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Julian Edelman Thinks Boston is Titletown

The Boston Celtics went hard after free agent Kevin Durant. They apparently used New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in their pitch to Durant. Patriots receiver Julian Edelman also got into the mix.

Edelman hit Instagram with this total bro shot right here. Never mind that he looks like Marky Mark. Yeah, we’ll never forget your Funky Bunch days, Wahlberg. Doesn’t matter how many movies you make. We’ll still feel the vibration, you fucking poser.

Anyway, Edelman, who is clearly also a fucking poser, had the stones to call Boston titletown in this post begging Durant to come to town.

There’s only one Titletown. You and I know where that is.

Julian Edelman can suck a dick.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Who cares July 4, 2016

    Yes i too think that Julian Edelman can suck a dick

    1. Jim July 4, 2016

      Mordecai can kiss my ass. He can’t count either.

  2. Packers fan July 4, 2016

    But sorry Julian Edelman, Kevin Durant signed with the most overrated team in the NBA in the Warriors. The Warriors are the team nobody likes, AND I REPEAT, NOBODY LIKES. They are the most overrated and dirtiest team in the NBA. If Kevin Durant brings a ring to Golden State this year, HE BETTER come back to OKC and do the same thing, just like what Lebron did when he returned to Cleveland after getting 2 rings with Miami. If I was KD, I would have stayed or go to the Spurs or Celtics. Look I hate the Spurs but at least they are a class act. The Warriors are just overrated. They love shooting 3s more than anything. They have the most dirtiest player in Draymond Green. If KD wins a title in GSW, than he should leave and come back to OKC and do the same thing. Look what Lebron James did when he came back from Miami when he won 2 rings for them and Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh were there. That’s what KD should do since he is doing the Lebron James route. try to win a title with the Warriors, than come back and win another one with the team you got drafted by which is the OKC Thunder. I hope Kevin Durant sees this. I’m out.

    1. Tucson Packer July 5, 2016

      KD would have the chance to give Oklahoma their very absolute first professional sports title in anything. Period. I was born in Tulsa, so I am biased and realize that. KD though, I thought he was the answer, and he may still be.

      1. Packers fan July 5, 2016

        Tucson Packer, do you think Durant is doing the Lebron James rout and do you think he will come back to OKC? KD signed only a 2 year deal. Do you think if Westbrook leaves in 2017 and KD opts out if he wins in GSW, do you think that would help KD go back to OKC? I heard rumors saying Durant fed up with Westbrook’s offense? Are you a OKC fan Tucson Packer?

        1. Tucson Packer July 5, 2016

          Yeah, Id say because I was born there and never really had in my heart a “basketball Team” that OKC would definitely be my basketball team. Durant is just doing Durant. Rather Westbrook leaves or not, (of course much more promising if Westbrook were to leave from what I am hearing) it’s gonna be rather or not KD has a ring that he would return or not. That and how much he feels he owes it to Oklahoma, especially since KD was born in D.C. and went to school in TX (TX doesn’t like OK and vis versa, source: lived in both) Unlike James who was born in Ohio.

          1. Packers fan July 5, 2016

            Dear Tucson Packer,
            I hope you agree with my thoughts on Kevin Durant and Lebron James free agency’s. Before Kevin Durant signed with Golden State and Lebron James signed with Miami, they both been to one NBA Finals with their team and they both lost before leaving and they were the best players to not when a championship back then. Except OKC has Westbrook still and i don’t know who Lebron James had back then. OKC is lucky before KD left they had/have 2 players that are/were the face of OKC. This is Russell Westbrook’s team now. OKC still has some young talent in Steven Adams and Enes Kanter (his defense sucks though). To be honest with you, I think Kevin Durant is following Lebron James footsteps of winning a championship. You know how Lebron James in 2010 left Cleveland for Miami. I think that’s exactly what Kevin Durant is doing. See this article link about it: http://www.sbnation.com/2016/7/5/12095928/kevin-durant-warriors-super-team-weak-not-really (It mentions about him and Lebron James)
            Lebron won 2 titles in Miami, returned to Cleveland, and went back to the NBA finals in 2015 and 2016, both against GSW. Lebron won a title in Cleveland in 2016 just like how he did in Miami. Thats what KD will do in Golden State, win like 1 or 2 titles. Assuming Westbrook stays here in 2016-17, the Thunder should still make the playoffs even without Durant and pull off a 2015-16 Portland TrailBlazers. Tucson Packer, my main question is, if KD wins a championship in Golden State, do you think he comes back to OKC and wins a championship like what he is going to do in Golden State?

  3. Tucson Packer July 5, 2016

    Julian Edelman can suck a, what now?! Plus on an article about the Warriors?! This is nothing but the most pure pornographic material for our resident Lil’ Draymond. Probably the reason he has yet to have been able to, yet again, brilliantly comment due to his sticky keyboard.

  4. Mike July 5, 2016

    Are you serious? You think that Green Bay, Wisconsin is “Titletown” just because somebody gave you that name years ago? Last time I checked, the Boston Celtics have 17 NBA Championships and the Green Bay Packers have 13 NFL Championships. 17 > 13. It’s simple math, but I guess you guys aren’t smart enough to figure that out. The Packers are great, but don’t even try to compare yourself’s to the Boston Celtics. Hell, they’ve played in 21 NBA Championships. They have had dynasties in MULTIPLE DECADES!!!

    And let’s not get into the fact that no other pro sports team in sorry Wisconsin is any good. Your baseball and basketball teams are straight garbage and you have no hockey. Pathetic.

    Green Bay, Wisconsin will NEVER be as great of a sports city as Boston, Massachusetts. Deal with it.

    1. Tucson Packer July 5, 2016

      You still upset about that dance in New Orleans?

      1. Mike July 9, 2016

        Nah. The Pats have won their fair share of Super Bowl’s since then. Plus, here in New England, we actually have other sports teams that are competitive and actually win championships. Outside of the Packers, you have nothing. I am glad I didn’t grow up in Wisconsin, because I don’t know how you do it. Only one sports team of any merit. It’s like that every year for you guys. IN New England, we have two or three competing for rings every year. Sometimes every sports team, the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins, all contend for championships in the same year. When the Pack don’t win, and that’s most years, you don’t have anything else to lean on.

        You guys are a one trick pony.

        1. Packers fan July 9, 2016

          Your a Boston sports fan Mike? Do you know Pablo “Panda” Sandoval from the Red Sox?

  5. Draymond Green July 5, 2016

    How many times do I need to say it? I am the real Draymond Green the real Warriors player that kicked Steven Adams in the nuts.

  6. Stephen Curry July 5, 2016

    @ PACKERS FAN I can totally see your whole angle to the whole following in LeBron footsteps. The sooner he wins a Championship the better, as far as a chance for hm to want to come back to OK that is. Where really is his heart though? Is he just in it for the $? The fame that goes along with it? The bigger contracts and bigger endorsement deals? Or does he wanna come back and win one for Oklahoma, and if so, seriously at that point, why would he?

    1. Packers fan July 5, 2016

      OKC is is heart Mr. Choke Stephen Curry but his decision was tough between OKC and the Warriors. Durant has done so much for OKC just like Westbrook. I think him and Lebron James left to win a championship before Lebron returned. Durant signed a 2 year deal to play for the Warriors. Question, are you the real Stephen Curry who choked a 3-1 series lead against Lebron James?

      1. Tucson Packer July 6, 2016

        nope that was me forgetting to change the John Hancock

  7. Tucson Packer July 5, 2016

    ^^ I agree with Steph ^^