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Eddie Lacy Apparently Made Weight

It appears Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy is tired of talking about running back Eddie Lacy’s weight. And if this is any indication, it appears Lacy showed up to training camp in the shape the Packers wanted him in.

Lacy’s weight has been a topic of discussion all offseason.

It started when McCarthy publicly stated that he told Lacy to lose weight. It continued when McCarthy said Lacy still wasn’t at his target weight during the offseason program.

Lacy worked out throughout the offseason with celebrity trainer Tony Horton. That continued after the Packers’ offseason program ended.

Now that Lacy is presumably back in McCarthy’s good graces, we would expect him to become a featured part of the offense again. Lacy had a career-low 187 carries in 2015. His previous low was 246 in 2014.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L July 26, 2016

    I’m not sure where you assume he’s back in McCarthy’s good graces by McCarthy’s statement or that he made weight. Just by his last sentence i’m thinking the other way. But then again, i also think it’s getting to be a moronic topic. How about someone, any fucking one, just tell us what he weighs and be done with it. My take is….if no one will tell it, it isn’t great. My feeling is, McCarthy doesn’t want to talk about it because he’s pissed off. Or, if your Eddie Lacy and you cut 25-30 lbs, take your shirt off and end the questioning and be done with it.

    If he lost that kind of weight, the players, fans, and the media who see him in person will discuss it. so lets see how it plays out. Hopefully he did, i’d love to hear it.

  2. Tucson Packer July 26, 2016

    Rather Lacy has lost weight or not (he obviously has) the proof is in the pudding. (See what I did there?)

    Lets see what The Hammer does on the field. I am sure Big Mike wants Eddie to do good, and if Lacy produces, than that will surely put him in Mike’s good graces.

    I really couldn’t be more optimistic about the guy. Have been since we got him in what I still say was a steal from ‘Bama.

  3. Howard July 26, 2016

    Looks to me like Lacy has lost weight. How much only the team and Lacy know. To me it should stay that way. More important is his body fat composition as compared to last year. Has anyone asked that question? Probably not but I bet the team knows the answer, and it is probably better than last year. The one thing you can guarantee is Lacy weights less right after practice than he did before practice.

    If McCarthy is not happy with Lacy’s weight it will be evident if McCarthy makes Lacy play in a couple of series during preseason game 1.

    1. PF4L July 26, 2016

      Watch McCarthy’s presser when asked about Lacy. You’ll see just how much he’s back in his good graces. Joseph even changed the title of this article, must have watched the presser after reading my post..

      Justed watched the Lacy locker room interview. Not sure why this pisses me off so much, but a reporter asked him what he’s tippin the scales at. He refused to answer. WTF DUDE…I can see a woman not answering. But this is a big, bruising, tough, knock your head off NFL power running back. Fucking man up, holy shit. What the fuck are you afraid of, people knowing your weight? The only reason i want to know her weight now, is so i can buy her a dress and some earings.

      I wonder if Mike Daniels bitched slapped her after that display.

      1. Howard July 27, 2016

        Not sure if McCarthy was annoyed at the question or Lacy. McCarthy in past two years has always said he does not discuss players weight, when discussing Lacy. Then he did bring it up at the end of last season. McCarthy had a reason to bring it up at the closing presser last year. Some may question if the motive was scapegoat or last resort to get Lacy’s attention. I think it was the later. Not sure Lacy would agree with that.To top it off someone leaked Lacy’s weight. Was that sanctioned by the team? I think so.

        I did see Lacy in his interview and Lacy was definitely annoyed by the questions about weight. You could really see it during the first question. The question in my mind is Lacy more annoyed with the question or with McCarthy for having addressed specifics in the media.

        To me McCarthy does have to be careful about specifics of players health including weight. Those questions and answers can be considered player/Doctor relations. Lacy can give the weight if he wants. Both knew the questions would be asked and it appears both took the same public relations course. Be annoyed, growl, and indicate you are not going to discuss. To me Lacy got the message and is in better shape than last year and maybe the year before. There is no question both are annoyed with the press for doing their jobs. Is McCarthy irritated with Lacy and is Lacy irritated with McCarthy? That should be known soon if McCarthy plays Lacy in the HOF game or if Lacy is unwilling to resign with the team.

        1. PF4L July 27, 2016

          The bottom line Howard, is everyone, would be hooping and hollering if Lacy dumped 25-30lbs. My guess is that Lacy lost about 10,12 lbs, so he did do something, but not enough to publicly give Eddie credit for. I think if McCarthy was happy with Lacy’s weight, he would have showered lacy with credit after calling him out last season. But instead, McCarthy gave a terse response when asked about it. This shit is pretty simple.

          1. Howard July 27, 2016

            Agree it is simple. McCarthy and Lacy are not going to give us Lacy’s weight, and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. If McCarthy is upset with Lacy then McCarthy has the ability to show Lacy who is in charge. That day is fast approaching in the upcoming preseason game. With some patience I would guess we will hear about what Lacy’s weight is from a source familiar with the situation in the upcoming days.

          2. PF4L July 28, 2016

            If McCarthy was actually in charge, this wouldn’t be a story (issue).

          3. Howard July 28, 2016


  4. Jake July 26, 2016

    It’s always been smoke n mirrors with some players’ weight. Remember Gilbert Brown being 325 every year?

    1. icebowl July 26, 2016

      Sucking down them GilbertBurgers as McDs allowed him to keep his ideal weight ….