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Throwaways Contributed to Packers’ Dismal Passing Attack

As if we needed another way to document how the Green Bay Packers’ 2015 season unfolded, or imploded, there’s even a stat for throwaways.

Pro Football Focus, which puts every play under a microscope, just told us that in 2015 Aaron Rodgers had 37 throwaways. That’s a dozen more than his previous high for a year.

It seemed like there were at least five of these passes every game. And many occurred on third and goal or third and a makable distance – prime chances for defensive pass interference.

The PFF analyst attributed Rodgers’ high throwaways to receivers’ lack of separation and “lost trust” that caused the QB to take even fewer risks than usual. These have been common critiques since January.

Worse, the ball boys catching these throws on the sidelines showed better hands than the players. PFF recorded 41 dropped balls by Packers’ receivers, fourth worst in the league. The main culprits were Randall Cobb (uncharacteristically) and Davante Adams.

On the upside, PFF considered the Packers’ 2015 passing attack to be an anomaly – an off year – and not a sign of things to come in 2016.

Packers fans gotta hope that’s the case.

Rob Born

I’m with Matt: “You gotta make those chunk plays!”


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  1. PackAttack July 25, 2016

    2015 was an absolute embarrassment of a season on all fronts for the Green Bay Packers. Whoevers been in charge of this offensive fumble fuck (for basically the last two years) really needs to get their shit together and quick for 2016 to be a success.

    Rodgers is in the prime of his career and he’s wasting away because this organization has failed, time and time again, to develop offensive weapons around him. Injuries are going to happen, I get that — but lapses in development and poor plan/approaches by the offense are absolutely inexcusable. There were times last year where Rodgers was borderline pathetic — games in which a QB of his talent should never endure (Denver, Arizona, Oakland, Chicago, Minnesota) —running out losers like Davante Adams (who is documented as one of the worst WR in modern day NFL history!), Richard Rodgers (who couldn’t out run a sloth), and the lack of faith in weapons like Jeff Janis make you wonder who the hell is pulling the strings on offense. Rodgers should be leading the league in yards and passing every single year — hands down, he should have offensive weapons up his ass and the best offensive line in the league. Yet here we are in July praying that Jordy Nelson is healthy, praying the offensive line holds together, praying that Randall Cobb’s 2015 season was a fluke, “hoping” that Jared Cook can finally be a productive tight-end, “hoping” that Eddie Lacy is in shape come training camp, “hoping” that one of Davante Adams, Jeff Janis, Ty Montgomery can emerge as viable WR3 option.

    From here it looks like the 2016 Packers are a lot like the 2015 Packers except with a few fresh faces and a few more of IR. What’s to say anythings going to be different? What’s to say the Packers are actually going to change their game plan and get back to attacking on offense as opposed to the bullshit we saw all last year — the 3 and outs, the 100 yard passing games from Rodgers, the pathetic attempt to “jump start the run game” with James fucking Starks —- my god. Who else in the league would employ losers like James Starks, Richie Rodgers, Davante Adams and John Kuhn? Of course the Packers would — and give them all meaningful snaps and opportunities.

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong.