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Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Need Your Damn Preseason

Aaron Rodgers has made his disdain for the preseason known over and over again. Nonetheless, the Green Bay Packers quarterback will actually have to play in one of those games on Friday.

It will be his first and only preseason action of the year.

When Rodgers was asked on Tuesday what he needed to do in Friday’s game, he said he didn’t need to do anything.

He then explained how he didn’t need the game for conditioning.

“I’ve just got to be ready to go four quarters. I’m confident that with the work I’ve put in, in the offseason and the work this past month in camp, I’ll be ready to go once the season starts.”

Rodgers also said he didn’t need a preseason game to work with the rest of the offense either.

“The tempo we practice at is so high. That’s where we get our conditioning in. We have to keep that going, and we will, into next week as a majority of the starters will take the look-team reps.  We’ll treat that at a high pace to get our conditioning going, and we’ll do extra stuff and we’ll be ready to go when the season starts.”

Frankly, we have long found this hypocritical. Rodgers expresses disdain for preseason and then complains in-season that he doesn’t have chemistry or trust with certain guys.

Well, maybe you should have built that in more of the preseason games, huh?

Anyway, Rodgers playing more in the preseason just isn’t going to happen at this point. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he sits out the entire preseason next year.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L August 24, 2016

    Agreed Joseph.

    Rodgers seems to convey that all pre-season is for, is conditioning. Conditioning at this point, shouldn’t even be a discussion, they should all be in condition anyway, no offence Eddie. Everything he says, he mentions conditioning.

    I also disagree with Rodgers contention that they’ll get enough reps in camp. Today’s camps are a fucking joke. They barely hit anyone in camp anymore, especially under McCarthy’s watch. This offense needs real game time reps in pre-season, the 0 line, the receivers and tight ends, and the backs, WITH Rodgers behind center. Seems Rodgers can’t get in sync with Adams or Janis, but they don’t need game reps? Alo, seeing as Montgomery hasn’t played in forever, Rodgers doesn’t need game reps with him either, or Jared Cook?

    Only 2 starting QB’S seem to not need pre-season game action, and 1 cut his finger and is suspended anyway for 4 games.

    I don’t often get on Rodgers, but holy shit. I hate to say this, but another Green Bay QB we remember, seemed to develop a HUGE fucking ego around the same point in his career.

    I hope Rodgers isn’t going down that same road.

    1. Empacador August 25, 2016

      I agree with your sentiments. True that other QB developed a huge ego. Although I think we could temper that a bit and say some of that ego was fueled by the circumstances at the time. This is the point in time I believe Favre started coming off the rails.

      Favre started getting a huge ego around the time Holmgren left and Ray Rhodes came in. It continued through the Mike Sherman experiment. His dad dying during that time didn’t help matters either. Probably the 2 biggest influences keeping that ego in check were gone. Promoting Andy Reid instead of hiring Ray Rhodes might have helped. Reid probably could have been the 3rd influence but feeling spurned bolted for greener pastures. All because Wolf felt he needed a head coach with head coaching experience, even though the guy he hired went what, 3-13 his last season in Philly? Wolf hired Holmgren with no prior coaching experience, and that worked out well. Don’t understand why he was hesitant the second time around. For all the great things Ron Wolf did for the Packers, he probably wishes he could undo that mistake.

      Rodgers has only had McCarthy/Thompson. While he may get veteran leeway, I don’t see him becoming hard core diva. But the whole bitching about preseason and then blaming lack of chemistry during the season is 100% dead on, as is the joke training camps have become. I recall someone talking about the last player to smoke cigarettes in the Packer locker room. (I looked it up, here is the quote)

      “Bob McGinn – Danl: Last time I saw anyone smoking in the GBP locker room was the late Donnie Humphrey, the DE from Auburn and a funny, warm guy. That was probably 1984.”

      Imagine a player coming in from a day of practice and taking some pulls off a couple Camel filterless, smoking the hell out of the locker room. The times, how they have changed.

  2. Pack Attack August 24, 2016

    Like i said it myself.