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Joe Callahan Will Soon Get Plenty of Snaps

The Green Bay Packers have only two known entities on the roster who throw the ball. They play five preseason games this year. Coach Mike McCarthy doesn’t like to play his star QB much in the preseason. And Brett Hundley is viewed as having starting capability, so he won’t be overused before the regular season either.

Enter last year’s Gagliardi Trophy winner. That’s right, Joe Callahan — who might not be just your average Joe.

Callahan, playing for Wesley College (in Delaware as you know), grew up a fan of Brett Favre, and he too has the traits of a gunslinger. Last year he threw for a Division III record 5,063 yards, and for 55 touchdowns, on his way to winning that trophy for being the Division’s player of the year.

Wesley head coach Mike Drass was thrilled when the Packers signed him up. “He has worked incredibly hard for the opportunity. The Packers are getting a great player with an unbelievable work ethic,” says the guy who should know.

As a starter in his final three years, the solid 6’1″ 216-pounder racked up a sensational 12,852 yards, and led the Wolverines into the playoffs each year. Those teams went 10-3, 12-2, and 11-2 — with three of the seven losses deep into the playoffs, all at the hands of powerhouse Mount Union.

Fans should have ample opportunity this preseason to see Callahan air it out. Assuming the Packers go with only two QBs on the final roster of 53, this Joe is likely to land a spot on the practice squad — and that’s only an injury away from suiting up with the big boys.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Tucson Packer July 11, 2016

    “says the guy that should know” haha

    So we are saying this guy is #3 in depth? Well, I can’t really say that would be too hard to believe. With someone from Div. III, this preseason may actually be worth watching!!! oh…if only. How long can we keep Brett and Joe in Green Bay before whispers of poaching?

    Nice stats about a guy from Division II, Rob. You certainly do your homework.

  2. MJ July 12, 2016

    If this guy does have any game , we could be looking at Aaron’s next backup. If Hundley shows anything interesting, he could be gone for the 2017 season to compete for a starting role (and yield us some extra draft picks in the process). If Rodgers was closer to retiring, I could see Hundley staying with us and being his successor, but again, if he flashes some ability, this QB starved league will take him away from GB. It is unlikely that Hundley wants to spend six plus years holding Rodgers’ clipboard.