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The Packers Are Everyone’s Biggest Rival

Everyone in the NFC North anyway.

ESPN put together a list (lists!) of every NFL team’s biggest rival. When they circled around to the NFC North, the Green Bay Packers were listed as the biggest rival of every other team in the division.

And I guess, could you really argue?

The Packers and the Bears have the oldest rivalry in the NFL. They first met in 1921. It was noted — at least in the past — for great moments like this.

The Packers and the Lions have the oldest continuously-running rivalry in the NFL. They’ve met every season since 1932. There isn’t really anything particularly notable about this rivalry other than that.

But these are the Lions we’re talking about. They don’t matter.

If you’re wondering why the Packers and Bears haven’t met every year since 1921, you can chalk that up to the player strike of 1982. That cost the Packers both games with the Bears.

And finally, the Minnesota Vikings. A greater bunch of scumbags there has never been.

While Packers-Bears trumps everything from a historical perspective, we’ve always hated the Vikings more. That’s probably no secret.


Minnesota Vikings suck

It’s because of their fans. At once totally ignorant and totally insistent that their team is superior to yours and this, yes this is their year. Bears fans simply aren’t as stupid and they aren’t as delusional. Vikings fans, with their consistent mouth diarrhea, their idiotic skols and their stupid fucking horn truly make the Minnesota Vikings the worst.

And that’s what makes it so pleasurable to pummel those assholes.

So then I guess the question is, who is the Packers’ biggest rival?


Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Tucson Packer July 5, 2016

    Every teams hates us ’cause they ain’t us. They have this pride element from their big city of losing to a home-grown brand of football. Kind of like this ‘Lil Draymond troll, he sees a website with established roots and cognitive thought and, in his mind, he needs to run around it yelling his head off, like Vikings fans, unable to cope with their own inferiority.

  2. Joe Doe July 5, 2016

    In my opinion, there were only two short years where the Vikings were the Pack’s biggest rivals. The Favre years. Let me explain my feelings this way. I’d rather watch two NFL teams than any other team in the league on Sunday (or Monday or Thursday) the Pack and the Bears, because I cheer for the Bears to lose just as hard as I cheer for the Pack to win. The Bears had a wonderful 2001 season, compiling 13 wins, yet it was still satisfying that two of their three losses were to the Packers.

  3. Maritime Mike July 6, 2016

    Packer-Bears games have indeed produced a lot of great plays, but Kevin Stills taking a real dumb penalty is hardly a great play by any standard.

    1. Forrest Gregg July 6, 2016

      Kenny Stills

  4. Brad July 6, 2016

    I love the Packers Bears rivalry mainly because of the history. I hate but respect the Bears. As for the Lions…ehhhhh. Next! The Vikings i really get up for because the Vikings haven’t won shit EVER and their fans think every year is their year. Whatever! I enjoy it the most when the Packers beat the Queenies by far. Go Pack Go!

  5. CornHolio July 7, 2016

    I just hope everyone is ready for what is to come. A first string healthy team with draft and develop options galore. The Pack is Packing this year!

  6. Deepsky July 7, 2016

    The only time the Vikings bettered the Packers was in the mid to late ’70s. Even in the ’80s the Packers had a 14-5 record against them.