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Richard Rodgers Also Got the Lose Weight Directive

We’re going to see a whole new Richard Rodgers this year.

Or at least we’re going to see a less fat Richard Rodgers this year. The Green Bay Packers’ lackluster tight end reportedly played the 2015 season at 272 pounds. That would have made you an offensive lineman not too long ago.

It’s entirely possible that bulk contributed to Rodgers’ molasses-in-January-like inability to gain any separation in the passing game. That inability resulted in a rather pathetic 8.8 yards per reception for the season.

If you take away that monster game at Detroit (the only impressive game on the Rodgers’ resume), that average would be much worse (7.3 per).

Just like Eddie Lacy, the Packers have asked old DickRodge to lose some weight.

Will that make him faster? We’ll soon see.

“He’s been working with (strength coach) Mark Lovat and the nutritionist to try and keep his weight where he feels comfortable (it) will allow him to move better,” new position coach Brian Angelichio said. “Honestly, until the pads come on, it’s hard to really judge that.”

We know Rodgers can catch anything thrown in his direction. He lacks plenty, but does have great hands.

But while less weight could make him more effective in the passing game, it likely makes him less effective as a blocker. And he wasn’t much of a blocker to begin with.

The problem for the Packers is neither is Jared Cook, the guy we all expect to supplant Rodgers as the No. 1 tight end.

Like everything on offense, success really comes down to Aaron Rodgers. If he has a repeat performance of 2015, defenses will again stack the box to stop the run. That could make things ugly for the running game.

If Aaron Rodgers is on, then the Packers won’t have to worry about whether their tight ends can block or not.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Howard July 22, 2016

    I would suggest that less weight can make Rodgers a better blocker. When you are playing in space the faster you can get to your point of attack or position your body, it affords you better blocking placement and angles. When playing on the edge weight can help in blocking but the speed or quickness to reach your attack point is more critical. Not sure how many blocks Rodgers missed due to not quite reaching his attack point, but I believe they were substantially more than being blown off the point of attack.

    I believe Rodgers will be a better blocker with less weight. If weight is all that is needed then should we be concerned Sitton cut his weight?

    1. PF4L July 22, 2016

      The only difference between Sitton and Rodgers is Sitton knows how to block, while Rodgers has no natural coordination to block. He looks completely out of his element trying and i doubt losing 10-15lbs is going to change that. Maybe he can be coached up, idk. I’ve said some time ago he was too paunchy in the middle, so in the passing game, maybe losing some weight might help him separate better making quicker cuts.

      As far as Cook, one thing we do know is he wasn’t signed for his blocking skills. I still have faith that this seasons offense has the potential to be almost as epic as the 2011 offense. That’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

      1. Howard July 23, 2016

        I have to agree Rodgers does look out of his element at times as a blocker. The reason I believe losing weight may help him improve as a blocker is he could get from point A to B quicker. I know you have probably noticed that Rodgers is usually, if not always a half step slower than all the O lineman getting off the line at the snap. That can really mess up blocking schemes. Not only is Rodgers not where he should be at the point of attack, he can get in the way of his teammates or allow the opponent he should be blocking a half step earlier get in the road of his teammates. I think the new TE coach is no nonsense and will help make Rodgers and the other TEs better player(s).

        1. PF4L July 23, 2016

          I hear what you’re saying Howard, about Rodgers being a bit late and not nsync with the O-line. But doesn’t that have to do with awareness and job assignment vs being overweight 15lbs. I mean getting off late at the snap because he carries 10-15 lbs too many is a reach i think. There are a lot of lineman who could stand to lose 25lbs off their gut that are able to go off on the snap just fine. I remember a B J Raji who could get off a snap pretty damn quick. Not much after that, i’ll grant you, but nonetheless.