by defenses that stacked the box to stop the run, daring Rodgers to throw. That’s something that would have been unheard of in the past.

The lackluster offensive coaching, injuries, subpar performances, Rodgers’ own inaccuracy… it all added up to disaster.

Disaster in the form of losing the division title to the Minnesota Vikings. Rodgers and the Packers will no doubt be hungry to reclaim their rightful position at the summit of the NFC North in 2016.

Essentially, it was all left up to Rodgers in 2015 and the Green Bay signal caller was unable to deliver all by himself.


Of course, Rodgers did get lucky along the way – with his game-winning Hail Mary against the Detroit Lions standing tall in the memory. While a great play, everyone would surely prefer the Packers not need such a miracle to win a game again anytime soon.


After a positive offseason, Green Bay could achieve great things this season. Rodgers knows it and appears to have rededicated himself to the quest.

Write the Packers and Aaron Rodgers off in 2016 at your own peril.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Deepsky August 11, 2016

    I think I’m the only guy who thinks this will be another rough season for the Packer offense.

    There will be no primary receiver on this team. Nelson is 31, coming off torn ACL. He will be lucky if he has 1100 yards but I expect him to have a setback.

    Adams is a bust. Janis is a joke. Cobb isn’t a primary receiver. Abbrederis will get injured.

    We’ve seen Eddie Lacy before. His name was John Brockington. There’s a better than 50 percent change he’s washed up.

    The only improvement is that the Packers may be able to handle a short term injury on the offensive line better than last year so they don’t end up with games like the regular season game against Arizona.

    1. Phatgzus August 11, 2016

      In other news: the sky is falling, ice cream clogs your arteries and gives you diabetes, sunny days give you melanoma, and having sex increases your chances of contracting STDs. I think that about covers it.

    2. Phatgzus August 11, 2016

      Try this on for size:

      Adams was injured for much of last year and was a 2nd-year player facing opposing D’s number 1 corners with a ton of pressure on him to perform. Cobb is still arguablythe best slot receiver in the NFL. Jordy Nelson is a physical freak two years removed from his best season as a pro and plenty of other talented players in recent years have bounced back just fine. Ty Montgomery is back. Jared Abbrederis actually participated in an off-season as been getting a good deal of praise. Eddie Lacy plays in an entirely different Era than Brockington and we still have James Starks. The offensive line is mostly healthy and has more depth. And the Icing on the cake, Aaron Rodgers exists.

      1. Phatgzus August 11, 2016

        Oh and we have a deep threat at TE who had a fantastic first practice, and a TE coach that has worked wonders.

        1. PACKATTACK August 11, 2016

          “Oh and we have a deep threat at TE who had a fantastic first practice, and a TE coach that has worked wonders.”

          Sounds like someone is busy drinking the pre-season hype koolaid.

          FACTS: A deep threat? He’s been in the league for almost 8 years and has one catch in his career longer than 61 yds — and this constitutes deep threat? FACT —- Cook is the #2 tight-end on the depth chart (whether it’s temporary or not) Cook doesn’t have a long history of solid run-blocking skills on his resume and he’s also an injury risk. FACT. Jared Cook has never had more than 52 catches and/or 760 yards in a season —- his efficiency in pass catching is also historically weak. He doesn’t run good routes, he’s a below average runner after the catch and he drops passes at a fairly alarming rate for a tight-end. Which is why no one else in the NFL wanted him. So, I’d temper your hopes based off pre-season practice scrimmages in shirt/shorts. Yes, he’s playing with Aaron Rodgers — but we’ve already established how Rodgers numbers seem to be declining rather rapidly since 2011.

          I’d temper my expectations here a little bit.

          1. Phatgzus August 12, 2016

            Actually, he does run good routes and runs very well after the catch, the fuck tape you been watching. Notice the phrase “deep threat AT TE”. He’s not going to have elite WR1 stats, he’s a fucking tight end not named Gronk. He stretches the middle of the field so that safeties and LBs can’t load the box = DEEP THREAT, it’s simple football math.

      2. PACKATTACK August 11, 2016

        “Adams was injured for much of last year and was a 2nd-year player facing opposing D’s number 1 corners with a ton of pressure on him to perform.”

        Adams was fucking brutally last year man — BRUTAL. He was rated as one of the worst receivers in NFL history in terms of efficiency last year. Not to mention his work ethic was called into question (on more than one occasion), and no he didn’t line up against opposing defenses #1 — that was usually Cobb and towards the end of the season most #1 corners played whomever was the split-end (which wasn’t Adams), most of the time this was James Jones. And what NFL receiver doesn’t play through pain and face pressure? Your giving excuses, not facts. Adams sucked last year — he’s not that good. Period.

        “Cobb is still arguably the best slot receiver in the NFL.”

        This is just laughable. I’m sorry. I like Cobb, but the best slot receiver in the NFL? You’ve got to be out of your fucking mind to make a comment like this! So Cobb is better than Odell Beckham Jr? I’ll tell you right off the bat he’s not better than Julian Edelman, Brandin Cooks, John Brown or Doug Baldwin either. Cobb is a very average NFL receiver and he proved it last year.

        “Jordy Nelson is a physical freak two years removed from his best season as a pro and plenty of other talented players in recent years have bounced back just fine.”

        Show me how many NFL wide receivers in the last 20 years who had ACL surgery on their knee and came back to produce better numbers than they did before at age 31? I’d like to see those numbers. Yes, player’s comeback from ACL tears today, but at age 31 and produce better than they did before? Nope, sorry, doesn’t happen. Reggie Wayne, Amari Toomer, Javon Walker — some noteables who were around Nelson’s age who never returned to high-end status after this surgery. Jerry Rice is the one noteable exception who had ACL surgery at 35 and came back to have a very good season.

        Since when has Ty Montgomery actually done anything for the Green Bay Packers since getting drafted?

        1. Phatgzus August 12, 2016

          Yeah, Adams work ethic was called into question by NO ONE in the know, lmao. ODB is not EXCLUSIVELY a slot receiver like Cobb is, I would take Cobb all day over Edelman and Beckham. ACTUALLY Javon WAlker DID bounce back from ACL surgery, go look at his career, thanks for supporting my point. WAlker’s career ended because of other cumulative injuries, lack of work ethic, and off-field issues. Reggie Wayne was old as fuck and had WAY more mileage than Jordy.


          Doesn’t even include Maclin or AP.


          Rice, Irvin, Welker, Boldin, Evans, Galloway, Burleson, Maclin. Welcome to our pwnshop, glad we could serve you, *mic drop*.

          Most of the players on that list who didn’t do shit after were at the end of their careers, had never accomplished anything, or were head cases (Britt).

    3. ferris August 11, 2016

      Injuries are always a factor, and can happen to anyone. There are too many unknowns yet you speak like you know things will happen.
      I think the rookie receivers will play a huge part. I think the play calling will change. I think the defense will win games.
      I agree with you on Adams though, but he was one of the only options to be a body on the field for some games.

    4. PF4L August 11, 2016

      Well, if Nelson has 1,100 yards, that will be 1,100 more yards than last season, so i’ll take it.

    5. PACKATTACK August 11, 2016

      I’ve got to go ahead and agree completely with DEEPSKY.

      If we are looking at 2016 realistically and not optimistically (like every other NFL fan/expert on the planet does), then you have to consider the following.

      * The Packers offense wasn’t just bad in 2015, it was fucking AWFUL. And yes there were problems with receivers not getting open and dropping a league worst in passes, yes the running game sucked, yes the offensive line was banged up and yes the health of Jordy Nelson somehow affected it all. But at the end of the day Aaron Rodgers played epically bad football in more than a handful of games — and not all of that can be attributed to the aforementioned factors. He fucking sucked in 2015 (Denver, Chicago, Arizona, Minnesota, St. Louis, San Francisco) to name a few. If you take away weeks 1-3, Aaron Rodgers was arguably one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL last year. Fact of the matter is that Rodgers didn’t look like a leader at all in 2015 and he didn’t look like the QB1 of years past and the numbers don’t lie. Every year since 2011 they’ve been getting considerably worse (yards passing, QB rating, touchdowns, completion %, he hasn’t had 350 completions in a season in 5 years now). Those are alarming numbers to swallow. He’s wasted a lot of his best years on bad teams with poor offenses and epically bad postseason meltdowns. He’s 33 now and it’s not a stretch to consider that his skills “might”, and probably are, deteriorating.

      * The play calling has been BRUTAL ever since Joe Phibin left for Miami (IMO), last year McCarthy blamed everyone but himself for the early season funk on offense — and when he eventually reassumed play-calling duties, nothing changed. So how does the play calling get any better in 2016? Last year no one on the coaching staff could find a way in hell to get any one receiver open (and when they were open, Rodgers couldn’t hit them), it took almost 13 games for them to figure out that going to 5-wide sets might actually help (and it did when they employed it correctly) but then how do explain the lapse in judgement in sticking with Davante Adams over Janis for 3 months? How is it this organization so vastly overlooked the Eddie Lacy weight issues from a year ago? How much has the front office really done to help improve the weapons around Rodgers? How does any of this change in 2016? How are Rodgers numbers all the sudden going to improve so greatly with the same cast of characters, same coaching staff philosophies (or lack thereof) and essentially two additions (the return of Jordy Nelson and the hopeful emerge of Jared Cook?).

      * Again, I agree with DEEPSKY on this. The offensive line “should” be better. It really should be. Thompson actually addressed issues with the O-line in April and getting a finally healthy Bulaga back will go along with in securing this units success in 2016.

      * Jordy Nelson is apparently the most valuable player in the NFL — because without him the Green Bay Packers apparently can’t function at any level. How is it that the Carolina Panthers can lose Kelvin Benjamin for an entire season and go to a Super Bowl, and the Packers lose Nelson and their entire organization collapses? How does that make any sense? It doesn’t — which is why it wasn’t all Jordy Nelson in 2015, a lot of it was on Rodgers, McCarthy and the coaching staff. Nelson might come back and be productive, but he’s not a 1300 yd, 13 TD, 90+ catch player at 31 yrs old anymore. And if there offense is really that dependant on him — then this offense can won’t be that good.

      Look, I want the Packers to be successful more than anyone, but these are issues that haven’t exactly been solved this off-season and there’s no clear evidence to suggest anything has changed. Either the Packers really just had an outlier year where everyone seemed to play their worst football and the wrong time —- OR —– this just isn’t that good of a football team. Aaron Rodgers isn’t as good as he once was, the coaching staff is clueless and the offensive weapons just aren’t good. I think it’s fair to assume at this point that the latter is the case. Rodgers has other priorities in his life now, he’s a mega star icon, he’s won an MVP, he’s won a Super Bowl, he’s affirmed his status as one of the best all-time Packer QB’s —- but his drive and willingness to do what he did in his mid-20’s just appears to be gone now — how else can you explain the trend in numbers?

      I just don’t think you can expect anything else this year unless your thinking optionally foolish.

      1. PF4L August 11, 2016

        01/03/2016 at 9:17 pm
        I’m sorry to say it —- but it’s the hard cold truth. Rodgers is finished. He just doesn’t have it anymore.

      2. PF4L August 11, 2016

        “but his drive and willingness to do what he did in his mid-20’s just appears to be gone now — how else can you explain the trend in numbers?”

        Do you even have a clue?

        In 2014 Rodgers threw for 4,381 yards, 38 td’s against 5 interceptions, passer rating of 112. Oh wait, he also won the league MVP, for the 2nd time. Yep, he’s a has been…lol

        His #’s are trending down? Oh, almost forgot, he did all that at age 30/31.

        So who’s thinking is foolish?

      3. Phatgzus August 12, 2016

        That moment when the eternally oblivious conflate unchecked pessimism with”reality”, SMDH.

        “Look, I want the Packers to be successful more than anyone”

        Now THAT is funny; no, you don’t because then you won’t have anything trivial to bitch about. You just want to be right, that’s it that’s all. So you regurgitate the same uninformed pessimism year-in and year-out in the hopes that one day reality will support your pablum.

        Jordy Nelson going down wasn’t even close to the only thing that went wrong for the Packer’s O last year.

        LMFAO at the “playcalling”-blaming the playcalling, the go-to move of the utterly unaware football fan.

        1. PF4L August 12, 2016

          Agree with everything…..but yea, the playcalling was a problem, beside everything else. It was stale, and it wasn’t suited for the personnel. They should have adjusted the play calling when it was evident receivers couldn’t get open when the defense played man. They should have implemented more pick routes, threw more out of the backfield, utilized more screen plays. It got to the point where the defense’s gave no shit about our receivers, and just headhunted Rodgers, partially explaining the increase in sacks taken, and the inability to allow time for receivers to gain separation.

  2. PF4L August 11, 2016

    Looks like our drummer Mr Bonham has finally saw the light of reality when bringing up the pitfalls and responsibilities of last season.

    I’d like to say that i agree with Mr. Bonham. But i think more accurately, Mr. Bonham is agreeing with all of my previous past concerning my optimism for how lethal this Packer offense could be this season.

    1. PF4L August 11, 2016