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Packers’ Speed Calls for Playbook Additions

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy insisted that, “It’s players, not plays,” this offseason. I beg to differ: it’s players and plays – the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

In fact, let’s go one step further: it’s plays that fit your players.

For many years, the Packers had few speedy or shifty receivers. But now we have five such players – all of whom have had some success at returning kickoffs or punts.

As part of their offensive sets, the Packers need to get these guys – Jordy Nelson, Jeff Janis, Ty Montgomery, Randall Cobb, and Trevor Davis – in open field situations, and let them ramble.

How? End-arounds, reverses, and double reverses.

When opponents spring these plays on the Packers, the result is more often than not 10+ yards, am I right?

This misdirection stuff works, but you need speedy receivers, and if possible ones with some good moves as a runner.

These plays are bound to work especially well when the defense is spotted over-pursuing the standard plays.

The clincher: there’s no wide receiver better-equipped to get big yardage out of these plays than Jeff Janis.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.


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  1. Icebowler August 3, 2016

    We also need to get back to the “YAK” mentality with these speedy receivers competing to see who can get the most yards after the catch.