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Organization Pressuring Matthews, Peppers to Submit to Interviews

Holy shit are we getting tired of this dance.

The NFL promised to show up on the first day of training camp to interview Green Bay Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers about some since-recanted drug allegations they are investigating. They did not. We have been led to believe the NFLPA has blocked those interviews.

Both Matthews and Peppers have stated their innocence in the matter, but are clearly sticking with their union at this point. As they should.

The NFL has produced no evidence of any wrongdoing. Their investigation appears to be entirely based on a report that now appears to be questionable at best.

Well, enter some holier-than-thou members of the Green Bay Packers organization!

They’re gonna make things right!

And by right, we mean pressuring Matthews and Peppers to submit to the league’s interviews so as not to tarnish the Green Bay Packers image.

This comes from PFT.

Behind the scenes, however, efforts are ongoing to persuade the players to comply. In Green Bay, for example, a league source tells PFT that some pressure is being applied by the Packers to linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers to submit to the requested interviews.

There’s not much the team can do other than appeal to their desire to be exonerated, to avoid negative P.R., to get the matter behind them, and to minimize the possibility of a potential distraction.

The NFL cleared former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, the main focus of the original report, earlier this week. They left no doubt of his innocence and made a big deal about clearing him in the process.

So if we’re to believe the focus of the report and allegations is clearly not guilty, then it would be reasonable that no one named is guilty. Both Matthews and Peppers were footnotes in the original report. They were allegedly tied to a “drug ring.”

And that’s pretty much all there was.

The NFL should drop it. The Packers organization should stay the hell out of it.

Enough of this shit, already. There’s football to be played.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Dale July 28, 2016

    Wtf is this about the packers organization pressing Matthews and Peppers to talk to the league? If the author can’t name names and cite references he should stay out of it and let the process play out! Maybe he gets paid to stir up crap!

    1. PF4L July 28, 2016

      I’m giving the author the benefit of the doubt. Even though he’s hardly earned it. But if it comes to fruition that this is a false story. Then, i’ll look forward to his retraction…….followed by his dismissal.

  2. PF4L July 28, 2016

    This is turning fucking insane.

    Although this is pure speculation. My guess is the Ginger himself is behind this to score some points with the league. Murphy couldn’t cut a ribbon with a 2 foot long scissors, but now he’s trying to tell Peppers and Mathews to go against the NFLPA and talk to the league. Presumably with no real hard evidence. Here’s what’s wrong with that picture….

    1) If they did this against the Unions wishes, they would be instantly blackballed by the Union and it’s members ( 2,000 plus players). Don’t get me wrong, i can’t stand the Union and their desire to file a lawsuit everyday they wake up in the morning. But you stick together if you’re a member.

    2) It’s the start of camp, this is what you (Murphy) want to shift the focus to? WTF is wrong with you. Gaining points with the NFL brass is more important than the team concentrating and focusing on football apparently.

    3) Peppers is probably playing in his last season. Can you imagine what he thinks of this. I’m guessing, he’s thinking something like……i really don’t need this shit.

    So out of the 3 people it could be, McCarthy, Thompson, or Murphy. which one of those three do you think is pushing this agenda?

    I basically have had enough of all 3 myself. These 3 fucks can’t leave soon enough for me. But i guess they’ll stick around as long as Rodgers sticks around. And by Rodgers, i mean….. lottery ticket.

  3. Killer July 28, 2016

    Holy Poor Reporting Bat-Mordecai !

    Now, obviously, you never have been objective or logical and I don’t view what you write as being anything similar to “news, just twisted one-sided opinions. But… Still ! It is one thing to ignore facts but a whole ‘nother beast to completely misstate them.

    Here is what I am referring to:
    “The NFL cleared former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, the main focus of the original report, earlier this week. They left no doubt of his innocence and made a big deal about clearing him in the process.”

    Quite simply: Just not true. They could not find any credible evidence. Any proof. Not being able to prove if something happened does not mean it did not happen. This is Logical Reasoning 101. The “crisis manager” of the Mannings confirmed the Guyer Institute did send medication to their home. As to what it was Sly says it was PEDs addressed to Peyton’s wife but meant for Peyton. Peyton refuses to even deny that they were PEDs! He just says his wife’s medical situation is her own business and private. Well, PEDs are only approved for three medical situations in the US and she does not have any of those three and appears to be in fine health still. Peyton would not even refute that his wife received the PEDs. Not even to protect her reputation!

    Now, the NFL could not travel back in time and open the deliveries and the deliveries were not labeled PEDs. That does not mean Manning was innocent or was cleared. They just could not actually prove it.
    No, the NFL did not make a big deal out of it either. They tried as best they could to hide the investigative result, which, really, was a non-result.

    Read this: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2016/07/26/volin-peyton-manning-manning-family-likely-taken-care-of-by-nfl-in-ped-investigation/

    We all know innocent people with nothing to hide are cooperative and open. Then they hired lawyers and crafted affidavits to send to the NFL in the faint hope it would prevent the interviews. Now the team is getting involved trying to get them to do their job. Yes, it is their job to cooperate with the investigation and be interviewed. The NFL is their employer. They can cooperate and try to prove their innocence (and, by the way, if they cooperate they will not be able to prove it and the NFL will not be able to prove innocence or guilt wither) or they can be confrontational and uncooperative which sends a very true message. Just look at James Harrison insisiting the interview takes place at a tiem of his choosing, IN HIS HONE, and with Roger Goodell present. Setting up all those road blocks against people that could help clear your name? When you have “nothing to hide”?

    Might I just add this: Matthew and Peppers are being fools. Guilty or not. First, the investigation can’t catch them so why worry? Second, the interviews are the last step to getting the matter behind them… so, apparently they like all this attention! Do they really think if they refuse to cooperate the investigation will just disappear? Stupid. No. It won’t. They will either cooperate and be interviewed or eventually be suspended until they do cooperate. Those are the two choices. That’s it.

    Just look over who Sly, when talking casually and naturally and unaware he was being recorded, implicated:
    1. His work out buddy Mike Neal (yes, they literally have worked out together and there are photos of them arm in arm) whose play would certainly not be a selling point for moving PEDs. What young Roid-user wannabe is out there saying, “If only I could be the next Mike Neal!”?
    2. Three GB Packers when he could have spread it out over the league to make it seem more common.
    3. A 35 -year-old Peppers playing like a 28 year old….
    4. A 38-year old James Harrison playing like a 31-year-old….
    5. In Clay Matthews, a fella who could not get playing time on a HS team coached BY HIS DAD at age 17 who weighed 165 pounds at the time, who then gained 81 pounds of muscle in just 6 years!
    6. Matthews’ linebacker buddy in college who also got drafted in the first round the same year, Brian Cushing, was literally caught by the NFL using PEDs! Coincidence? I think not.
    6. Peyton Manning whose people confirmed packages from the Guyer Institute were sent to his HOME and who refuses to deny the packages contained PEDs though he denies actually taking them himself even though his wife has no medical condition that would make PEDs legal.
    Just look at the 5 people implicated and their circumstances and their relationship with Sly (Besides Neal, Matthews and Peppers have also at least met Sly). Sly could have used any names if he wanted to make stuff up. He could have said J.J. Watt, Von Miller, Antonio Brown, Joe Thomas, and Richard Sherman. No, he just happens to drop the other 5 names which include a friend who was mostly a back up in the NFL, a guy who gained 81 pounds of muscle in 6 years, 2 players too old to be on a team really, except they are somehow still kicking ass, and, just by chance, a player who really did receive packages form the Guyer Institute to his own HOME.

    Now, unless Sly is a psychic out to cause confusion who subliminally knew he was being recorded and wanted to put himself in a bad legal situation as long as it could cause problems for his friend and four others, these 5 are guilty. Their reactions confirm their guilt as well!

    1. PF4L July 28, 2016

      Nice Novel…lol

      What’s your secret to professional trolling, just cutting and pasting your old post to new ones?

      Listen up sport, if you expect us to read a long drawn out boring as fuck diatribe, make it something new, not just your old post that you copy and paste.

      Thanks for the effort though. Please try to do better in the future.

      Thank you for understanding.

      1. Killer July 29, 2016

        PF4L, telling the truth and making observations and sharing opinions based in facts does not a troll make. I guess you think a troll is anyone who says something you don’t want to hear, especially when it is true. Go ahead and try posting your definition of troll on Wikipedia and it will be erased very quickly.

        There was no copy and paste here. You can see all my embarrassing typos!

        Yes, I do understand you. You are the type of person that in ancient times would have killed a messenger who brought you bad news. You have a delicate psyche that cannot withstand or adapt to truth so you react with hostility to try to maintain your circus act of treating chosen facts as lies and selected lies and misconceptions as truth.

        If your psyche can’t take the truth then you should refrain from reading posts that will unbalance you.

    2. Big Gay Clay July 28, 2016

      Killer, you are a fuckin joke man, like seriously. Get a life you jackass and fuck off in the process. Please people do not waste your time responding to this turd.

      1. Killer July 29, 2016

        Well, Big Gay Clay, are you self-aware enough to realize you are a hypocrite? Telling others not to respond even as you respond?

        Profanity increases in inverse proportion to intelligence. You’ll see I used no profanity in my admittedly long post. Truth and observation does not need profanity backing it up (or, really, undermining it). You contributed nothing to the discussion other than insight into your hypocrisy and lack of intelligence.

        In just three short sentences (short in my perspective but doubtless long for you, enough to make you break out in a sweat perhaps) you issued 4 profanities (I am counting “turd” as profane) and 5 insults. You may view that as efficient.

        Putting the insults aside and looking at the profanity, you emit 4 profane words per 31 words. That is a ratio of 12.9%. As a reflection of your probable intelligence and what frequent use of profanity signifies you start with an average I.Q. of 100 (a very generous assumption with Packer fans on this site) and subtract that percentage. Your rough I.Q. then is 87. You are most likely able to function in society in a role of some use such as simple labor but are not suited to role involving frequent communication (undue hostility), math (lack of intellect), leadership(anti-social behavior, poor role-modeling), or difficult decisions(unable to stay calm, cool, and collected).

        In other words, local bars and shopkeepers likely appreciate your business but do not enjoy talking with you beyond the traditional words of greeting and departure.

  4. the real russ letlow July 28, 2016

    Clay Matthews was implicated for pain killers. Silly, huh? Read the PFT article. This is a review / opinion on that write up. ugh.

    1. Killer July 29, 2016

      You are correct as far as you go, The Real Russ Letlow. But that is just the recent history. I am speaking about the overall history and facts.

      If you dare to confront the truth (if you think you have a stronger mindset and psyche than, say, PF4L) then take a look as this:


      1. Big Gay Clay July 29, 2016

        Killer, you are a fuckin joke man, like seriously. Get a life you jackass and fuck off in the process. Please people do not waste your time responding to this turd.