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Aaron Rodgers is Afraid of Roger Goodell

As everyone is bearing witness to right now, the NFL has created a culture of fear. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is certainly not immune to that.

You can blame whoever you like, but here’s exactly where it came from. When the NFLPA negotiated the latest collective bargaining agreement with the league, they gave the league and commissioner Roger Goodell unchecked power to “protect the shield.” In other words, Goodell and company can do whatever they want if they deem it to be for the good of the league.

The players acquiesced to this in exchange for things like fewer padded practices, fewer mandatory activities and a greater slice of league revenue, which means higher salaries.

In other words, they agreed to be a slave to the man for more money and less work.

You see that playing out right now with Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers. The league is now threatening to suspend both players for refusing to submit to interviews about alleged drug use. And that’s all there are — allegations.

But the NFL isn’t going to back down. Because they’re a bully.

Rodgers suggested that’s exactly why he isn’t more vocal when compared to players in other sports, specifically the NBA.

“One-hundred percent. And I think it starts with leadership. I think [NBA commissioner Adam Silver] has done a good job promoting that type of environment. And I think some guys in the NFL are probably worried about repercussions on speaking their mind from the league.”

That’s pretty accurate.

To say individuality is frowned upon in the NFL would be an understatement. Look how the league dictates what players wear and how they wear it. Look at the celebration rules.

We don’t want anyone having any fun playing this game!

Interestingly, Rodgers also suggested if more guys spoke their minds, others might follow.

“Those guys are doing it and they feel comfortable doing it,” Rodgers said. “I think if more guys maybe did in our league, it would create a domino effect possibly.”

Rodgers is definitely one of the biggest names in the league. Is he thinking of speaking out more often? At least one topic seems to suggest that’s possible.

Rodgers has continuously railed on the length of the preseason dating back to last year. Some people see that as him complaining, and that’s valid, but it’s also a criticism of the NFL.

Just like his comments here, which shine a light on the draconian environment Goodell has created.

But such is to be expected when the only concern is money.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. PF4L August 16, 2016

    You know what…..Don’t like the NFL because they’re a bully’s, then don’t watch it. Don’t like Rodgers because he’s not vocal enough, then find a new team with a QB you like. Just quit crying and quit writing tabloid articles and just generally being a little bitch.

    You don’t like a lot of shit it seems. When you’re not whining and crying about Goodell, Rodgers, the NFL being bully’s, all you can do is write stupid shit about Rodgers, Rodgers brother, Olivia, Olivia’s doggy, where Rodgers is seen eating dinner, Jordan Rodgers breaking up with his fake g/f. Aaron not being at the dinner table with his family, some slut named Jo Jo, and all the other tabloid bullshit you write about.

    Take a hint, Sally.

    1. ay hombre August 17, 2016

      Go find another site you whiny elitist cunt. Have you not figured this shit out yet?

  2. PF4L August 16, 2016

    Sally……Write a article about all the QB’s in the NFL who are unafraid and outspoken on various topics concerning the NFL. Then name those who aren’t outspoken, under an article, titled how those QB’s are afraid of Goodell, naming them, like you do Rodgers.

    1. ay hombre August 17, 2016

      Write it then! Go to your blog and write it. Oh let me guess. You don’t have a blog. You certainly have the time for one though. But no you won’t do that PFail. You’re not a doer are you? You’re a fucking crying little arrogant wanker who I’m guessing is a massive underachiever in this life. Keep blaming the world for your shortcomings dude. That’s going to play well in the long run and make you even more disagreeable with people than you already are. Cheers on your continuing decline into your lonely world of darkness.

      Oh. That and your message boards.

      1. PF4L August 17, 2016

        Hombre’s 162nd post, offering nothing football related, Bring on the tabloid fodder.

        Since you have me all figured out Hombre, how about you get up, and do your job. My lawn isn’t gonna mow itself.

  3. Phatgzus August 16, 2016

    Yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah, not so much scared as not interested in actively searching out high-profile conflicts to get embroiled in the . He gets enough of that shit from people trying to make a career off his name as is.

    1. Tucson Packer August 17, 2016

      *cough Jordan cough*

  4. Jschizl August 17, 2016

    I shit my pants but jeff janis saved it caught it and my undies are clean