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Nature Boy Jeff Janis Takes to the Water

Barely a week before training camp and Green Bay Packers receiver Jeff Janis has found a new form of exercise back in his home town of Tawas City, Michigan.

Anybody looking for a great workout, try this! Kayak to charity island and back! ?

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It’s an 18-mile trip to and from this island in the middle of Saginaw Bay, on the Lake Huron side of the state.

But you don’t have to go to Michigan for this sort of activity.

Drive up the west shore of Green Bay to Marinette (or its twin city, Menominee, MI), launch your kayak and paddle northeast to Chambers Island and back. This much larger island is in the middle of Green Bay, just on the Wisconsin side of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan border. The round trip is also about 18 miles.

It’s good to hear Janis is working the upper body, as there could be more “Hail Mary” opportunities in store for the Aaron Rodgers-Jeff Janis duo this season.

Hey Jeff, how about launching the 1st Annual Jeff Janis Chambers Island Kayak Paddle next July?


Rob Born

I’m with Matt: “You gotta make those chunk plays!”


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  1. Vijay Swearingen July 20, 2016

    Who is Rob Born?

    Trebec: That’s the correct answer for $200