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Greg Jennings Thinks Aaron Rodgers Hates Him

And he might well be correct.

Former Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings has been making the media rounds since retiring on Monday. One thing that always comes up in some form is the feud with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers during the summer of 2013.

Actually, feud is probably the wrong word. That was mostly just Jennings disparaging the Packers and Rodgers repeatedly.

Jennings called Rodgers’ leadership into question and he suspects Aaron still hates him for doing so.

“I haven’t spoken with Aaron since we met on the field when I was in the Vikings uniform. But there is no ill feeling from my seat towards him. I love him like a brother …

“Now, I know how Aaron is,” Jennings continued with a smile. “And once you’ve kind of jumped on that other side, I don’t know if there’s a forgive and forget for him. From what I know of him, that little chip is going to stay right there.”

We could totally see that being the case.

Rodgers seems to hold grudges like few other human beings.

What does Jennings say about it now? He addressed it with Colin Cowherd, saying he wished Rodgers would have stepped in to try to get management to keep him in Green Bay. Then he was hurt when that didn’t happen.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Chad Lundberg July 27, 2016

    You can see that big smug smile on cowherd’s face because he thinks he’s finally got his smoking gun on how much of a turd Rodgers is. Meanwhile, Brady is a God to him.

    1. Big Gay Clay July 28, 2016

      Cowturd would swallow Brady’s babies.

  2. Tucson Packer July 27, 2016

    AR12 is worrying about a lot more important things than your loud mouth from years ago, Greg. Like your narcissistic self, now you can think about how it was everyone’s fault but never your actions as to why you have no value left as an athlete in the NFL.

    Pride comes before a fall, Greg. Looks like you fell straight from the bench to the couch.

  3. Dan July 27, 2016

    Perfect response from AR would be…”85 used to play some good football for us, but right now I’m focused on our current group of guys. I don’t think much about players not in the league anymore.”

    1. PF4L July 27, 2016

      The perfect response from Rodgers is no response.

      Seems certain people have to insert Aaron Rodgers into some drama for the media, and imo, it’s because without the topic of conversation on Rodgers, no one would give a fuck about people like Jennings and Jordan Rodgers because without the topic being on Aaron these guys are nobody’s with nothing to say. That’s why i cringe when i see Jordan Rodgers articles on here, because if it didn’t involve Aaron, nobody would give a fuck about that big nothing.

      Do any of you think Rodgers would even be in Pitch Perfect, or the Bachelerette without Aaron’s help or notoriety? Not that those 2 shows aren’t perfect for a little candy ass pretty boy whose only skill is riding other people’s coat tails.

  4. PF4L July 27, 2016

    As for Jennings…You talk shit and bus drive a top NFL QB to the fucking media multiple times, THEN. you sit and wonder why he doesn’t care about you or talk to you anymore? Now you want to go on tv and talk about it? Giving Rodgers more reason to dislike you , you dumb fuck.

    In the past i didn’t mind this guy so much, but stop with the Rodgers shit and get on with your life if you can.

  5. Howard July 27, 2016

    Looks like Jennings is interviewing for an analyst or announcer job at one of the sports networks. No need to contact Rodgers as a reference, although Greg is trying real hard to use Rodgers name recognition, and some veiled tidbits about Rodgers to procure that job.

  6. ay hombre July 27, 2016

    Greg Jennings was nails as a Packer. After he left? A grade ‘A’ asshole. As many have said already he trashed his former team, the quarterback who led him to a title, and the proud tradition of the Packers franchise.

    What chapped my ass more than anything was how after that Monday night game Greg put his arm around Rodgers, making the whole thing about himself after his team got beat. And he knew Rodgers would have way too much class to give him the brush off under the microscope, but I promise you Aaron was seething when he pulled that bullshit.

    Thanks for your contributions 85. PS…Fuck you.

    1. Killer July 28, 2016

      So much poor sportsmanship and hostility towards Greg simply because he spoke the truth when he left the Packers and spoke the truth again when he retired. He was never abusive, just accurate. Truth is anathema to many Packer fans, more so than to most fans of most teams. If the truth is not one you want to hear you consider it a grave offense.

      Think of the negativity you guys reveal. Greg played fantastic for many years for the Packers, helped them win many games and a Super Bowl, made many highlight reel plays. Then he left for more money which was only logical and, let’s be honest, what any of you reading this would do if offered the same job at a different workplace for a lot more money, shared a few honest opinions and observations (which, from what others have related were all totally accurate and spot on), and BAM, you think he is scum.

      You lie to think he is a traitor but the real traitors are the supposed “Packer fans” who are trashing him. You betray him.

      PS I am a Vikings fan. That means I have a conscience. You guys should try to grow one or at least fake it.

      1. Tucson Packer July 28, 2016

        You have an obvious repeating and biased stance of Jennings in all of your comments. Especially with you being a Vikings fan. If he said the same things leaving your team you would have felt a bit jilted. However, he said it to and about the Packers so Greg, to you of course, just “spoke the truth” yea! that’s it! please…

        Speaking on factual truth and not retired NFL players opinions, those cobwebs in your team’s empty Super Bowl trophy case are really piling up. I mean, I know those spiderwebs and dust bunnies are the only thing in that case but why don’t you go make yourself busy and clean that shrine to mediocrity instead of trolling on a rival team’s blog, especially a team that your own is statistically inferior to.

      2. Big Gay Clay July 28, 2016

        Killer would swallow Craig’s babies

  7. MGP July 28, 2016

    Fuck you Greg Jennings and good riddance. Destination: oblivion…

    1. Killer July 28, 2016

      MGP, you reflect typical Packer class and sportsmanship. Less than none.